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Dry Sauna VS Wet Sauna: Which One?

dry sauna vs wet sauna

Saunas are classified into two categories, which are the dry and wet saunas. The dry saunas are crucial for relaxing the body because they produce dry steam that heats your body hence facilitating it to sweat and release fatigue. On the other hand, wet saunas produce wet steam that helps open the skin pores and increases secreting for improved skin and healthy body.

These categories of saunas come in different sizes and styles to choose from depending on your house size and your steaming needs.

In this article, we’re going to look at dry sauna vs wet sauna and gives you some recommendations of them.

dry sauna vs wet sauna


What is Dry Sauna?

Dry sauna

As the name states, dry sauna comprises of dry temperatures which circulate in the unit to give significant heating effect to the body. The dry temperatures penetrate the body hence causing you to sweat. The dry sauna is highly recommended for helping relieve stress after long and tiring experience because the hot, dry temperatures penetrate the body pretty fast, causing the body muscles to relax.

Research shows that dry sauna provides the same results as the physical exercises because the high dry heat raises the body temperatures and triggers it to sweat out the stress. It also helps to improve the cardiovascular system because it improves good circulation in the body. One thing to note, though, is that dry saunas are quite dangerous as they can quickly dehydrate you. In this case, make sure to drink water before entering the sauna and take water in between the sessions.


What is Wet Sauna?

wet sauna

A wet sauna operates like a steam room where it produces moist temperatures. The moist heat produced plays a huge role in improving the skin and the body in general. It helps to open up the skin pores and facilitate weight loss, which is achieved through sweating. Note that in wet saunas, the heating rocks are splashed with water that promotes the production of the moist heat. The moist heat penetrates the skin deeply, causing you to sweat and open the blood vessels.

Those who go for a wet sauna session regularly are said to have a better and high improved circulation system. This type of sauna also helps to eliminate and control various cardiovascular diseases like hypertension because it helps to lose weight by burning fat, improve the metabolism system in the body, and help with better circulation of blood and oxygen by opening the blood vessels.


Dry Sauna vs Wet Sauna: Similarities

Although the dry and wet sauna differs in terms of how they function, they have significant similarities seen on the effects they provide to the body.

Here are a few similarities between wet and dry sauna:

  • Cause sweating

Ones you sit in a sauna, you are bound to sweat because the units are heated at high temperatures. The high heats penetrate to the skin and cause the skin pores to open up, thus leading the body to sweat.

  • Improve and rejuvenates the skin

Sweating is one of the most basic methods for improving the skin. The process of perspiration triggers the pores to open up and release all the germs and viruses that may be on the surface. This process also causes the skin to get rid of toxins, including the dead cells on the body. It creates a space for new cells to grow hence, giving your skin a fresh and youthful look.

  • It helps prevent skin diseases

Research shows that the constant use of saunas causes the body to evade various diseases caused by skin infection viruses. Some viruses cannot be able to survive in surfaces with high temperatures; hence, going to a sauna regularly prohibits these viruses from creating habitats in your skin.

  • The heating processes

Both the wet and dry sauna uses the same heating materials to provide the high temperatures in a tightly sealed unit. Traditionally, the saunas used the wood-burning stoves or electric stoves to provide the heat. But, currently, there are more advanced heating products, which are electrical panels and volcanic rocks. In both cases, the heating products are heated or set at high-temperature levels to provide an excellent heating option for the body.

  • Aid with weight loss

A combination of gym and sauna can work magic in helping you shed off the extra calories in the body. Sauna is recommended for weight loss due to its ability to increase perspiration.

When the heat penetrates the skin, it causes the body’s fat to burn out, and it is then eliminated through the process of sweating. It also helps to increase the rate of metabolism in the body, which is associated with weight loss. A session of 30 minutes in a sauna helps a person to lose up to 6 to 7 pounds. But note that bodies reciprocate differently; hence, you may lose either less or more weight with a sauna.

  • Both help relax the body

Although the dry sauna is recommended more when it comes to getting rid of fatigue and stress in the body, still, both saunas help the body to relax by improving its function after a long and tiring session. This is achieved through enhancing good circulation in the body and releasing all the toxins when you use either of the two saunas.

infrared sauna vs traditional sauna


Dry Sauna vs Wet Sauna: Differences

Dry and wet saunas have significant similarities, but as for dry sauna vs wet sauna, they also differ in terms of their functionality and the kind of body effects they provide.

Here are a few differences between the dry and wet sauna.

  • Temperatures

The dry sauna produces dry temperatures while the wet saunas produce wet and moist temperatures. This is because the dry saunas utilize the heated electric panels or rocks in an enclosed unit to provide high temperatures that penetrate the body to give great good results.

On the other hand, wet saunas are incorporated with water that is splashed over the heated rocks to facilitate the production of moist heat in the room.

  • Heating rate

The wet saunas heat up pretty fast and efficiently as opposed to the dry sauna. This is because the added water on the heated products facilitates the evaporation process hence stimulating the hot moist to spread faster in the room. The dry sauna takes more time because the stones or the electric panels have to heat up on their own and spread the heat to the unit.

When it comes to the body results in terms of the healing process, the dry sauna gives better results because the heat gets direct to the skin as opposed to when using the wet. The production of moist air causes a cooling effect on the body in a wet sauna, and thus, the heating impact may not be as severe as in dry.

  • Temperatures levels

The dry saunas are set in high heating levels as opposed to the wet saunas. One of the primary reasons for this is to speed up the heating process considering the rocks, or the panels have to heat on their own to be able to provide enough heat in the sauna. The heating temperature levels on wet saunas are relatively lower because the added water to the heated stones facilitates the process of evaporation, causing the hot moisture to spread much faster in the unit. In other words, dry saunas consume a lot of electric power in the house than the wet saunas.

  • The heat effects

When it comes to heat effect on the body, the dry saunas take the lead. The dry saunas utilize hot and dry heat temperatures, which are quite useful and fast in penetrating the body, and this is one of the reasons they are recommended for relaxing and getting rid of stress and fatigue. The hot heat penetrates deep and fast in the body to give higher results. On the other hand, the wet saunas have great results, but the combination of the moist heat and the sweating causes a cooling effect to the body and may not give severe results as opposed to the dry saunas.

You can take a long time in wet saunas than in dry saunas because the body manages to remain a bit cooler; hence, you may not experience much dehydration. But, with dry sauna suffering from dehydration is quite high. This is one of the reasons people are advised to take a lot of water when using a dry sauna.

how to use an infrared sauna


Dry Sauna VS Wet Sauna: Best Dry Sauna Recommendations


Best Dry Sauna Reviews

1. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2-person Dry Sauna

2 person Dry Sauna

Brilliant features
  • Seven strategically-placed carbon fiber far Infrared heaters
  • Easy to assemble with the provided tools
  • Heats up fast
  • It has a heat adjusting mechanism to control the amount of heat
  • Bluetooth connectivity
Watch out for
  • The Bluetooth speaker is not really convenient

Why we choose it

Nothing helps a person relax and get rid of fatigue than a significant moment in a sauna. This two-person dry sauna is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a dry body steaming effect. It has a total of 7 carbon fiber heaters that are stationed on different areas to ensure good disperse of heat for effective body results. The structure has hemlock wood material that is durable and purely safe for human beings.

You can still enjoy music with your friend or partner thanks to the inbuilt Bluetooth and speaker on the inside. The bench of the sauna fits two people while seated, and one person can use it while lying down for better results. Controlling it is super easy since it features the digital buttons for adjusting the heat and turning on and off. The sauna comes in pieces, and hence, you may need help in fitting the pieces together.

Check the latest price on Amazon


2. Dynamic 1-2-person Far Infrared Dry Sauna

Dynamic 1-2-person Far Infrared Dry Sauna

Brilliant features
  • Six Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Heating Panels
  • Easy to operate
  • Very affordable dry sauna
  • It has 3MP for music output.
  • There are LED lights that illuminate different colors to provide excellent and beautiful lighting while inside
Watch out for
  • Bench produces no heat

Why we choose it

This Dynamic far infrared dry sauna is very easy to use, and its size fits the majority of homes. Two people can sit comfortably and get an excellent steaming effect. It features hemlock wood material that ensures durability and prolonged use of this sauna. It comes reassembled, although one is provided with the connecting tools and a user manual for a guide.

The interior of the sauna has a total of 6 low EMF Far infrared carbon heating carbon panels strategically placed to ensure proper distribution of heat inside the sauna. It is tightly sealed to ensure no steam escapes when it is on. You can connect your external music devices like the MP3 AUX to listen to your favorite jams while in the sauna. The interior has an LED light that provides excellent illumination.

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3. JNH Lifestyles Far Infrared 3-person Dry Sauna

Far Infrared 3 person Dry Sauna

Brilliant features
  • The sauna has a large bench to fit three people
  • Quite easy to assemble
  • The heating up process takes less time
  • Made of high quality and durable hemlock wood
Watch out for
  • Consumes a bit much electricity power

Why we choose it

If you need a dry sauna that you can share with your pals, this is the right model to get. Other than its affordable price, this sauna has additional features that provide excellent body results after use. The presence of the eight carbon fiber infrared heaters that are dispersed in different parts of the sauna ensures you get the best heating results in all parts of the body. It features hemlock wood material that is safe and quite durable even after prolonged use.

The interior has Bluetooth speaker plus a remote for easy controlling the heating power, and the music playing. It is easy to fix the parts since all you require is a screwdriver. The sauna has a glass patented door essential for sealing in the heat for effective results.

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Dry Sauna VS Wet Sauna: Best Wet Sauna Recommendations

Photo Title Price Buy
Durherm Portable Personal...image Durherm Portable Steam Wet Sauna for Home Use $149.99 Buy on Amazon
Canadian Hemlock Wood...image Traditional 4-person Indoor Dry Sauna Buy on Amazon
Lightweight Personal Steam...image Durasage Personal Wet Steam Sauna for Home $298.95 Buy on Amazon


Best Wet Sauna Reviews

1. Durherm Portable Steam Wet Sauna for Home Use

Portable Steam Wet Sauna for Home Use

Brilliant features
  • Comfortable steam heat
  • Light in weight for comfortable moving around
  • Very foldable to minimize storage space
  • It has a timer to control the preferred time
  • Very affordable price
Watch out for
  • Not ideal for a person weighing more than 250 pounds

Why we choose it

This is a perfect sauna for people with both large and small homes, considering it does require ample space for installing. It is portable for easy moving when either using it or storing it. It has a wide range of benefits to the body, such as aiding to lose weight, improve metabolism, toning the skin, and exfoliating the skins. This portable wet sauna comes with a timer for you to set your preferred steaming time.

The timer ranges from 0 to 60 minutes per session. It has a foldable chair when you can sit while your body is steaming. The sauna does not cover the head and hands parts; hence, you can enjoy other activities still such as making a phone call, watching Tv and many others.

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2. Traditional 4-person Indoor Dry Sauna

Traditional 4 person Indoor Dry Sauna

Brilliant features
  • It has a thermometer for controlling and measuring the heat inside
  • The Digital control mechanism to ensure comfort when using it
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Ideal for both wet and dry steaming
Watch out for
  • Need to hire a plumber to assemble

Why we choose it

This wet sauna has been tested and approved to be safe for use at homes. It has a large front patented glass door that seals in heat to ensure no steam evaporate from the inside. It is significant to fit about four people when squeezed and three or two comfortably. The structure is made of traditional Canadian hemlock that is thick to seal in all the heat to provide excellent results.

It is a flexible traditional sauna that you can use for both dry and wet steaming since it has a total of 6KW heaters to offer unique and fast heating results. One thing to note, though, is that this sauna is quite large and bulky, and thus, you may need to hire a professional plumber to aid you in putting it up together.

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3. Durasage Personal Wet Steam Sauna for Home

Personal Wet Steam Sauna for Home

Brilliant features
  • Easy to put up the sauna
  • Super light in weight
  • Does not require an ample storage space
  • It does not restrict your hands from doing some activities like browsing the phone
Watch out for
  • It is not ideal for people taller than 5’7 ft

Why we choose it

This is another recommendable personal sauna for people who need a small-sized wet sauna. It is quite easy to use since there is no much assembling required when putting it up. It is super light in weight for comfortable moving it. The hands and the head parts have openings to so you can enjoy other activities while still steaming. It comes with an 800 watts steam generator that provides wet heat for effective body results.

You can use this sauna for burning fat, improving metabolism, relaxing the body, and even toning the body. The sauna does not require much space for storing since you can compress it to a much smaller size when storing. You can find in a variety of colors for you to select your preferred shade.

Check the latest price on Amazon



Both dry and wet saunas have excellent results in the body. They provide similar results when it comes to improving your general health, although they differ in how they are used and how they function. So, when choosing either of the two, consider what you need to achieve from the sauna. If you need a sauna that you can use to relax after a long and fatigue day, find the dry sauna, but if you need a sauna for helping maintain a useful and glowing body, consider the wet sauna. Also, you should seek medical tests first because the saunas have risks, especially for those with chronic diseases.


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