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How Many Calories Do you burn in a Sauna?

Since the start of time sauna has been used as a means to reduce weight by making you sweat profusely as you sit in a Sauna room.

The temperature of the sauna room is deliberately kept high so that it raises your body temperature and makes you sweat like never before.

Not only does it help in making you lose weight but is also recommended if you’re feeling tired after a hectic day at work.

So, if you want to know further about losing weight via the sauna, keep reading to find out how it works and how you should use it.


Can Sauna Burn Calories?

Yes, definitely. A sauna can help you burn calories depending on the amount of time you spend in it.

If you spend an hour in the Sauna, it will assist you in burning calories by escalating your body heat and perspiration level. In addition to that, it can also be beneficial for boosting or speeding up your metabolic rate, which also plays a vital role in burning those undesired calories.

As you sit in the sauna and let yourself sweat profusely with its humid atmosphere, it not only maximizes the chances of your weight loss but also lets your skin glow and make it radiant.


How Many Calories Can Be Burned in a Sauna Room?

how many calories can you burn

Like we discussed earlier, the amount of calories burned in a Sauna is totally dependent upon your choice of the time that you want to spend in a sauna room on a daily basis.

But we still have some accounts of the number of calories that you can burn in a Sauna room.

  • If we talk about how many calories do you burn each minute you spend in a sauna, then it’s likely from 10-25 calories per minute and it’s only possible because of the high metabolic rate of your body which happens because of the temperature of a sauna room.
  • Now, if you are a beginner, chances are you won’t stand the heat of the room for more than 30 minutes. So if we evaluate it on the basis of an average weight which is 150lbs, then you’re more likely going to burn 68-75 calories every half an hour.

By now, you must be wondering how to calculate the number of calories burned in a Sauna room. So, there are two ways to calculate them.

You can either get yourself a calorie-burn calculator, that you can easily find on the market, to help you give the exact amount of calories burned.

  • However, if somehow you can’t have access to a calorie-burn calculator then you need not worry as we’ve got your back. All you need to do is to multiply the number of calories burned in 30 minutes while sitting in a Sauna with 1.5 or 2.

But you must keep in mind that the number of calories burned by each person can vary from the other since people have different body types and weights.


Benefits Of Using Sauna to Burn Calories and Lose Fat

the benefits of sweating

There are a plethora of benefits of using a sauna to help you burn calories and lose weight. Some of which are discussed below:

●Having a Sauna bath after a tiring day can help you ease your mind and put it to rest. The high temperature of the sauna makes your body release endorphins, which is said to have a soothing and comforting effect on your mind.

Thus making you feel refreshed and energized at the end of the session.

●Since the temperature is set too high in a Sauna room, it can be beneficial for soothing any pain that you’re feeling in your muscles or joints.

●Sauna helps you recover faster after attaining any serious injury. The high temperature and humid environment of the sauna room raise your body temperature.

This in turn causes your blood vessels to get more open or wider, resulting in improved blood circulation. All these factors combine to help you recover faster from any wound, bruises or cuts.

●Since you are going to sweat to no end in a sauna room, this helps in releasing toxins from the pores of your skin, helping you detoxify your body at the end of the session.

the reasons why you don't sweat

●Like we discussed earlier, high body temperature leads to releasing endorphins from your body. This can not only help you calm your mind and make it function well but will also improve the quality of your sleep.

If you’re someone who’s suffering from insomnia, taking a sauna bath twice a week is highly recommended.

●Sitting in a sauna can slim down the chances of any potential cardiovascular disease. Why? Because sitting in the sauna has the same effect as doing any moderate exercise. Thus by increasing your pulse rate and overall blood circulation of the body, it cuts down the risk of cardiovascular disease.


How to Use a Sauna to Burn Calories?

There are basically two types of Sauna that are famous and are used worldwide for weight reduction purposes. One is the Steam Sauna and the other is the Infrared Sauna.

Though the byproduct of each of them is one, which is, helping you lose weight. But the procedure is quite different. Keep reading to know how both differ from each other.

  • Steam Sauna

why do you use steam sauna

The temperature of a Steam Sauna, which is also known as a “Turkish Bath”, is typically set between 110°F and 120°F with a 100 per cent humidity level.

The heat in a steam sauna is generated by boiling water, making the room overwhelmed with severe humidity. However, it would be ideal to not spend more than 15 minutes in a steam room, as it can bring adverse effects on the body.

  • Infrared Sauna

benfits of using infrared sauna to lose weight

It’s rather a modern form of Sauna and differs from all other types of Sauna. What actually happens in an Infrared Sauna is that instead of heating the temperature of the room by an electric or wooden stove, to make you sweat profusely, there are infrared lights that generate heat.

This heat directly makes your body warm, without making the air of the sauna room hot. The room absorbs only 20% of heat, while the other 80% heat is directly absorbed by the body to bring you the best possible results.

No matter which form of sauna you use, both will bring about the same benefits that you were looking for.


Sauna Bath Routine and Tips

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to get into your Sauna bath routine is to take a shower and dry your body before entering the sauna.

You can also have some drinks beforehand to enhance your experience further.

Before stepping into a sauna cabin or room make sure you wear as few clothes as possible.

  • Try wrapping a towel around your body as it also helps you in absorbing the excessive sweat

Now that you enter the sauna room, try choosing a place that is higher because it will be hotter and will give you the best possible results. You can also spread your towel on the wooden bench if it’s too hot and then sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

  • If you’re a beginner don’t stay in the sauna for more than 6 minutes.

However, you can spend up to 15 minutes in the sauna if you are a seasoned sauna user.

  • After that step out of the sauna and make sure you let your body cool down either with a cool shower or by diving into an indoor pool (if there’s any).

This will help in closing down your pores and will eventually increase your blood circulation.

  • Now after getting yourself cooled down, enter the sauna again and repeat the process 2 to 3 times, depending on how much time it takes to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Meanwhile, keep drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.



So make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in your mind before you decide to start a sauna routine. Initially, try not to overdose on it and let your body get accustomed to it.

With that said, you can see great differences in the state of your mind and even in your physical being.