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Tips on What to Wear in a Sauna?

what to wear in a sauna

Saunas are an excellent way to relax, unwind, and also warm up in cold weather. You can also consider a sauna as a place where you can relax socially. People visit saunas due to several health benefits that are associated with these facilities. For example, a visit to a sauna may help in relieving pain, reducing stress, relieving cold and flu symptoms temporality, and it can also assist in improving performance in sports. But as you plan to visit a sauna, it’s also essential to know what you need to wear. This is part of standard sauna etiquette.

What to wear in a sauna depends on the culture and the regulations in the facility, but the general rule is to wear loosely fitting clothing made of natural fiber. If possible, you can put on your “natural suit.”


Tips on What to Wear in Saunas

As we have highlighted earlier, what you wear in a public sauna depends on where you are and the culture of the people in that place. With the private saunas, the owner will decide whether to get into the sauna naked or to use some loose wrappings.

what to wear in a sauna

When choosing to clothe for the saunas, consider the following tips:

  • The best experience in the sauna is when you’ve utterly naked in your birthday suit. But if it’s a public sauna, you can wrap a towel around your waist and use it to protect the benches from getting soiled. Your skin should be clean and dry when getting into the sauna.
  • If you must wear something to the sauna, it should be a loose-fitting swimsuit; women can put on a bikini top or any other clothing that will ensure they are comfortable in the sauna. Avoid outfits with dyes or fibers that are affected by heat.
  • Some cultures, such as the Korean dictate one to wear something more such as loose-fitting shorts and tee-shirt. You can also use a cotton wrap to ensure your skin can breathe freely. Avoid any undergarments such as bras and underwear’s when visiting the sauna. These will make you quite uncomfortable under the high temperatures in such facilities.
  • Use clean and dry clothing. When visiting the sauna, you can bring a clean towel or a cotton sarong to sit on or to cover yourself. This clothing will absorb the body oils, and the sweat thus prevents soiling the benches.
  • You can wear loose-fitting old swimsuits provided they are colorfast and have no metal parts or slimming panels.

best traditional sauna 1


There is something you should avoid as well:

  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes. When you are in the sauna, your skin needs to breathe that’s why you should not go to the sauna with tight-fitting clothes.
  • Avoid dirty clothes. You should not use the clothes you’ve worn throughout the day in the sauna. Such clothing picks up lots of dirt and dust, and the heat in the sauna will loosen this dirty, and it’ll ultimately land on your skin.
  • Avoid shoes. Just like dirty clothing, you shouldn’t get into the sauna with shoes. But you can put on shower sandals and take them off once you enter the sauna before sitting on the benches.
  • No to workout clothes and sweatsuits. When getting into the sauna, you should not wear clothes that you had used in your workout. These clothes are already dirty and smelling and may transfer this dirty to your skin.
  • Avoid sauna suits made of PVC. These suits are dangerous to wear in the sauna. The high temperature in the saunas will make these suits to release toxic fumes, residues, and chemicals that can be harmful to your skin and body. Additionally, your skin can’t breathe in such covering; you’ll be too uncomfortable in such outfits.
  • Avoid any clothing with metal parts. Temperatures in the sauna are incredibly high, and metals heat up quickly and can cause burn on your skin.


What to Wear in Different Types of Saunas?

what to wear in an infrared sauna

What to Wear in an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna is perfect for excellent muscle relaxation and its suitable for recovering after a hectic day of hiking or skiing, the temperatures in this sauna are around 45 °C, and you should use this sauna for around 20-30minutes only.

Although most saunas have tight rules on what to wear in a sauna, it’s essential to know what to wear in an infrared sauna since this will determine your level of comfort and the benefits you’ll gain from the facility. As a general rule of the thumb, what you wear in an infrared sauna should be barely minimum.

Suitable clothes that you can wear in these saunas include a light towel, breathable swimsuits, yoga clothing, light shorts& shirts, and loose dresses.

When choosing the perfect clothes for an infrared sauna, you should consider the following:

  • Looseness: you should choose clothes that allow your skin to breathe freely and that don’t touch your skin. Tight garments will block your skin pores and limit the effectiveness of the sauna session.
  • Breathability: the ideal cloth should be breathable; it should allow hot air to get in direct contact with your skin and enable your skin to sweat.
  • Lightness: Light cloths will avoid touching your skin; thus, they will not block pores in your skin nor hinder sweating.
  • Ease of removal: when selecting clothes to wear in an infrared sauna, you should consider the ease of removal. Temperatures in these facilities can get extraordinarily high and uncomfortable, thus the need to reduce coverage of your skin. Therefore pick outfits that you can quickly shed off when needed.

NB: When getting into an infrared sauna, avoid wearing necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or similar accessories. These accessories may heat up and cause burns and scars on your skin. Other devices, such as smartwatches, may overheat and explode in the sauna.

what to wear in a steam sauna


What to Wear in A Steam Sauna?

Steam saunas provide 100% humidity and ensure your body is completely covered with soft steam. In addition to the fantastic sensation, this type of sauna offers several benefits like increased cell metabolism and improved airways. The temperature in this facility range from 40– 46 °C sand you should remain in this sauna for about 20-30 minutes only.

When visiting the steam sauna, you can wear the following:

  • Towel

You can use a soft cotton towel for your sauna bath. The cotton towel will cover your private parts and cushion you from the heat on the benches. Although Oak and other types of wood used for the seats are resistant to heat, they can get overly warm when temperatures in the room exceed 180-195°F. When getting in or out of the sauna, you’ll wrap the towel around your waist to cover your private parts.

  • Swimsuit

Although some people prefer visiting a public steam sauna naked, it may be unhygienic. Thus, you can opt to wear a swimsuit to avoid a judgmental glare affecting your sauna experience.

When picking an ideal swimsuit for a steam sauna, go for those made from natural fibers, such materials will allow your skin to breath freely besides ensuring you are comfortable in the sauna.

The bikini-swimwear is an excellent choice for ladies than the one piece. They ensure you much of your body is exposed, thus helping you to tap more benefits from your sauna sessions.

  • Sandals

When visiting the sauna, it’s vital to put on some flip-flops, plastic, or rubber sandals. Although most public saunas and gyms ensure frequent cleaning and maintenance of these facilities, if you’re not careful, you may contract some disease-causing microorganisms in the steam sauna, including athletes’ foot. The footwear will keep your feet from bacteria on the floor. Thus keep your feet safe and protect by wearing sandals.



A sauna is a place for relaxation and health; it’s not a place for fashion statements; thus, the less you cover your body, the more you’ll enjoy the sessions. Additionally, what you wear in the sauna depends on your location and the culture; for example, if you dare get into a public sauna in Korea, Germany, or Japan wearing any clothing, you’ll be ejected. In most parts of the world, individuals’ bath naked in single-gender saunas.

Before visiting any public sauna, it’s essential to get familiarized with the rules regarding clothing. This is vital to avoid frustrations and to limit your experience in the facility. Additionally, if you choose to go in some clothing, ensure its loose-fitting, breathable, and made from natural fibers.

You should also avoid going into a sauna wearing necklaces, bracelets, or any jewelry. Your clothes should not have any metal parts since this can result in scars and burns on your skin due to the high temperatures in the saunas.