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Sauna After Workout: Benefits & Tips You Should Know

When is the right time to use a sauna for effective results? There is no perfect time to use a sauna since some people prefer a morning session before heading to work, others prefer visiting a sauna after work, and others prefer using a sauna after or before a workout.

All these times are great and give excellent results to the body. But, for those who love to exercise, it is recommended that you visit a sauna after a workout. At this time, your skin pores are open, and muscles are fatigued from the workout sessions, and thus, you can reap great results from a sauna. The following are the benefits and precautions of using a sauna after a workout.

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Health benefits of using a sauna after a workout

  • Help you feel good

To a quite number of people, showering and heading to other businesses is the only thing that comes to the mind ones they are done with their gym sessions. But, spending a few minutes in the sauna can do you a lot of good.

This is because the therapeutical treatment offered by the high temperatures in the sauna allows your body muscles to relax and your mind to cool as well. Consider it as recovery time after a long and tiring cardiovascular session at the gym.

  • Relieve muscle pains

One of the benefits of the dry sauna is to relieve muscle pains after a long and tiring day. Thus, going for a sauna session after the gym can significantly reduce muscle and joint pains from your workouts sessions.

The dry heat takes less time to penetrate to the body muscles, which results in the removal of lactic acid on the joint cells responsible for causing muscle pains. It also helps promote and improve good flow on the joints.

  • Remove waste from the body

The removal of the waste from the body occurs through the process of perspiration whereby the hot heat in the sauna opens up the body poles hence releasing excess waters stored in the body through sweating.

This is quite essential for people who do not sweat much when working out. The sauna heat penetrates through the skin fast; thus, causing the excretion of the extra stored water in the body, something regular workout cannot do properly to some people.

  • Improve workout endurance

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Research carried out on the benefits of the sauna to athletes showed that the runners who used a sauna after running had better and more improved running endurance than others.

This is because the high heats of the sauna penetrate the body resulting in a better flow of blood and oxygen around the body. Sauna also facilitates fast muscle healing so you can be able to enjoy gym sessions on the following day.

  • Help cleanse the skin

Workout and saunas give similar skin results, and that is cleansing. The sweating process helps to open up the skin pores and remove the dead cells on the skin and hence pave the way for the growth of new cells. This, in return, helps remove all the toxins on the skin, repair it, and even give it a glowing look.

Going for a sauna session after a workout provides better results since the skin pores are already opened from working out. Therefore, the heat penetrates deeper and faster to the skin while in a sauna.

  • Facilitate weight loss

Working out helps burn fats fast by increasing metabolism in the body. On the other hand, the sauna, especially wet sauna, is highly linked to weight loss because it boosts the process of fat burning in the body. Hence, combining the two activities helps give excellent weight loss results in a short period. Research shows that a sauna can burn up to 6 pounds per session.

The Preconscious of using a sauna after a workout

Although the sauna has excellent benefits to the body, it is also crucial to note that it has its downfalls. In this case, there are a few precautions that one needs to take to ensure you get excellent results and the safety of your health as well.

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  • Take a shower before entering the sauna

To get better and effective results from the sauna, make sure to take a bath after your gym time. This helps to wash away all the germs, sweat, and even dirt excreted during the gym sessions to allow and prepare your body to receive the best heating results from the sauna.

  • Avoid electronics in your sauna

If you were planning to call someone after the gym, do it before or after joining the sauna. This is because a sauna session requires you to be focused and relaxed so you can receive better results both physically and mentally.

Even if you want to play music while in the sauna considering some units come with inbuilt Bluetooth, ensure it is fresh music that helps to relax your nerves and mind.

  • Don’t use the sauna while nude

This is a crucial precaution to take, especially if you are using a public sauna. Considering such units are utilized by different people, make sure to wear a bathing suit or a towel when in the sauna.

  • Don’t work out in the sauna

Sauna is the place to unwide, relax, and sit calm so you can get great body results. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid any form of exercise, including yoga.  You can either lie on the bench or sit.

  • Don’t take too long

The right period interval to go for a sauna session after a workout is about 20 to 30 minutes, respectively. Too much heat and sweating are not suitable for your health as it may cause dehydration or affect your skin. Also, don’t set the temperatures at too high levels when using a sauna after a workout.


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A combination of a gym and a sauna can give you excellent body and mental results. The perfect time to go to the sauna is after a workout because, at this time, your body is fully prepared to receive the high heats from the sauna for better results.

Make sure to follow the above precautions when using a sauna after a gym and also choose the right temperature to suit your body. If it is your first time using a sauna, ensure to set low heats so your body can have enough time to adjust to the high temperatures.

Keep in mind that your health should come fast and in this case, drink water during the workouts, before entering the sauna and after the sauna sessions to keep it hydrated.