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6 Maxxus Sauna Reviews on the Market for 2021

Who doesn’t love to have a relaxation of the body? When it comes to human body relaxation, nothing beats Sauna. Unfortunately, there’re several of them in the current market, making it absolutely overwhelming to choose the best that will fit your needs. Most of the Maxxus saunas feel very much similar until you get into finer details to distinguish them carefully.

There’re several categories of them ranging from 1-2 person category, 2 person, 3 person, and onwards. With every category, a plethora of options is available. Therefore, to help you get the best option, here are some of the top-rated Maxxus sauna reviews for some of the categories.

maxxus sauna review


6 Maxxus Far Infrared Sauna List


6 Maxxus Sauna Reviews

1. Best for 1-2 Person -Maxxus Geneva Sauna

maxxus 1 person sauna





The Maxxus Geneva Sauna has been constructed, especially with the environment at the core. Moreover, you get an energy-efficient product at an outstanding value. They are made of reforested Canadian hemlock, which surpasses the industry standards, making the product to retain heat more efficiently.

Furthermore, it heats up much faster, and it uses less energy. It has a 1-2 person capacity; hence you won’t be worried about your partner.

Also, it features 6 low EMF carbon Tech FAR infrared heating panels, which operate to about a maximum of 140F with an ideal operating temperature ranging between 120F – 130F.

With dimensions of 39” length x 36” depth x 75” tall, the model is almost ideal for almost anybody and accumulates most folks given that range of dimension.

The item is also very durable, and very easy to use to the extent that you don’t have to worry that you’ll need some extra help. Also, with clasp together assembly, the item takes 45-60 minutes in the case of two adults.


  • 6 Low EMF carbon heating panels
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use
  • 1-2 person capacity
  • Excellent dimensions
  • Environmental-friendly materials


  • You may need a plumber to install

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2. Best for 2 Person -Maxxus MX-J206-01 Sauna

maxxus far infrared sauna





If you’re looking for a model for two persons, then look no further as the Maxxus Saunas MX-J206-01 is the one for you. Are you looking to have your own relaxation in the comfort of your zone? This is the model to consider. It’s safe to use, given that it has low EMF far infrared carbon heating panels. Moreover, you’ll be able to install it easily without seeking help from a specialist.

The health provided by this unit is second to none; no wonder most folks have now turned to it to enjoy the benefits. Additionally, it helps you save not only your pocket but also on the time section.

It has two panels on its rare wall, 2 on the side, I on the bench, and another on the floorboard. The heating panels effectively penetrate the skin up to 40% more, meaning you’ll only enjoy the best performance.


  • 6 strategically-placed heating panels
  • 140F maximum temperature with 120F and 130F as the ideal operating temperature
  • Easy to use
  • An interior reading lamp increasing convenience
  • MP3 connection


  • Some pieces could be heavy

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3. Best for 3 Person -Maxxus Far Infrared Sauna

maxxus 3 person sauna





The Maxxus Infrared Sauna is a model with full 3-person capacity as well as capable of operating up to over 140F. Its heating panels are efficient and larger by 30% of the ceramic saunas, and they do heat up faster.

The heating panels are also capable of penetrating the skin by 40% more, meaning they’ll give you much more health benefits such as calorie-burning, better skin tone, and eliminating the toxins from the body.

The model is made from reforested Canadian hemlock wood, which keeps the environment on the check. The walls are thick and double paneled with seven panels.

It features a glass window and door that provide full visibility while creating an aesthetically pleasing visual for its design. Besides, the glass offers excellent resistance to humidity.

Weighing at about 85 pounds with dimensions being 44 x 62 x 75 inches, the item stands as a good alternative when considering the weight.

It features a reduced wattage floor as well as a lower bench heater for the legs as well as feet to be treated properly. Its dual (exterior and interior) soft-touch panel is an attractive feature of the model with the LED display showing time and temperature functions.


  • Seven far-infrared heating panels
  • 3-person capacity
  • Environmental minded
  • Glass window and door for full visibility
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heats up quickly


  • They could do better with the warranty

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4. Best for 4 Person -Maxxus Low EMF Far Infrared Carbon Sauna

maxxus low emf far infrared sauna





Another excellent Maxxus sauna is the low EMF far infrared carbon that you can otherwise get it delivered right to your door with some arrangements. The item is made with the environment in mind as the materials used are natural reforested Canadian hemlock wood.

The item features 9 Maxxus Infrared Carbon heating panels, whereby 3 are on the rear wall, 1 on each side, 2 under the bench, and 2 on the floor. The unit is a complete 4-person capacity with a temperature operation of over 140F.

You’ll get an excellent product for the price and will serve you for an extended period, given the fact that it’s made from durable materials.

The side windows and the door are made of bronze-tinted tempered glass, which together helps to reduce the humidity significantly. Moreover, the unit features a 6mm interior as well as exterior wood planks and a 1.13-inch inner frame.


  • Nicely constructed to last
  • Perfectly placed for 4 people
  • Operates up to over 140F
  • 9 far-infrared heating panels
  • Relatively affordable
  • Several colors of Chroma therapy lighting


  • Doesn’t get hotter that much faster

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5. Best for Corner -Maxxus 3 Person Carbon Corner Sauna

maxxus corner sauna





As you may have realized, finding the best Maxxus Sauna that fits your needs won’t be a walk in the park, given the variety that’s available in the market. The Maxxus 3 person carbon corner is the best option for your corner.

The item is made from natural reforested wood, meaning that the environment is not tempered with while coming up with the item.

Also, it features 9 Infrared carbon heating panels with 3 of them on every 2 rear walls, 1 on the floorboard, and 2 under the bench. All these heating panels help the unit to heat faster up to a temperature of beyond 140F.

The door and the windows are bronze-tinted, helping with visibility issues as well as reducing the humidity significantly. Besides, cleaning and maintaining the item is easy.


  • Soft-touch controls
  • Quality construction
  • Low running costs
  • Chromatherapy lighting
  • Simple DIY assembly
  • Toughened glass windows and door
  • SD DVD player together with MP5 connection
  • Operates beyond a temperature of 140F
  • A complete 3-person capacity
  • Heats up faster


  • Some problems with the lighting after some time

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6. Best Cedar -Maxxus 4 Person Far Infrared Red Cedar Sauna

maxxus carbon cedar sauna





The Maxxus 4 person far Infrared cedar sauna is constructed while considering the environment, and that’s why reforested Canadian red cedar wood is used. Its walls are double paneled with a thicker interior as well as the exterior wood plank, meaning heat will be retained efficiently, will heat faster as well as less energy is wasted.

The heating panels are larger by 30% and penetrate your skin up to 40% more, minimizing therapeutic benefits. Also, you won’t have to worry about replacing the heating panels.

The unit is designed to be easily used with outstanding value. It has a soft dual (interior and exterior) touch control panel that you’ll enjoy operating. It’s also equipped with a reduced wattage floor as well as a lower bench heater, which allows legs and feet treatment without a burning sensation.

It has an inbuilt FM radio, CD, and an MP3 connection with speakers, which you’ll find very much enjoyable. Plus, there’s also an extra bonus of the Chromatherapy lighting system.


  • 9 far-infrared heating panels
  • Dual soft-touch control panel
  • Inbuilt FM, USB connection, and speakers
  • Operates up to over 140F
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to use


  • Very heavy to move

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Why Choose Maxxus Sauna?

best infrared sauna kit

Maxxus saunas are designed to bring a healthy living as well as longevity. The technology, as well as energy efficiency in the Maxxus saunas, allows penetration of beneficial waves, which help to remove the body toxins, increasing blood circulation, burn calories, easing pain from the sore muscles, as well as improving the skin tone.

Also, they’re constructed with the environment in mind. For that reason alone, the items have enough quality in retaining more heat efficiently, faster heating, and less energy wastage. They’re also made for ease of use.

Significantly, the Maxxus saunas are meant to help folks to relax in a world that’s now full of stress. They are the perfect way to relax with the use of infrared heat and infrared therapy, which is excellent in body relaxation. Circulation of blood is also improved, which is crucial in human health. Moreover, they provide you with the option of spending time with loved ones.

Losing weight is another reason as to why most folks like to go for the Maxxus Sauna. You really can’t afford to own one if you are after losing weight.

As much as the human body has various means of eliminating toxins, such as via sweat, the Maxxus Sauna will help accelerate that process. They help to accelerate the sweat as some use dry heat therapy that helps in detoxifying your body via sweat as well as flushing the available toxins out.

Each Maxxus Sauna has a reduced wattage floor as well as a lower bench heater to help in the treatment of the legs and feet without a burning sensation. Also, they plug into the most dedicated 15 amp 120-volt outlet, meaning you don’t need any special wiring.

With the Maxxus saunas, you’ll also be enjoying your sessions with the favorite music thanks to the inbuilt MP3 connection as well as speakers.


How to Choose the Best Maxxus Sauna for Your Needs?

home far infrared sauna

There’s no denying that with a lot of information currently on the internet, what to look for when researching for the best Maxxus Sauna can be overwhelming. A lot of saunas are available looking very much similar, and all claiming to be the best. However, one thing is for sure; there’re several factors you can consider.

  • Wood Choice

The type of wood construction you choose should be smooth, vertical hemlock or red cedar to enhance your longevity. Also, the wood should be certified from a sustainable forest, which means the forest planted, harvested, and replanted.

  • Optimum Health Benefits

When it comes to health benefits, construction matters. Ensure that you go for the tightly fitted joints as well as screws instead of glue construction.

  • Installation and Ease of Use

You’re definitely buying a sauna for relaxation purchase, and that’s what you should get from the start. You don’t have to go for something that will crack your head, trying to figure out how you can set it up and install it.

  • Capacity

There’re different sizes of Maxxus saunas in the market that can accommodate 1, 2, 3, or more individuals. Therefore, when considering the capacity, you should think about the folks to use it as well as the space available at home.

  • Control Panels

Most of the Sauna will have a control panel from the outside, whereby you set the time, heat, or turning on the lights. However, you should look for more like it should as well have a control panel from the inside so that you don’t need to leave to make the changes.

  • Heat Panels

Carbon and ceramic are the two main types of infrared heat emitters. From the start, carbon panels are the best as they provide a soft and most enjoyable heat available. Besides, they heat up faster with a broader distribution of heat.

  • Entertainment

Sometimes getting bored is unpredictable, and hence if you’re planning not to read or even meditating, then what will you be doing in your Maxxus Sauna?

Having entertainment readily available will come in handy. An inbuilt FM with an MP3 connection as well as speakers is all you need at such boring moments.

  • Lighting

Perhaps, you’re planning to read in your Sauna. But what if there’re no lights, or lights are only present on the exterior. Therefore, ensure that you buy a Maxxus sauna that has both the interior and exterior lighting.



Owing a Maxxus sauna is one of the best choices you can make when looking to take your relaxation status into the next level. However, it requires a lot of time to choose the best among the several categories available.

Most importantly, you should look out for such factors as capacity, the amount of space available at home, warranty, durability, entertainment, lighting, and control panels. With indeed the best Sauna, chances are high that you’ll improve by miles your health conditions as well as enjoying the moments. It’s not an easy decision to make in a blink of an eye but requires an informed and well-worked strategy.