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How Much Does a Sauna Cost?

Sauna is a room heated with dry heat to a temperature of 65 degrees to 90 degrees. Sauna interior is often wood that is not painted and temperature controlled.

Some saunas may include stones to form part of the heating element, to give and absorb heat. You can pour water onto these stones to create steam for a little bit of humidity.

There are different sauna types, such as Turkish-style sauna, which have more moisture, and a Finnish sauna, which uses dry heat. Relaxing in a hot sauna as part of your gym workout may be the most exciting moment. But how much does a sauna cost? Can you pay for it?

This article by and large estimates the cost of buying and using a sauna.


What Are the Different Types of Sauna?


How Much Does a Sauna Cost?

how much does a sauna cost

  • Cost of a Steam or Rock Sauna

– Initial costs

For $1800, you will be able to have this sauna if you are skillful enough. It will be possible if you buy the sauna steam traditional kits, then save installation fees by installing it by yourself. The steam sauna kits include hardware, woodwork, heater, flooring, and door.

There is a pre-assembling kit you can purchase at $4200 for the indoor sauna. The pre-assembled kit is ideal for you if you are not skilled enough or if you do not have enough time to install the sauna by yourself.

If you prefer to have an outdoor steam or rock sauna, the pre-assembling sauna kit will cost you approximately $5600. However, you can choose the cheaper DIY version kit that costs around $2600. The DIY kit is ideal for you if you want to engage your knowledge and skills in woodcraft.

– Installation

It is always a wise idea to call for an expert to install a sauna in your home, no matter the type of sauna you will choose. Installing sauna in your home will cost you approximately $700 to $1500.

If you want to consider additional hardware like a dedicated circuit, you will spend approximately another extra $1500.

– Electricity

The traditional rock or steam sauna uses approximately 3000 W to 9000 W when in use regularly. That means in a month; it will cost you $25 to $60 if you use it regularly.

If you compare traditional rock or steam sauna energy consumption, it uses more energy, costing more money.

  • Cost of the Far-Infrared Sauna

Far-infrared sauna has gain popularity around the world because of the technology that is associated with infrared heaters. The technology makes the far-infrared sauna durable and able to heat your body without heating the room.

– Initial cost

The brand and the material will determine the cost of this kind of sauna. The far-infrared sauna for two to six people will you about $1500 to $5000. Comparing the price of a traditional sauna, it is more expensive but very convenient.

– Installing and replacing

It will cost you $0 to $700 to install a far-infrared sauna in your home. However, if you are not highly skilled, then considering an expert to help you with installation is a wise idea.

You will require a 120 V/20 amp dedicated circuit for three or more people sauna, which will cost you an extra $500.

The far-infrared sauna is excellent in durability that will not need to be replaced for up to ten years or even more.

– Electricity 

The far-infrared sauna uses 1450 W to 4225 W per month, which will cost your approximately $11 to $27. Comparing the far-infrared sauna and the traditional sauna electricity consumption, then the far-infrared sauna is cheaper.

  • Cost of the Portable Saunas

– Steam Portable Sauna 

One of the advantages of the portable steam sauna is that you can use it anywhere in your home. You will not need to install it, that making it cost-effective. The initial cost of a portable steam sauna is $200 to $800.

The replacement parts of a portable steam sauna cost approximately $1500. If you compare the cost of repairing your old steam portable sauna, buying a new one will be the best option.

The portable steam sauna uses significantly less electricity of about 1050 W, which will cost you about $10 monthly.

– Near-infrared Portable Sauna 

A near-infrared portable sauna is very expensive but durable and very convenient. Initially, it will cost you $1100 to $5000.

The replacement parts of near-infrared portable sauna cost around $1100.

The electricity near-infrared portable sauna use is around 1050 W, meaning it will cost you $10 monthly.


Some of the Health Benefits of Sauna

best price sauna

  • Flush toxin through sweating

If you do not actively sweat daily, your body is prone to build-up toxins. Deep sweating has been proven to have multiple health benefits to your body. You can achieve the deep sweat of your body through bathing regularly in sauna.

The heat of the sauna will make your core body temperature to rise. Your blood vessels will then dilate, enhancing the increase of your blood flow.

As you’re the heat from your blood starts to flow towards the surface of your skin, the nervous system of your body will send signals to your sweat glands.

The deep sweat in a sauna will reduce the level of zinc, copper, mercury, nickel, and other toxins chemicals that are often absorbed in your body as you interact with your environment.

  • Sauna relieve stress

The cortisol level in your blood can be regulated by the heat in the sauna to help you relax. Cortisol is the hormone in your body that is produced when you are stressed.

When the cortisol hormone is released at a high level, it can result in many health problems, including sleeping and your immune system problems.

Bathing in the sauna will relieve your stress by reducing the cortisol level in your blood and instead enhance the production of serotonin. Serotonin is the hormone in your body that is responsible for you to feel good. It is commonly called the happy hormone.

  • Health skin

One of the oldest health or skin beauty is heat bathing. Heat bathing can cleanse your skin when your body begins to produce sweat through deep sweating. As your body produces sweat, your skin is undergoes cleansing when your dead skin cells are replaced.

Sweating washes bacteria out of your epidermal layer and your sweat ducts. As your pores get cleansed, the capillary circulation is improved, thus giving your skin a foster-looking quality.


Final Verdict

The best sauna that is best for you will depend on your preferences. However, for many users, an infrared sauna is a better choice than a traditional sauna when installing an indoor sauna.

It is because it will use an existing power outlet and less energy. It is also cheap and affordable to buy your sauna kit and install your sauna by yourself.