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An Ultra Guide for the Swedish Sauna – 2022 Insights

Have you ever heard about a Swedish Sauna? What exactly is it?

A sauna, which in Sweden is called a batsu, is a place where you can relax and sweat out your body to get rid of the toxins. In the Swedish tradition, people go completely naked in the sauna in front of other guests.

This may seem strange to outsiders or uncomfortable for people who are not okay being naked in public. But this is their culture and what they believe is the best way to have the utmost experience in a sauna.

Let’s investigate furthermore into this.


Benefits of Having a Swedish Sauna Bath

swedish steam room

There are quite a few benefits of the Swedish sauna that many people claim.

  • It can increase metabolism which is always good if you are trying to lose weight and keep extra pounds off.
  • The sauna can help detoxify the body, which gets rid of most of the toxins sitting around inside of you that your body hasn’t released. This can help prevent some diseases in the long run by continuing this regimen.
  • It may even improve your sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping through the nights, this would be a great benefit.
  • The relaxation of the sauna can reduce stress. This is a definite positive for many people that have busy lives throughout the week.
  • There are claims of pain reduction. This is an excellent way of naturally treating pain instead of taking pain medication.
  • Anti-aging is another benefit of getting the Swedish sauna. Many people want to look younger and this is a safe way to try and achieve this.
  • There is increased blood circulation which is good for the cardiovascular system. The heat stimulates the pores as it opens up and gets the blood moving better.
  • There are also some claims of the sauna treatments to improve the central nervous system. This affects the brain so there can be some positive physiological benefits as well.

Multiple treatments over time may show improvement in your health and well being. The medical claims are still a little scant and have not been completely proven.

So please consult with your doctor first and get advice before expecting these types of benefits. Regardless, a Swedish sauna is lots of fun if you are brave enough to try one out.


Best Saunas in Sweden

Here are some of the best saunas to go to if you are taking a trip to Sweden. Visting a Swedish sauna must be on your to-do list!

1. A hotel called Loka Brunn in Grythyttan, Sweden is an excellent place to have a sauna treatment. This is a family-owned spa that goes back centuries.  It has an herb garden and also a Water Salon on the beautiful lake’s shore.

2. Hotell Mossbyland is another amazing place to go to a Swedish sauna. You don’t have to schedule an appointment beforehand. There is also a free treatment they offer afterward. You can roll your body in the sand and rinse off in the water.

3. On the southern coast, near a stunning beach, there is a hotel called Ystad Saltsjobad in Ystad. This is a great place to have your sauna experience. It is very upscale and has a nice view of the Baltic Sea.

4. Stockholm, Sweden is a very popular location to go to a sauna. They have plenty of spas to choose from. Centralbadet, Grand Hotel, Sturebadet, Selma City Spa, and Sodertuna Slott,  are just a  few of the best they have.


Rules of Sitting in a Swedish Sauna

swedish steam bath

What is the proper etiquette of sitting in a Swedish sauna? Well even though you should be naked and without a care, there are rules to be followed.

  • You must shower before you enter. It’s important that you are clean so you do not spread germs. It’s also just common sense.
  • You definitely want to bring more than one towel. You will need one for sitting on and one to dry off your body with. Bring as many as you think you need, but at least two towels.
  • They really do have a strict rule that you need to be naked to use the sauna. If you wear a bathing suit, people will look down on you. They also feel it’s unsanitary to wear any type of clothing in the sauna.
  • It’s very quiet in the sauna so you do not want to be disturbing because of talking too much. It’s a place to relax and enjoy so you don’t want to ruin your experience or others in the room.


What Is the Cost of Building Swedish Sauna at Home?

If you want to have your own Swedish sauna, you can reap the benefits at home. The cost can range anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. There are some key factors when considering purchasing and install a home sauna.

  • The cost of the heating source can be a bit expensive. This can range anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000.
  • The Finnish sauna is the cheapest with tubular lighting and a wood bench. This is usually $2,000 or less.
  • Electric, wood burning, and gas are typically the least expensive addition to your home sauna.
  • Saunas made out of wood are the best because they can withstand a tremendous amount of heat and moisture.
  • If you want a metal sauna only stainless steel should be used. Other metals would wear away.
  • To install a home infrared sauna can cost up to $ 10,000. This can  include a stainless steel bench, a steam generator, and a special mood lighting



I hope this enlightens you on what a Swedish Sauna is and what to expect. Now you have the heads up on the tradition of going fully bare in front of strangers. Or you can invest in your own sauna for your home and enjoy being naked around your friends.