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How to Clean a Sauna Suit?

Have you ever thought about owning a sauna suit? These suits are your go-to garments, from their waterproof abilities to how they help retain body sweat and heat.

Typically, this suit comes in handy in enhancing physiological strain and even increasing sweat loss. Thanks to the increase in perspiration, it could be hard to clean these sauna suits.

However, today, most people seek to understand how to clean a sauna suit or how to maintain these sauna suits. Unless you are familiar with cleaning them, it will be hard for you to enjoy the ultimate comfort levels.

Thankfully, you will barely struggle to clean them, with the following tips coming to your aid.


How to Clean a Sauna Suit?

how to clean a sauan suit

There is no denying that different labels require different cleaning methods. That means you will have to confirm with your garment label before you can proceed. However, some steps will always be standard. They do include the following.

1. Handwashing

If you are washing the sauna suit with your hands, ensure that you stick to the following tips.

– Confirm with your attire label

Nothing matches the value of going through the label of your sauna suit. That is because it comes with various instructions on how to take care of the garment adequately.

It will also point out things like whether to use regular detergents, clean using a machine, or not. Remember, different sauna suits come in various fabrics. That means you can only handle them differently.

In most cases, you will have to decide between gentle detergents and ordinary dish soap, depending on the instructions.

– Use the right water

It is no secret that water determines how clean and long-lasting your garment will be. Most often, experts will suggest that you soak your sauna suit in soft water immediately after use.

You could also consider spraying the garment. The best way would be to go with your suit in the shower, as it will ensure all the sweat on it gets washed away.

– Add some detergent

Unless you use the most suitable detergent, it will be hard for you to get a clean sauna suit in the long run. Ensure that you go for a trusted detergent, as this will cushion you against environmental destruction.

Typically, you need to use this detergent only once a week, even when you wear the suit daily.

Take the time to soak your garment in this detergent until the dirt gets softened. Preferably, ensure that it remains soaked for approximately 15 minutes.

Gently scrub your garment to remove any stubborn grime or stains. Once you are through, rinse it with clean water.

– Hang it to dry

Experts will always suggest that you hang your sauna suit in the open. With enough sunlight reaching these clothes, you will have no reason to worry about the wrinkles failing to stretch.

Typically, it will ensure that your sauna suits stretch to their original size in the long run. Did you know that hanging it to dry overnight will be the best solution? It will often cushion your suit against any damage, regardless of the fabric.

2. When Using a Washing Machine

From convenience to speed, most people will often want to rely on washing machines.

Usually, the process will start by confirming the product label. This way, you will understand whether it is suitable for you to machine wash it or not.

You can only proceed if this argument holds. The label also indicates whether the fabric is strong enough for specific washing methods.

It will often be right to be as gentle as possible on this sauna suit when machine washing it. That means you have to avoid spin cycles, as they could be relatively rough on it. If you can set your laundry machine, let the gentle or delicate settings suffice.

You will also have to focus on a gentle laundry detergent during this time. Once you are through, hang it to dry. While at it, you can only machine wash your sauna suit once a week.


Top Tips on Taking Care of Sauna Suits

how to wash a sauna suit

1. Undoubtedly, the best way to realize longevity would be by taking proper care of your sauna suit. With proper maintenance, you will find it much easier to avoid bacteria and odor build-up on the garments. There will also be fewer chances of the suit becoming susceptible to damage.

2. Always take the time to rinse your sauna suit with clean water after use. That means you do not have to keep scrubbing the sauna suit, which could compromise its longevity.

How about you put on the garment when heading to the shower? As long as you do not use too hot water, you will be good to go.

3. Ensure that you do not wash your sauna suit way too often. In most cases, cleaning it once a week will be enough to provide you with the results you need.

Besides, this frequency will only suffice if you use the suit almost daily. The lower the cleaning frequency, the more your sauna suit is likely to last.

4. Once you clean your sauna suit, ensure that you hang it in a place with a consistent temperature. Nothing could guarantee the garment more relaxation than this.

Ideally, hanging your sauna suit comes in handy in maintaining its original size. You will no longer have to worry about wrinkles or durability. Besides, the air outside will be enough to eliminate any odor in the long run.



In conclusion, cleaning your sauna suit is an inevitable exercise. From eliminating odors and stench to addressing any stains, it assures you of enhanced health standards. As long as you want your suit to last longer, it will be valuable to clean it after every use.

You will also need to wash it no more than once a week, whether through hand washing or machine washing. Well, how about you consider the insights above as you move forward? They will always come in handy.