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What To Put On The Skin In Sauna?

Taking a sauna bath after a tiring or hectic day or your daily workout routine is a good choice as it clears your mind off your worries and rejuvenates your skin and mood, which in turn brings you inner peace as well.

But if you’re new to sauna bathing and need to know what to put on your skin in a sauna, you’ve just landed on the right place as this article is all about what to put on your skin in Sauna.

So, let’s dig deeper into the article to find out ways of making our skin glow by the means of a sauna bath.

what to put on skin in sauna


Benefits Of Skin Care In Sauna

Though there are a plethora of benefits that you can get from Sauna but down below we are going to highlight a few to help you analyse which one suits you best.

Burn Calories

An hour in the sauna helps you burn calories by escalating your body temperature and perspiration level. In the long run, it can also be beneficial for boosting or speeding up your metabolism, which also plays a vital role in burning those stubborn calories.

An extra level of sweating not only maximises the chances of your weight loss but also makes your skin look fresh and radiant.


Like we all know that sauna is heated rooms set at ideal temperatures to help you sweat. As a result of which your skin pores open up and flush out all the impurities.

You can spice it up by applying a scrub afterwards to help you get rid of dead skin layers. A gentle scrub on your damp face is all that would give you baby soft skin.


A regular trip to Saunas can not only give you perfect skin and ideal weight but can also make you look younger day by day. Yes, you read that right. Saunas are deemed to be a way to make you look younger and defy your age.

This anti-aging trait of Sauna makes it all the more important and desirable treatment for people who want to have healthier and younger-looking skin.

Besides, excessive perspiration also helps in eliminating bacteria from the skin. This as a result makes your skin look healthy by making it immune to acne.

Acne and Wrinkles

If by any chance your skin is prone to acne, wrinkles, whiteheads or blackheads, taking a sauna bath will help you get rid of it. The excessive heat of the Sauna brings a purifying effect on your skin.

Not only do your pores expand and eliminate the bacteria and toxins but also remove dead cells and flushes out dust particles.

This as a result makes your skin look tighter, gets you rid of acne and helps in reducing those wrinkles around your eyes and mouth.

Glowing Skin

Excessive sweating speeds up heart rate which as a result increases your blood circulation and helps blood flow to all parts of the body. This, as a consequence, makes your face look fresh and provides it with a healthy glow.


What to Put On the Skin In Sauna?

If you’re looking for ways to put on your skin in a Sauna, here’s a quick guide.

For Skin

People normally have two different types of skin:

  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin

If you’ve oily skin, it is suitable and recommended to use some light moisturizer. It could be any day cream that you normally use. And if you have dry skin try using some heavier moisturizer to help you sweat more.

You can also use facial scrubs as it’s ideal for using across your T-zone but make sure you don’t use any heavier scrubs around your eyes.

For Body

There is no special suggestion for what to put on your body. You can apply the day cream or some coconut oil or any other natural oil on your body before entering a Sauna or right after entering it to help you give the best outcome.

For Hair

Don’t neglect your hair during a Sauna bath especially if they’ve already gotten damaged by excessive hair dye or hair colouring. You can wrap a dry towel around your head if you want to focus on your skin only and don’t want to mess with your hair.

However, if you want to make them look shinier and softer then there are certain ways you must follow. Speaking of which, you can use some baby oil or your normal hair conditioner before entering a sauna or right after entering it.

In addition to that, you can also use a shower cap to make them look soft and fine. Make sure you don’t over-dry your hair as it may not benefit you in the long run.


What Are Effective Skin Care Routines In Sauna?

If you’re new to Sauna and looking for ways to make your experience more effective, in terms of your skincare, then the following points might help you in reaching your skin goals faster.

  • Rinse your skin well before entering a Sauna and try to use natural products to clean your face with.
  • Using natural soaps could be of good use as they don’t clog your skin pores, letting Sauna heat penetrate deep into your skin, giving you a fresh and clean look.
  • If you have dry skin, try using a heavy moisturizer such as coconut oil to help you sweat more during the meantime you spend in the sauna.
  • If you happen to have oily skin you can use some light moisturizer such as your normal day cream to make you sweat and release those toxins.
  • Once you lose an excessive amount of sweat and are sure that your pores have flushed out all the impurities, scrub your skin well to remove the dead cells and make it glow even more.
  • After leaving the Sauna, wash your skin with cold water as it boosts your blood circulation and removes toxins that had been released out of your skin during the sauna session.
  • After taking a shower, make sure you dry off your body and then use some natural oil according to your skin type or some cream. This will keep your skin soft and make it look more radiant.


Hacks Of Keeping A Better Skin Through Sauna

If you want to maximise your Sauna experience, you might do well with the following hacks to help you keep better skin.

  • Make sure you drink a lot of water before entering a sauna as you’re more likely to lose a lot of body water through sweating.
  • Taking a Sauna bath early in the day, before your first meal, is considered to be the best as your body tends to burn more calories at that time due to overnight fasting.
  • Make sure you dry brush your skin before entering a sauna to help you enhance your skin health by increasing your blood circulation and eliminating dead cells from your skin.
  • Use any of your favorite essential oils to enhance your Sauna experience as it will boost your mood, making you look healthy, young and fresh.
  • Keep a bottle of water nearby and make sure you keep yourself hydrated.
  • Moisture your skin well before or immediately after entering a sauna and make sure you scrub your face well to remove dead skin and impurities.
  • Take a shower after your sauna round to remove all the toxins from your body.


Is Skin Care In Sauna Good For Everyone?

Though Saunas bring about a lot of benefits and advantages, if you belong to a certain group of people, taking a Sauna bath may not be that useful for you as it is for others. Below we’re going to enlighten you on who it is not good for.

  • Saunas are not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease or who’ve had a heart attack.
  • People with low blood pressure would do well not to enter a Sauna before consulting their health instructor as Saunas tend to reduce your blood pressure level.
  • A sauna bath is not advisable for people with kidney disease.
  • Pregnant women should avoid Sauna



1. Does Sauna Help Acne?

If you already have acne then a sauna can be beneficial before you consult your skin specialist as it expands your pores and washes sebum out of your pores more easily along with bacteria, toxins and dead cells.

2. Is Sweating Good For Skin?

Yes, sweating is ideal for skin as it not only regulates your body temperature but also expands and maximizes your skin pores and flushes out all the dirt particles, making it glow and radiant.



As long as you don’t fall under the category of people listed above for whom Sauna isn’t advisable, a sauna could be one of the best experiences of your life in terms of making you feel fresh, young and radiant by removing toxins and dead cells from your skin and improving your blood circulation, which has a great impact on your overall health.