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How Often to Use Sauna?

Sauna is packed with so many physical and mental well-being advantages, and it has been used in Scandinavia for hundreds of years. And now it is famous in most parts of the world, including the United States. Saunas have many health benefits and incredible effects on our skin, body, and mental health.

But it is essential to know how often to use sauna and how long to have saunas? What are the advantages and dangers of having it? And answers to all questions are given here in detail. Continue reading to know more.

how often to use infrared sauna


How Often to Use Sauna?

1. Traditional Dry Sauna

Dry saunas can remind us of the old time, and here the heat is produced by a physical source, like a stove wood-burning or stones heated by stoves.

Here, air humidity is between 20-30% in this sauna which is very low, and air temperature is generally between 150-195°F. But if your body is heat sensitive and cannot deal with high temperatures, then a traditional sauna is not a good option.

One should have the traditional dry sauna session of 15 minutes 3 times a week to have the most benefits.

2. Infrared Sauna/Far Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna utilizes infrared waves emitted by carbon heaters to heat the Sauna.

Here, the air is not heated in the structure, but the structure is warmed. Cabins of this Sauna are generally constructed of natural softwood, which can be resistant to high temperatures.

Here infrared heat waves of a particular range emitted by carbon heaters are safe for us and have been carefully picked as they cannot hurt human physics.

Any healthy person can have 3 to 4 times infrared sauna treatments for 20 minutes/session in a week.

3. Sauna Blanket

A sauna blanket is like a sleeping bag and wraps your complete body. Just plug in it and lay it flat down for an hour. Its heat is generally between 80-160°F.

It is made up of a high-quality waterproof PVC with a control box or remote controller to control the heat range completely. The sauna blanket causes you to sweat as you get warm and comfortable.

It is advised to have a sauna blanket 3 to 4 times a week, and each session should be for 30-45 minutes.


Correctly Take A Sauna Bath

how often to use sauna

1. Adults

Most experts suggest adults have one sauna session of 20 minutes, twice or thrice a week, for full advantages without hurting their health.

2. Seniors

Sauna bathing has a positive impact on the quality of life of senior citizens. But, seniors with any heart disease or blood pressure issues or kidney issues have to take advice from the doctors about Sauna.

Elders can begin sauna with shorter times, like taking it for 15 minutes 3 days a week, then as their body starts to get used to it, they can go for 30-45 minutes.

Seniors can go to a sauna as an adult, but if you feel dizzy or dehydrated, consult your doctor and know how your body reacts to the temperature and how much it can tolerate.

3. Kids

The time duration of taking a sauna differs with age. Like it is good to have 3-5 minutes for 3 years old, but kids in their mid-teens can have it for 15 minutes or more.

The first time, take your kid for one session and then, as per your kid’s liking or body reaction, you can increase the session.

Children of any age can go to saunas, but some professionals suggest that kids 6 years or older can enjoy the high temperature because kids below 6 years can’t regulate body temperature.

But, each kid is unique, so it is always good to consult a pediatrician before going for a sauna.


Dangers of Overuse of a Sauna

There are so many advantages of a sauna, but it doesn’t mean that there is no risk. Some dangers of overuse of Sauna are:

Blood Pressure: Sauna’s high heat may raise blood pressure or lower blood pressure, so people with blood pressure issues should take their doctor’s advice before going to the Sauna. Also, heart attack patients should have to consult their doctor.

Dehydration: Sweating during Sauna may cause fluid loss, resulting in Dehydration. People with some diseases like kidney illness may be in danger of Dehydration. Also, some people may feel dizziness and sickness due to the high temperatures.



1. Is It Healthy to Have a Sauna Every Day?

Most of the service providers suggested that we can take sauna 3-4 days per week. Some researchers also said that you could go to the Sauna every day if you are fit.

But you have to consult your doctor if you have any doubts about it.

Also, if you have any health issues or are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother, it is good to talk to your doctor first.

2. How Often to Use a Sauna for Weight Loss?

To have the weight loss advantages of a sauna, one should have 15 to 20-minute sessions twice a week and gradually make it up to regular sessions.



So while concluding this article, we want you to know all the Sauna health benefits and risks to your health. Also, you have to analyze what you feel and how your body reacts to the temperature.

And it’s also important to prevent dehydration, so drink water before and after sauna.