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What Is a Sauna: Different Types, Benefits and Tips


Are you stressed? Do you need to relax? Or, do you want to wind down at the end of your day? Does the word ‘sauna’ enter your mind? Saunas have been used for thousands of years in the world for having various health benefits.

So, what is a sauna and what benefits and tips you should know before purchasing a sauna? Let’s find out in this article!



What Is A Sauna?

A sauna can be described in many different ways, particularly since there are so many variations. Therefore, when you are looking to get more technical, you may start your definition by describing the typical room that many people share on a regular basis.

This room is always heated to a certain temperature for the individual or individuals that use it regularly (i.e. between 158° to 212° Fahrenheit or 70° to 100° Celsius).

These rooms are also heated with special types of heat features. For instance, some of these saunas are heated with dry heat. The primary goal and objective in the sauna are to create enough humidity in the air for the person to be bathed with the added moisture while sitting still.

The moisture that is generated from the body comes from sweating since all of the heat triggers the fluids from the body to be removed. These heated rooms are also used for other reasons and purposes, including helping people to lose a certain amount of weight.

The weight that is lost, however, for most people is not a permanent weight loss since it is water weight that is easily gained back after leaving this room.

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Different Types of Sauna

If you want to learn more about saunas, you need to look more into the different types. Each type is grouped or classified based on how the room is heated. Here is some information about the most common types.

  • Infrared Sauna

Hot Sale Infrared Sauna
Hot Sale Infrared Sauna

Unlike the wood-burning or electrically heated saunas, the infrared sauna is heated by using special kinds of lights to heat these rooms.

With the use of light waves, the person in the sauna can obtain the full-body experience without the unit warming up the entire room.

Typically, when you are using an infrared sauna, the heat that is generated is not so high. This is because the infrared options are designed to be about 60° Celsius.

You will find that infrared saunas are used in many different settings. So, it is not uncommon for some people to pay for their use at a spa, health club, or their primary care doctor’s office.

Or, based on the need and their personal preferences, there are others who will purchase their own or have them built on their property.

So, if you decide to purchase your own and want to give an infrared sauna a try, you need to know what you need and why.

For instance, one of the most important things that you need to know is that the infrared sauna does not come with any universal instructions.

Therefore, you will need to do your own personal research as you make your purchases.


  • Far Infrared Sauna

Best Seller Far Infrared Sauna
Best Seller Far Infrared Sauna

You should also know that there is more than one type of infrared sauna. The traditional sauna makes use of the characteristics of the far-infrared sauna. So, it is also important that you now that this is what you are using when you choose to sunbathe in these types of settings.

The far infrared sauna features also involve using light waves for its heating systems. These heating systems are made to heat up the body by a light spectrum. With this type of design, its waves are intended to penetrate all of the ways into our body, while it also activates your sweat glands. Once your sweat glands begin to work efficiently, your body can also eliminate the bad toxins. Because your skin itself is the biggest organ in your body, it is also one of the best means of facilitating the process of getting rid of the bad toxins from the body completely. You should also know when you have a far infrared sauna you can adjust its temperature, which means if your toleration is good, you can also begin to sweat faster than normal.


  • Near Infrared Sauna

When professional sauna services utilize this type of heating source, they may use it for special reasons and purposes. With the near-infrared light saunas, you can expect to see an incandescent infrared heating lamp. These lamps are designed to emit a diversity of energy sources, including a minuscule amount of infrared energy and some middle infrared lighting sources. By using this kind of infrared sauna lighting, it helps with stimulation via color therapy.

Near-infrared saunas are used for specific purposes, including the stimulation of cellular regeneration in the anti-aging process. With the combination and alliance of both light penetrations and heat that drills down to the mitochondrial level, this kind of therapy is best for achieving the ultimate detoxification results.


  • Traditional Sauna

                 Top-rated Traditional Sauna

Some people prefer the use of the traditional sauna, particularly, as they are compared to the infrared models. There are several different reasons why this preference is made. for some, the traditional sauna leads to the generation of more sweat. This is because the heat in a traditional sauna is achieved by pouring more water over hot coals. Some people like to use the traditional sauna when they are looking to release all of the harsh toxins out of their body.

Traditional saunas can also be found in many different types of establishments and locations today. Since some people use the traditional saunas for social and network connections, you can find the traditional saunas in spas around the U.S.and abroad. Each of the traditional saunas has its own etiquette for using so it is best to check this out before going by yourself or with a friend. Unlike the sauna that you are used to in your home, you need to wear the appropriate sauna bathing outfits instead of sitting down in the nude. To avoid any unnecessary health problems, you should only eat lightly and stay hydrated at all times.


  • Outdoor Sauna

Best Ourdoor Sauna
                     Best Outdoor Sauna

The outdoor saunas are those that you may see more commonly in homes. These outdoor saunas can be made in many different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. Homeowners can design their own outdoor saunas with the use of a kit. These kits can be made of different types of materials, including those that consist of the finest softwoods in the industry today.

The types that a homeowner designs can vary greatly since the price that the owner pay can differ greatly. For instance, if the owner chooses to do so, they can build a version of what they are looking for in a portable model. Or, in some cases, the sauna may be stable in a shed version that can be located on the outside of the home. These are usually designed like sheds. A sauna may even be pre-built in the form of a cedar barrel and can be made to fit 2 to 4 or more family members. The types of heating units can also be based on personal choice as well. For instance, your family may make use of a wood-burning DIY sauna if they want to save on money.


Health Benefits of Saunas You Should Know

If you are thinking about going to the sauna, you may want to know about all of the different benefits that you can gain from spending this alone or going with a few friends.

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  • Cardiovascular Benefits

Actually, in addition to relaxing, there are some cardiovascular benefits that you need to be concerned about. According to many different medical studies, bad stress is hugely related to may of the prominent cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, when you spend time in the sauna, your body can begin to release the stress that the body normally holds onto. Since the sauna is both warm and quiet it is easy to get away from all of the distractions from the outside too.

  • Soothes muscle aches

Since the heat automatically helps the body in so many different ways, it can also help to soothe aching muscles that people deal with from time to time. From helping to repair the body after an intense workout to helping to increase circulation, a sauna bathe may be just what your body needs. It is also reported that distance runners can attest to an increase in run-time when this method of recovery is used regularly.

  • Flush out harmful Toxins

The sauna baths that you take are helpful for many different reasons. When it involves deep sweating, your body can begin to benefit by flushing out harmful toxins that can make the body ill. For instance, during these types of sessions, the blood vessels will naturally dilate enough for an increase in blood flow.

As the heat covers the body, you may also feel your sweat glands being stimulated, you can also feel this moisture from the sweat all over your body. With the sweat glands releasing these fluids, it also causes harmful chemicals like copper, zinc, and mercury toxins to expel themselves from your body.

  • Induce Deeper Sleep

When people are having problems with sleeping at night, it makes it difficult for them to perform at their best in the day hours. In some cases, it really does not matter what they do, these issues may lead to sleep deprivation.

On the other hand, if you are familiar with all of the benefits of bathing in a sauna, you can take advantage of sleeping better too. According to many research studies, the sauna helps to induce a deeper sleep for those people who know how to benefit from it. Therefore, when you go, you will not only sleep through the night but also fall into a deeper sleep that is much better for the entire body. In fact, if you check into what others are saying, they can attest to the experience of relaxation and deep sleeping experiences that they feel after leaving the calming warmth of a heated sauna.

  • Burns Calories

People who want to lose weight can use the sauna to assist in dropping the pounds. Even though some people view sweating as temporary weight loss, the heat from the sauna is also helping to burn up the fat in the body.


Tips on Using a Sauna

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Before you step into any sauna, there are some things that you need to know about the entire experience. Particularly, since there are some dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of from the beginning. Yes, a sauna can be healthy and beneficial. However, you need to know that there are also rules and guidelines that you must follow to minimize any associated unnecessary risks. That being said, here are a few of the most essential factors that must be taken into account.

  • Drinking alcohol can be a big problem that you do not want to suffer from now or later. For instance, according to professionals in this industry, you should never consume alcohol, either before or during these sessions.
  • Make Sure to Stay Hydrated. Because of the heat from the sauna, you can easily become dehydrated from all of the sweating.
  • Before visiting a sauna, you need to seek medical advice if you have any type of cardiovascular issues or if you are pregnant.
  • Make sure to eat light before you go into a sauna. Heavy foods or entering in the sauna with a full stomach does not make a good mix.



Even though some people may enjoy resting, unwinding and relaxing in a sauna, they may or may not be familiar with all of the interesting information that they can find, including the added benefits of spending time in this heated environment. Due to manufactures that construct the different types of saunas, you have the ability to choose which one is best for you and your needs. Some of the more commonly known are the traditional sauna, far infrared sauna, near infrared sauna, the traditional sauna, and the outdoor sauna. Each type has its own distinct characteristics and design, particularly when it comes to determining how the heat in the sauna is generated.

You can also enjoy the many different health benefits. In addition to spending time in a warm heated place that is conducive to resting, relaxing and unwinding during any part of the day, it is a great way to soothe muscle aches, improve your cardiovascular problems, burn calories and improve your sleep habits. Before you start using a sauna for any of these benefits, however, it is very important that you understand its overall use. One of the most important is staying hydrated and limiting the amounts of foods that you consume.