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Can You Wear Airpods in a Sauna?

Taking a sauna is a wonderful hobby. Saunas can aid in the purification of unwanted chemicals in the body, calorie restriction, improving circulation, and a host of other benefits.

With so much humidity in a sauna, many researchers asked whether or not their AirPods could be safely used in a steam room.

Can you wear Airpods in a Sauna? This is a question most people have been asking.

Keep reading to find the answer and what happens to your Airpods when they get sweaty or wet.

can you wear airpods in a sauna

Can You Wear Airpods in a Sauna or Steam Room?

A sauna is a perfect setting where you can focus on your body rehabilitation. Some saunas implement principles using mobile in a sauna. Every sauna user should adhere to the rule that you shouldn’t use Airpods or other electronic devices in the sauna.

Even though this happens very rarely, there are claims that AirPods and other related earpieces burst into flames when they get too hot. This is because AirPods and many other gadgets like them are powered by lithium rechargeable cell batteries. Mixtures in lithium-ion batteries will explode if oxidized.

The rate is lower with the Sauna, but not completely impossible. Because saunas are likely to be much hotter than steam rooms, there is a greater possibility that a cell will not work well in those environments.

Static electricity is another problem. Is that going to damage you? You won’t be hurt by electrostatic discharge. It doesn’t feel great and certainly will not make you feel better in an area where you’re determined to be relaxing!

When and How Long Can You Wear Airpods in Saunas?

You shouldn’t wear your AirPod in a steam room, sauna, or anywhere else not approved by the manufacturing company. Steam rooms are full of tiny droplets, and the AirPods’ moisture feature isn’t designed to make them function.

If you place gadgets in the sauna for a while, you could damage them.

There is a lot of heat, which can damage or even break your electronic items and wearables if they get too hot. Parts stuck together can come loose, and if the plastic gets hot, it can even evaporate.

Specific moisture content is also put into the air by saunas that use steam. This humidity can sometimes get into your device, earbuds, or other smartphones and cause severe water ingress.

With this, there isn’t a best time or place in the sauna to wear your AirPods.

How Do Saunas Affect Headphones and Other Electronics?

The average time spent in a sauna ranges from 25 to 45 minutes. You should not remain in a sauna for more than 20 minutes if you aren’t healthy enough or in short of water. But if you’re physically fit, you can do this in 30 to 45 minutes.

On average, a sauna works at temperatures of between 38 and 54 degrees Celsius, but it can reach temperatures even higher than that. Even a small rise above the body’s appropriate temperature of 37 degrees Celsius makes people sweat, and their hearts beat faster.

AirPods can accommodate temperatures of up to around 35 °C, between 3 and 19 °C lower than the maximum air temperature a steam room or sauna can effectively manage. This implies that you shouldn’t go into the sauna with your Airpods.

If you want to benefit from a steam room or sauna, do not bring in your AirPods or other such electronic devices with a similar rating.

How to Protect Your Airpods, Phone, and Other Electronics From Extremes of Heat in the Steam Room?

Put your Airpods in a waterproof case or roll them up together in a towel to keep them from getting too hot or too wet. If you have to, mute the mode, so it doesn’t bother other people in the sauna.


Leave your AirPods and other electronics at home if you want to enjoy a sauna. Focus on yourself and avoid distractions! Bringing electronics into a sauna is against the rules. Hot air will damage AirPods, so never use them in a sauna or steam room.