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How to Clean a Sauna?

A sauna is a relatively sanitary and proper maintenance enables the users to have an excellent experience in the long run. Cleaning help to prevent bacteria and mold growth in the room.

This article provides an ultimate guide on how to clean a sauna like a professional.


What Do You Need to Do to Cleaning Wood Sauna?

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Saunas need to be cleaned once a month under a strict schedule. But the cleaning routine will depend on the frequency of usage.

Proper cleaning makes saunas more effective and provides the best return on investment. The cleaning process help to remove dirt, stains, bad odor, and more.

Below are the things to consider when cleaning a wooden sauna:

Step 1: Inspect the Sauna

Cleaning the sauna is a no-brainer task. But the owner needs to schedule the cleaning routine once a month depending on the rate of usage.

Always check your sauna to identify dirt, debris, and the growth of bacteria. The presence of these substances and microorganisms are crucial determinants for cleaning.

Inspect every part of the sauna starting from the floor, wooden benches, and heaters. Design a cleaning plan and improve the sauna’s condition.

Step 2: Prepare the Agent

Saunas need to be cleaned using non-abrasive detergents. Avoiding using heavy detergents like those meant for cleaning bathrooms.

You should dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in a gallon of water to help in scrubbing the wooden benches and floor.

Remember to use filtered or distilled water to prevent staining the benches and floor. Distilled water also lacks minerals that might build up in the sauna to foster bacterial or mold growth.

Step 3: Cleaning Process

The sauna cleaning process is super easy. But it is important to learn how to clean the wooden benches, floor, and heater. An improper cleaning process might damage these sauna parts.

Below are steps for cleaning different parts of the sauna room like a professional:

1. How to Clean a Sauna Bench?

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Sauna benches are highly utilized during a sauna session. It is the reason why they are susceptible to dirt and other debris. Ultimate care is crucial to keep them clean.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the wooden bench and the area beneath after every session. Consider light sanding to remove stubborn stains on a particular area.

2. How to Clean a Sauna Floor?

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The traffic in the sauna makes the floor prone to trapping dirt, debris, and microorganisms. Routine cleaning after a sauna session is paramount.

Use a vacuum hand attachment to collect dirt or dust from the sauna room once a month. Remember to mop the sauna floor to remove bacteria and mold growth.

3. How to Clean Sauna Wall?

The interior walls of an infrared sauna should be clean using a high-quality essential oil diffused into the water. The sauna cleaner is non-abrasive and ideal for walls.

The exterior wall with wood panels should be polished to maintain a shiny appearance. Periodic pressure washing help to keep the outside looking pristine.

4. How to Clean a Sauna Heater?

Most infrared saunas produce negative ions for air purification via the ceramic compounds in true water heaters. Occasional wiping down of sauna heater is crucial.

Use a damp sponge to wipe off dust or debris and fingerprint buildup on the sauna heater. Ensure the heater has cooled down before wiping to avoid skin burns.

5. How to Clean Sauna Towels?

Deep cleaning sauna towels are quite important. The moisture from the sauna and dirty skin cells creates a conducive environment for bacterial and mold growth.

The growth of bacteria and mold result in the production of bad odor. It may also result in bacterial infection among the users.

Detergents for cleaning sauna towels are super affordable. Baking soda and vinegar are some of the household products recommended.

Below are quick steps for freshening and removing molds from sauna towels:

  • Run the dirty sauna towels in a washing machine.
  • Do not dry them but pour one cup of vinegar directly on the towel.
  • Run the towel in a regular cycle wash by use of hot water.
  • Remove the towel from the washer and pour half baking soda direct on it.
  • Run the towel again using a regular cycle in the machine.
  • Dry the towel as usual and remove it from the dryer.


How to Clean a Portable Sauna Tent?

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A portable sauna tent heats the body via steam or infrared radiation. It works the same way as a full-size sauna in a spa center.

The unit comes with a kit to allow installation anywhere in the house. The installation process takes few minutes and it should be pre-heated before usage.

Remember portable sauna are also prone to getting dirty. Always schedule a cleaning routine to prevent the buildup of dirt and maintain a high hygiene level.

Use a damp cloth to dab the moisture caused by perspiration and condensation. Stay away from chemically prepared cleaners to avoid off-gassing the sauna.

Air-dry the interior of sauna chambers after every session and cleaning. Proper cleaning and maintenance plans make the portable sauna last longer.

If you want to vacuum the portable sauna, remember to consider the material. Some materials might get distorted by a vacuum hand attachment.

Collapse the portable sauna into a keep. Make it a routine to clean the sauna before storage. It will prevent bacterially and mold growth in the long run.


How to Clean an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna is known for generating dry heat. It is the reason why the sauna requires fewer cleaning services. The interior environment creates an unconducive environment for bacteria and mold growth.

But basic cleaning is paramount. it should be done after every two weeks before going for a deep cleaning option. You will need water mixed with premium essential oil and cloth for wiping down.

Keep in mind that an infrared sauna has a bench, floor, walls, and a heater. These sauna parts are cleaned differently. Below are some of the quick tips for cleaning infrared sauna parts:

Step 1: Clean the Heater

Cleaning an infrared heater in the sauna is super easy. Ensure the heater has cooled down before commencing the task to avoid burn injuries.

Use a warm damp cloth to wipe down the heater parts. Allow the heater to dry completely before the next sauna session.

Step 2: Clean the Sauna Walls

The infrared sauna interior walls should only be cleaned once a month. These regions are less susceptible to trapping dust or dirt.

Damp a cloth in a solution of baking soda and wipe the interior walls. Baking soda is known for removing bad odor in the sauna.

The infrared sauna exterior walls need to be polished to maintain an aesthetic appearance. Avoid using varnish or paint when polishing the exterior surfaces.

Step 3: Clean the Sauna Floor

The infrared sauna floor receives a lot of traffic. The movement increases the chances of trapping dust and bacterial from the users’ feet.

Use a vacuum hand attachment to clean debris, dirt, and dust from the floor. The task should be done once a month depending on the rate of usage.

You can mop the floor with a baking soda solution to kill microorganism-causing diseases and eliminate bad smells.

Step 4: Clean the Sauna Bench

Benches are the most utilized parts of infrared saunas. It is advisable to clean them more often to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Use a cloth and warm water to wipe down the bench after every session. Light sanding is recommendable in cases where the stains from perspiration are stubborn.


Do I Have to Clean Sauna Rocks?

Absolutely. Cleaning sauna rocks more often is important. Commercial saunas should be clean twice or thrice a month and home sauna once per year.

Cleaning sauna rocks help to facilitate airflow within the chambers. It also reduces the cost of maintenance and repair.

Failure to clean the sauna rocks will result in improper airflow to cause uneven heat distribution. Besides that, it might damage the stainless steel of the sauna heater.


In Conclusion

Sauna creates a feeling of relaxation, reduces tension in the muscles and joints. These benefits are the reason behind the popularity of saunas across the world.

Learning how to clean a sauna is crucial for maintaining maximum hygiene levels. Besides that, the process helps to boost the longevity of your sauna.

Proper care and attention will give your sauna a stellar performance for a couple of years. The task of cleaning a sauna is a no-bainer.