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Top 6 Best Traditional Sauna Reviews You Could Buy

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A sauna can benefit you in various ways. Traditional saunas feature wood finishing, and the inside has sauna rocks handled with water. They come in different designs and sizes, making it possible to find a good size to fit in houses.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the Top 8 best traditional sauna on the market and gives you the ultimate guide on how to choose the right sauna for you.

best traditional sauna 1


Due to the influence of COVID-19, some of the sauna products listed are currently unavailable on the market. We’ve then selected several high-quality sauna models that you can still buy from Amazon.


Top 6 Best Traditional Sauna On The Market


What to Look For in a Traditional Sauna

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Many people out there have ever heard the buzz about the traditional/Finnish saunas, and they might have made mind to have one for their health. But then, since the market is saturated with saunas, making a selection of the best one isn’t a joke at all.

With the help of a clear guide, you are assured of the best one for you. You need to know that it won’t work better for you if you think of cheaper saunas. Just save hassles and money by making the right purchase the first time for maximum benefit.

  • Take a Test Drive of What You Intend to Purchase

You should judge the efficiency of something after carrying out a test on it. You need to make a selection from a local dealer who provides buyers to test saunas before they make a purchase.

The most apparent reason for choosing a particular sauna is the design it has. However, this factor is something more than deep skin. You need to be careful with the furniture quality detailing that is made up of only fine-grained wood all through. Other factors that should be considered are like comfortable seating, thoughtfully designed windows and doors to complement the sauna and custom-made molding.

  • The Type of Wood Used

Ensure you get something from smooth, western red cedar or the vertical grain hemlock. These wood species are the best if you need something beautiful and long-lasting. Also, you should ensure that the wood has certification from a reputable sustainable forest.

  • Construction Quality

Construction of what you choose is what matters a lot here. You need a sauna with tightly fitted screws and joints rather than going for glued options. Cheaper options usually avoid detailed craftsmanship and glue joints to keep them sealed. It’s not healthy at all breathing heated glue as it emits gasses that are harmful to our health at large.


Top 6 Best Traditional Sauna Reviews

Best traditional sauna varies from model to model. Each sauna comes with different features and functions. We’ve selected 8 great traditional saunas for you to choose, let’s take a closer look!

1. Best 3-person Southport Traditional Steam Sauna

best 3 person traditional sauna




Brilliant features

  • Finnish lava stones for soft heat
  • Well-constructed and durable by using Canadian Hemlock wood
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Seven-year warranty

Watch out for

  • No sound system for playing music

This is a perfect definition of a unique and efficient steaming sauna that you must consider buying. It is relatively affordable and can fit in the majority of homes due to its size. The sauna can fit three people who are medium-sized as the bench is wide and long.

The sauna gives intense and soft heat disperses in all corners, which are powered by the installed Harvia 3KW. The wooden part features soft and durable hemlock wood, ensuring you are comfortable when either seated or lying. It does not produce odor even after long use, meaning it is a safe and clean sauna for every home.

Assembling this sauna is a walk in the park since the parts are easy to fix. Also, it comes with joining tools and a manual for instructions. You should hire a professional plumber to help you fix the sauna. For quality assurance to the buyers, the sauna comes with a 7-year warranty against any defects. This is topped with a 7-year warranty that caters to any labor needed. The front part is equipped with large glass tempered doors that completely seals the heat from inside.

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2. Best Traditional Steam Sauna Kit for Home Use

best traditional sauna kit




Brilliant features

  • High-quality personal steam sauna
  • Easy to operate with  6 automatic timer options and 9 Level Temp-Control
  • Heats up fast within 10 minutes
  • Very quick to set up
  • Great for after a workout
  • Super affordable

Watch out for

  • Not really for large people

OppoDecor portable steam sauna is suitable for one-person use. It is light in weight, which allows you to refresh and steam your body in any area of your home. It is highly recommended for weight loss, detoxing, relaxing the body muscles, toning the body, and improving the skin. This is because it facilitates the burning of fat in the body.

This Traditional steam sauna kit is foldable, meaning that you can comfortably store it without squeezing your storage area. It comes with a foldable chair to ensure the user is comfortable when steaming.

It gives you the real experience of a sauna since it has a remote for controlling it to different heating options. The sauna does not limit you from enjoying other activities like watching a movie or even operating the phone since it does not cover the entire body. Choose your preferred steaming time from the six equipped operational buttons and the kind of heat interval you prefer. It heats up pretty easily since it takes about 7 to 10minutes for the heat to circulate. Note that this portable sauna can only be used by a person weighing not more than 135 pounds.

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3. Best 4-person Indoor Traditional Sauna

best home traditional sauna




Brilliant features

  • Solid construction
  • Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • The maximum temperature can go above to 200+ degree

Watch out for

  • Only for indoor use

This sauna has both wet and dry heating for the user to choose their preferred steaming style. It is large enough to accommodate up to four people. So, you can use it with your family or friends. The sauna also has rocks and water ideal for wet and dry steaming. The structure is crafted with durable and sturdy hemlock wood, which is completely sealed to prevent the steam from going out. It measures around 72 inches, which is a great size to fit even in houses.

The bench in the sauna measures about 67 inches suitable for four people and at the same allows enough legroom for the users. One is recommended to take breaks in between the set time to allow cooling and drink water to prevent dehydration. If you are using the steam alone, you can comfortably lie on it since the wood is super smooth and has a large space that can fit a stretched body. Make sure to hire a professional plumber to fit this sauna to ensure all the parts, including the electric bits, are well equipped.

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4. Best 2-person Outdoor Traditional Steam Sauna

best outdoor traditional sauna




Brilliant features

  • Great for outdoor usage
  • Both wet and dry heater
  • Home-structured sauna
  • Can go above 200+ degree

Watch out for

  • Cannot be used in home

If you need a steam spa that you can set on outdoor, then this is the perfect sauna to purchase. This sauna provides both dry and wet steaming options for effective results. The design features a house structure that makes it fit perfectly in the outdoor areas. You can enjoy some quality time with your loved one as you relax and tone your body in this sauna since it can comfortably fit two people. The interior is made of waterproof to prevent any water from penetrating during the rainy seasons. Note that the sauna can only fit two people while seated.

Therefore, if you need to lie, only a person at a time can achieve this. There are 40 pounds sauna rocks which ensure effective steaming results. The present thermostatic and hygrometer helps to control the heating and steaming time for comfortable use by all people. This sauna helps in toning the body, losing weight, and improving the skin tone. It is quite heavy, and therefore, it needs more than one person to set it up or even shift it to a different area.

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5. Best Traditional Sauna Room for Home

best traditional sauna room




Brilliant features

  • Well-built by using Finland finish
  • Great 1-person sauna
  • Perfect sauna for home use

Watch out for

  • A bit expensive

If you are searching for one person traditional sauna to use in your home, then this is just the right sauna to buy. It is designed in a way that you can use it while seated or even standing. It is a one-person fit sauna, especially for people who want to lose some weight to tone the body. The interior has a height of 6.7 ft tall to ensure the majority of people can comfortably fit while standing. The wooden parts come built, which makes it easy to join together.

But note that installing should be done by a professional plumber or a carpenter to ensure the parts are sealed well. The structure feature Finland finish that gives it a beautiful rustic finish in the bathroom. There is a large glass tempered door to seal in steam for great steaming results.

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6. Best Portable Traditional Steam Sauna Kit

best portable indoor traditional sauna kit




Brilliant features

  • Easy to both assemble and disassemble for storage
  • Can heat up fast
  • Affordable traditional steam sauna
  • Works great as advertised

Watch out for

  • A bit tricky to clean

This is another best personal traditional sauna that you can comfortably use in any area of your home. It does not take up much space, making it suitable for people with small houses. Regardless of the small size of this steamer, it can transform your body and general health by helping you burn fat, tone the body, exfoliate, and also detoxify. The sauna has two zippers where you can take out your hands to pick up a phone, read a book, or even browse as you steam.

All the parts of the device are removable for easy storing and carrying. In other words, this steamer does not require sizeable storage space in your home. It has a powerful steam generator that uses about 800 watts, and you can set it to different steaming times, with the highest being 60 minutes. Setting up takes less time, and one is provided with a user manual for a guide on the steps to take when fitting the parts. But, note that it is recommended you keep on drinking water while steaming to ensure your body stays hydrated throughout.

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FAQs About Buying a Traditional Steam Sauna

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1. What is a traditional sauna?

Traditional saunas, also referred to as Finnish saunas have, for quite some time, received recognition for the health benefits they provide us. The use of these saunas can be traced back to the civilization ancient times of the Romans and the Ancient Greeks. These people had saunas for healing and general body health at large. Saunas were considered as an integral part of their culture since they were thought to be exceptional items for their wellbeing.

  • How does a traditional sauna work?

The Finnish/traditional saunas use conventional sauna heater to offer performance. The sauna heater has sauna stones whose function is to heat the sauna’s interior and lets users have control over the environment. The thermostatic temperature control is employed to adjust the climate within the sauna and also make it quickly pour water on the sauna’s hot stones so that bursts of pure steam can be created. The explosions are used to elevate humidity in the sauna room.

  • What Health benefits they offer?

The traditional steam saunas provide genuine Finnish sauna hard heat. They also offer numerous health benefits with such a great extra Finnish touch authenticity for all the extreme sauna lovers. You are assured of sensations of centuries, full health experience with this hard hat from the traditional saunas.

When we talk on the health benefits of the traditional saunas, we shouldn’t miss talking about how it cleanses the skin and opens pores through the perspiration process. They are also helpful in relieving respiratory conditions and sinus through inhaling the steam and heat. The saunas also are made to increase our metabolic rate that will help improve our cardiovascular circulation and boost our overall immune system.

Traditional saunas have been constructed to emit high temperatures that help us relieve the pains and aches that are brought about by minor musculoskeletal injuries and arthritis. There is a lot we get from the traditional steam sauna, and it is an item we should consider having most.

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3. Benefits of using a traditional sauna?

Saunas have been used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. Traditionally, it was used in a stress-free environment for relaxation. Sauna first originated in Finland. As time goes, it has gained popularity and is now used worldwide in both spas and homes. But one might ask, “What are the benefits of using the traditional sauna?” well, read on to realize some significant benefits.

  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

The majority of sauna bathers reports a reduction of stress levels. According to medical studies, stress is usually bad for your general health. in fact, several chronic diseases, including those of the heart, are often stress-related. Therefore, as a stress-relieving activity, saunas help prevent the onset o such conditions making you stay healthy all times.

Besides, the heat from the sauna relaxes your body muscles. This improves circulation o blood to and from the heart. Last but not least, the sauna makes the body to release endorphins, a chemical that causes the body to have a good feeling. All these contribute to the general wellbeing o your heart and body as a whole.

  • Remove toxins from your body

Research has it that many people don’t sweat simply because they don’t get the chance to do so. This is because the majority of the jobs they do are deskbound. Sweating is a significant body process that helps the body excrete harmful elements. As such, bathing in a sauna induces sweating, which helps flush out toxins from your body. It’s a safe and easy way o counteracting the effects of toxic elements in the body.

  • Assists in weight loss

The sauna can help you lose weight much faster and efficient. When bathing in the sauna, your heart rate increases due to the increased dry heat. This, in turn, increases your body metabolism hence burning calories. According to research, spending up to about half an hour in the sauna can help a person lose 500 calories.

  • Improves cognitive functioning

Saunas are excellent for mental performance. Studies show that attention span and focus increases with the use of the regular sauna. This is because while in the sauna, the norepinephrine hormone is usually generated by the brain. This hormone helps improve attention and the level of focus.

  • Eases Pain

Bathing in a sauna can relieve you from pain and other aches. Improving circulation in the body helps reduce muscle soreness and pain. It also enhances joint movements making you feel much better and physically fit.

best traditional steam sauna room


4. Infrared Sauna VS Traditional Sauna?

Infrared sauna vs traditional sauna is what can be found when you want heat bathing. You should, however, know which to select between a traditional sauna and infrared sauna and when you should pick which one.

You need to know that both infrared and traditional sauna has essential features that complement each other. The question is when you need to use conventional and when to consider an infrared sauna. There we will look at their differences, so we know when to choose which.

Finnleo mystique series is a type of conventional sauna that helps when you want the heat to penetrate in your body with low temperatures.

Finnleo S-Series far infrared sauna is the one will help if you want the heat to penetrate the body with low temperatures

  • Similarities Between Traditional and Infrared Sauna

Both types of sauna are known to provide the same benefits, which include relieving pains and aches as well as sweating hence detoxifying the body. It relieves stress and makes one relax as well. Both saunas are capable of this in the human body.

Having a heat bath has some benefits which lead to an induced fever, and infrared sauna always appear to be towards the level of average humidity unless been available for sometimes. However, traditional sauna gets drier and is among the baths that allow users to moderate rain and temperature. For infrared, the temperature is controlled, but moisture remains constant.

Perspiring any of the saunas gives relaxation, loosened muscles, with relieving aching joints where this process burns the calories which depend on a person. The presiding process consumes debatable calories amount. When using the sauna, water is lost, which is regained again upon rehydration.

  • Differences Between Infrared and Traditional Sauna

The difference is that they work the same giving results but under some features which include:

Time Taken to heat up: the involved difference between the two is a unit of heat used for both saunas. The temperature used for traditional sauna is higher going up to 195 degrees hence overwhelming those that are sensitive towards heat. As for infrared, they have mild environmental temperatures that don’t exceed 150 degrees, and due to heat, it travels quickly in the body leading to more sweat.

-Humidity: the infrared sauna is known to have low temperature compared to a traditional dry one, but it can employ considerable heated steam encountering to humid experience, but infrared sauna rarely used steam hence relying on infrared heaters heat.

-Power needs: all units need different power to be operated. The power needed by the traditional sauna is more compared to that of infrared meaning that infrared sauna is cheaper in the usage than the traditional one.

-Action: traditional one uses the stove when heating air, so when air temperature increases, body temperature is high too because of heat convection absorption. It forces a cooling process in the body where it transports blood towards the skin as it open sweating pores. As for infrared, they heat air with a lower degree since they emit some wavelength with some heaters hence rising body temperatures.

To conclude, all the above are different when it comes to the saunas since each of them requires various features. That is why there are times that traditional sauna will be the best alternative and other times when infrared sauna might be the needed one to do heat bathing.



Now you can enjoy some spa time at the comfort of your home with the above-reviewed saunas. They have an excellent heat setting, which enables the user to set the right steaming time depending on what you wish to achieve with the device. Some are designed in larger sizes that can fit more than one person, while others are suitable for just a person. If you need a sauna for outdoor settings, make sure the materials are waterproof to prevent moisture penetrating the interior and to generally increase its durability.