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Infrared Sauna VS Traditional Sauna

infrared sauna vs traditional sauna

Sauna is generally either a small room or a place where the person in the sauna sweats a lot due to the hot or cold air produced by heated stones that have been exposed to water. A cooling session follows thereafter which is done outside the sauna.

Infrared sauna and traditional sauna are two types of sauna. They have some similar features and also some different functions that fit different people.

So, in this article, we’re going to talk about infrared sauna vs traditional sauna to give you a buying guide of which one you should choose.

infrared sauna vs traditional sauna


What is Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna uses infrared light technology to generate heat that heats up or warms your body directly. Infrared heaters promote sweating and relaxation by creating infrared spectrums. The duration of stay in this sauna is longer as they heat at a lower temperature than a conventional sauna. The body absorbs infrared heat and relaxation is achieved as the heat relieves stress and pain.

An infrared sauna is efficient and convenient to use as it consumes less electricity. The infrared sauna is recommended for use as it has numerous health benefits. For instance, it stimulates good blood flow in the body and helps in eliminating toxins through sweating. It also reduces pulmonary congestion enabling sufficient breathing. Hypertension can be evaded by using this sauna as it maintains a steady flow of blood.

However, this sauna can expose your body to high levels of EMF that can destroy or cause undesirable effects to body tissues. Therefore, you should select an infrared sauna that emits low EMF radiation.

corner infrared sauna


What is Traditional Sauna?

A traditional sauna is a type of sauna whereby heat is radiated from heated stones as water is splashed over them. Steam and humidity levels are elevated in the room, promoting the required temperatures. An electrical unit is used to heat the stones. It is made from wood that is a natural insulator of heat, thereby raising the room temperature. The sauna heats up to very high temperatures. It is an effective heat therapy modality as it increases the body temperature, and sweating is induced.

This sauna heats the body through conduction and convection. This sauna uses a stove to heat the air around you. Your body temperature increases as the temperature of the air increase. It also has many health benefits that include; improvement of the cardiovascular system by increasing the heart rate, promotes detoxification through sweating, relieves stress and soothes the pain.

traditional sauna


Infrared Sauna vs Traditional Sauna: Similarities

Both traditional sauna and infrared sauna are dry. The infrared sauna has a humidity level that is close to that of the house. Its humidity tends to be slightly higher when it is used for long hours. A user can control its temperature but not humidity. The traditional sauna is always dry until the user sprinkles water over the heated stones. The user controls its heat and humidity.

They are made of natural wood. Wood is used to make these saunas as it is a natural insulator and helps to maintain the heat generated. It is also hard and resistant to heat hence will not wear smoothly, thereby increasing the lifespan of the saunas. It is comfortable to sit on the wood as it does not get hot when the sauna is running. The wood also improves the durability of the sauna since its strong and wear-resistant.

Both infrared and traditional saunas have similar health induced benefits. These heat therapeutic modalities promote a healthy lifestyle with continued use. They both increase circulation and heartbeat, thus improving cardiovascular system functioning. This helps to reduce the chances of developing hypertension. These saunas also reduce the chances of cold and influenza by increasing the core body temperature. They also help you lose weight by burning calories and eliminating toxins from the body through copious sweating. However, you should seek advice from a medical expert before obtaining one to make sure it will maintain your health status.

mini sauna 1 person


Infrared Sauna vs Traditional Sauna: Differences

  • Heating method

An infrared sauna heats the body directly while the traditional sauna heats the body through conduction and convection. In a conventional sauna, an electric heater heats the stones that radiate heat, warming the walls and air around. Water is poured over the stones to raise humidity levels by producing steam. Some essential oils can be added into water to make the environment comfortable. The body then absorbs the radiated heat through conduction and convection.

In infrared saunas, infrared emitters generate infrared energy that penetrates into the body and causes the core temperature to increase. It does not depend on the surrounding air and walls to warm the body as the waves generated get into the body directly.

  • Heat uptime

An infrared sauna takes less time to heat up compared to a traditional sauna. This is because the heaters produce infrared waves or energy, and they act directly on the body. A traditional sauna has to heat up first before the bather enters in. This is because it acts indirectly on the body by heating the air around and the walls. After that, the body temperature is raised through conduction and convection.

  • Amount of power used

A traditional sauna requires more power for its operation than an infrared sauna. A traditional sauna is larger than an infrared sauna hence requires more power to run it. It also takes a lot of time to heat up than the infrared sauna, thereby consuming a lot of energy. Therefore, it is more expensive to run a traditional sauna than an infrared sauna, which is cost-effective.

  • Humidity

A traditional sauna creates a humid experience, unlike the infrared sauna. Humidity in a traditional sauna is created when water is poured over the heated stones. Steam is generated, which increases the humidity levels of the sauna. In an infrared sauna, a humid experience is not created as its humidity is nearly equal to that of the house or surrounding environment. This is because the waves heat the body directly. Some air is heated but does not significantly raise the humidity level.

  • The heat used in the sauna

A traditional sauna uses higher temperatures than an infrared sauna. A traditional sauna uses high temperatures of between 80-100 degrees to provide the required warming. This temperature level can be uncomfortable to body cells and tissues; hence should be regulated effectively. An infrared sauna a lower temperature of between 40-60 degrees. They can be operated at a lower temperature and still achieve the desired results. This is because the infrared waves generated penetrate deeper into the body, inducing a lot of sweating hence relieving pain, and a comfy experience is promoted.

  • Social

A traditional sauna offers a significant degree of a social experience than an infrared sauna, but it all depends on a person’s preferences. For instance, a traditional sauna offers a humid experience that is created by steam generated from the heated can also add essential oils into the water. Besides, it provides ample space; hence, one can conduct a socializing meeting in it.

An infrared sauna offers privacy; hence, your confidentiality is guaranteed. It is easier to breathe in it because the temperatures are low, and the energy it emits has the same wavelength to that issued by the body. However, it does not provide a humid experience.

best wet sauna


Infrared Sauna VS Traditional Sauna: Best Infrared Sauna Recommendations


Best Infrared Sauna Reviews

1. Best 2-person Sauna -JNH Lifestyles Joyous Far Infrared Sauna

infrared sauna vs traditional sauna 2 person

Brilliant features
  • Seven strategically-placed carbon fiber far infrared heaters
  • Dual-Wall Insulation for protecting
  • Occupies less space
  • Durable by making from Canadian hemlock woods
  • Premium sound system with Bluetooth
Watch out for
  • Assemble instruction is a bit confusing

Why we choose it

The Joyful Natural and healthy living lifestyle are appropriate for partners or two persons, especially with small space rooms. The JNH lifestyle sauna is the favorite and most used or the developed and rapidly developing nations. It has the desired size, which occupies flexible space. Nevertheless, it has excellent health benefits. The health benefits include pain and stress relief, an increase of heart rate well known as cardio stimulation, detoxification, and weight loss.

The infrared sauna has different features to suit its functions. The features include seven carbon fiber heaters that allow full coverage for infrared heaters. It has wood from Canada called hemlock wood that is free from chemicals due to treatment and stain actions.

The dimensions of the infrared sauna are about 47.3” (W) * 39.5” (D)* 75” (H), which allows it to fit in a conveniently small space. Heaters are also strategically placed during mounting of the infrared sauna to enable full-body coverage. Walls are adapted to excessive heat; therefore, it less expands naturally to avoid breakage.

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2. Best 4-person Sauna -Radiant Cedar Corner Infrared Sauna

Best 4-person Sauna vs

Brilliant features
  • Chromotherapy lighting for  a full-spectrum color therapy system
  • Very durable since it is made from cedar wood
  • Has a refreshing aroma
  • It does not rot
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Seven-year warranty
Watch out for
  • Not easy to move

Why we choose it

The Radiant sauna is a cedar infrared sauna that is perfect for home usage since it supports up to four people making it suitable for family members and friends. The radiant saunas are referred to be best for rejuvenate, relax, and health improvement of one’s health at his or her comfort. The radiant saunas correctly use the latest technology from the infrared heat, which goes through one’s body, taking away tension and gives relief and soothes aches. This helps proper blood circulation to allow the provision of fresh nutrients to the body cells.=

Red cedarwood has been used due to suitable features, such as variation of its beautiful color, its resistance to rot due to the heat, and a pleasant wood surfaces aroma. The cedar features also do not allow fungal infections since it has oil that detoxifies the wood from fungal growth. The radiant cedar corner infrared sauna completes one’s spa arrangement.

Additionally, ut has an insulator property to keep the heat for a longer time and also has easy operated LED spectrum used to allow one to feel the calm conditions desired.

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3. Best Portable Sauna -SereneLife Portable Infrared Personal Sauna

Best Portable Sauna vs

Brilliant features
  • Comfortable far infrared sauna heat
  • Made by durable materials
  • Heats up very fast
  • Very portable, therefore easy to move
  • Comes with everything you need
Watch out for
  • Need to put a towel on the foot pad

Why we choose it

This Serena life sauna is one of the best portable sauna that covers with a portable chair and a heating foot pad inbuilt on it for personal usage at the comfort of one’s home. The sauna unit is mobile that one can move from one room to another in a given homestead. The sauna allows one to carry the daily activities such as book reading, watching movies, listening to music, and mobile phone operation. Its dimensions are about 27.6” (L)* 31.5” (W)* 37.8” (H).

It has perfect features for home usage such as a foldable inbuilt chair, efficient desired energy, and low-cost sauna heat, time controller, and automated heat setting for ease sauna directing. It is designed to soothe one’s body to reduce stress, skin relaxing by the efficient power due to the footpad heating through the sauna mat available on the sauna for user health sustenance and fatigue relief.

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Traditional Sauna VS Infrared Sauna: Best Traditional Sauna Recommendations


Best Traditional Sauna Reviews

1. Best 3-person Sauna -Southport Traditional Sauna

traditional sauna vs infrared sauna

Brilliant features
  • Finnish lava stones for intense but soft heat
  • Saves heat through glass insulators
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Seven-year warranty
Watch out for
  • Not easy to move

Why we choose it

The 3-person Sauna-Southport Traditional Sauna supports three people and is used mostly from one’s homely comfort. It produces the heat of temperatures of 180 degrees from the Harvia heater of 3 KW and allows additions of water since it has a water cask and spoon to achieve the desired humid level of one’s best fit.

The 3-person Sauna-Southport traditional sauna also has a thermos-hygrometer to show the level of humid, lighting in the interior, tempered door made from the glass used as an insulator to avoid heat wastage.

It also has an appealing color taste from the hemlock wood from Canada. It also features comfortable and convenient from the designed seating position that allows legs to free roam, making one settle comfortably. The sauna has a warranty structured for seven years; therefore, any defects caused by any materials can be redone through artistry for the wood and the Harvia heater.

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2. Best Home Sauna -Traditional Swedish 2-3-person Sauna

Best Home Sauna

Brilliant features
  • Heaters for both dry and wet use
  • Easy-to-use control pedal with Bluetooth
  • Easier to maintain
  • Has a larger space
Watch out for
  • A bit expensive

Why we choose it

The Swedish 2-3-person traditional home sauna is used for indoor purposes only, and it supports 2 to 3 people. They include equipment such as digitalized control panel, thermometer for temperature regulation, heater about 6KW for wet and dry use. It also has a water bucket, sand timer, ladle, and light that is interior design, which is installed by a qualified plumber for a required contract of the sauna-traditional Swedish 2-3-person sauna heater.

The sauna supports Bluetooth and USB jack ports for connection of music due to the use of hemlock wood made from Canada, which is durable with a pleasant odor that other woods cannot be able to support. The laying bench is about 54.5 inches used for one to stretch out. The sauna has measurements of approximately 59.5” (W)* 48” (D)*75.25” (H) with the interior height of 70”, depth of front to back 43” and the width of internal measurements of 54.5” approximately.

The sauna has features best fit for the users, and they include ample bench space that allows one to have a full-body stretch to let full-body blood circulation to refresh the body surface for the refreshment of body cells. This makes it the best for body relaxation and rejuvenation.

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3. Best 4-person Outdoor Traditional Sauna

Best 4-person Outdoor Traditional Sauna

Brilliant features
  • Great for outdoor usage
  • High-quality sauna Heater with Lava Rocks
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of very durable materials
  • Offers a large space for people to enjoy
Watch out for
  • Need a professional plumber to assemble

Why we choose it

The 4-person outdoor traditional sauna supports four people, and it is situated on the outdoor, unlike the other infrared saunas. It has a different kind of features different from other types of traditions saunas. The features include a waterproof and fully shingled roof digitalized control panel, and the roof is fitted with the ridge cap and hemlock wood from Canada. It is portable to enable it to get easily transported, and it can be assembled and reassembled with ease. It is effortless and comfortable using because it has a readymade manual to show how to warm up the water.

The sauna has an adjustable temperature by the use of a thermometer for a desired temperature by the user. The sauna is fitted with LED lights that provide the cool effect feature that result in user relaxation by the use of the beam of the spectrum. It supports up to 4 people with two large benches and has doubled walls used as an insulator to avoid excessive heat loss. It has an exterior dimension of approximately 59.1” sq. (roof) * 96” H (roof peak). It is registered with ETL thus has very high standards of safety.

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The main difference is the mechanism used to heat the room, and the temperatures used. Both traditional and infrared sauna has a lot of health benefits. They serve the same purpose, and the results are more or less similar. The mode of transmission of heat also dramatically differs. You should consider your personal preferences when deciding the type of sauna to purchase. Also, take into consideration your health conditions before obtaining one or seek advice from the doctor. Most people prefer the traditional sauna because they are used to it and its familiar. However, the infrared sauna has started gaining popularity.