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How to Build a Finnish Sauna?

Well, there is nothing more Finnish than a sauna, and most Finns tend to think that you cannot grasp Finland without having a bath in a sauna. Finnish saunas are well-known for being some of the best in the world.

As an individual who has never been to Finland and wants to have a Finnish sauna experience back at home, this article will be the best for you.

Here we shall be discussing how to build a Finnish sauna. It would be best if you kept in mind that the whole process is relatively easy, especially when you have the right tools with you.


What You Need to Know Before Building a Finnish Sauna?

how to build a finnish sauna

When it comes to building a Finnish sauna, here are the vital tips you should consider keeping in mind:

  • Location Selection

This is a crucial step in every project, and building a sauna is not different. The first thing you need to consider when it comes to planning is the location where your sauna will be built.

You will need an area where excess moisture will escape without causing any damage to your house. You should note that the location where you intend to construct your Finnish sauna is as vital as material and design.

When planning on where to construct your Finnish sauna, ensure that you choose a location with an even ground.

Usually, Finnish saunas utilize wooden supports, and you don’t want to work with a flammable box equipped with an in-built heater tipping over.

Ensure that the sauna is not less than 10ft away from your house and fence or anything else that can catch fire easily.

Furthermore, you should pick an area which offers ample space for constructing the sauna. At the same time, you need to keep in mind leisure and comfort.

During the cold season, it might seem to be a great idea to cramp your sauna next to your home; however, aesthetically, it will not look great.

  • Choose the Materials

Once you have everything planned accordingly, you will need to focus on the material. Picking the right material for constructing a Finnish sauna is vital. When doing so, you will have to factor in mold, moisture, durability, and cost.

  • For instance, cedar is resistant to insects, and they tend to do very well in areas with a high humidity level.
  • On the other hand, pine trees tend to be a bit harder when it comes to refining it and are very expensive; however, they feature the same properties as cedar, and they are also sturdy.
  • In most cases, hardwood is considered the best choice. This is because they are dense, and they feature natural scent, and they are affordable across the globe.
  • Spruce, particularly Nordic Spruce, is ideal when it comes to robustness. Insects tend to avoid it, and mold will never be an issue; however, it is relatively expensive.
  • Install Windows and Seats

When working on a DIY sauna project, you should always add some personal touches which will help it stand out from other saunas.

Before getting to the last stage of building your Finnish sauna, you should consider adding unique features to your DIY sauna. You may consider adding a set of windows or even build additional stands for more towels.

Some individuals tend to install a sound system in their DIY sauna, which is by far a great idea if you will be careful with it.

You should note that steam is well known for destroying even some of the most durable speakers out there unless you are working with water-resistant speakers. The best thing is to have a separate room where you will have your speakers connected.

  • Type of sauna

With different types of Finnish saunas available out there, you should consider choosing one that best suits your needs. Some of the best designs to choose from include;

– Oval sauna. This is a classic choice, and most saunas of this kind tend to have an incredible look, and they often require minimal handyman skills. Furthermore, the DIY tools required to construct this type of Finnish sauna are relatively affordable.

– Igloo sauna.  This one features a plain design, and it is straightforward to build. It features various accommodation capacities. It is easy to build and has a rigid construction since it rests on a wooden floor.

– Barrel sauna. It looks fantastic, perhaps way better than both oval and igloo saunas.

– Viking saunas. This is some of the first Finnish saunas, and they were relatively small in size. It comprises of a simple cabin which is equipped with a log burner. This design is best for use if you are looking to decorate your backyard with an authentic Finnish-style sauna.


How to Build a Finnish Sauna?

finnish saunas

– Planning

When building a Finnish sauna, the first thing you want to do is have a plan. With the right plan in place, the whole process becomes relatively easy.

Once that is done, you should break down the entire process into smaller bits and then take your ample time and avoid rushing.

– Building the Sauna Room

Lay your foundation for the Finnish sauna and then start building the outer wall. This will take a bit more effort, as well as time.

With that done, you will go ahead and divide it into small rooms. The process will be a bit challenging; however, with your plan in place, you will be able to construct with the utmost ease.

– Mounting the Sauna Equipment

You should note that the Finnish sauna will not be ready without all the sauna equipment.

Once you have your sauna design ready, you should go ahead and prepare your sauna bathing by installing all vital sauna equipment such as bench covers, sauna bucket and heater, ladle, slippers, and your sauna hat.

In addition to that, you might consider installing a sauna thermometer, scents, soap, shampoos, and some lovely sauna soapstone. With all the essentials in place, you will be ready to start enjoying your Finnish sauna experience.


Final Verdict

Our peeks into “how to build a Finnish sauna” comes an end.

Overall, constructing a Finnish sauna is relatively easy once you have the right tools and your plan in place. By adhering to the tips discussed in this article, you will find the whole process relatively straightforward.

As we conclude, we hope that you find this article helpful as you try to build a Finnish sauna.