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Top 5 Best Small Sauna Reviews 2021

best small sauna

Saunas come in various sizes, designs, and even types to ensure all customers are satisfied. If you need a reliable sauna that will not take much storage space or installation area in your home, a foldable one-person sauna is a right choice to make. They fold easily when storing and fitting them takes little time.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 5 best small saunas on the market and the buying guide on how to choose the right one for you.

best small sauna

Top 5 Best Small Sauna on the Market List


Top 5 Best Small Sauna on the Market Reviews

1. SereneLife Best Portable Small Infrared Sauna

Best Portable Small Infrared Sauna

Brilliant features
  • Comfortable far infrared heat
  • This sauna is light in weight
  • It is convenient since you can use it anywhere
  • The sauna is foldable to fit in apartments
  • It offers total flexibility around the head and hands areas
Watch out for
  • Heats up a bit too fast

Why we choose it

If you are looking for a quality sauna that will not limit the space in your home, then, SerenaLife is one of the best options.

It is categorized as one of the best affordable 1-person saunas for people with limited installation spaces. It is sold at a fair price hence no need to worry about overspending on it. The sauna is light in weight, so moving to different areas is quite comfortable. The sauna can fold to a smaller size for safe storage if you have squeezed storage space in the home.

SereneLife far infrared sauna comes with a handheld controller for setting up the heat and time. It also has a comfortable chair to ensure the user is entirely satisfied while seated. The hands and the head have opened zippers so you can do other things like watching TV or even browsing on your phone. There is a footpad that provides support to the feet and good heating. The sauna is made of waterproof material to ensure excellent insulation of the heat.

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2. Radiant Saunas Best Personal Small Far Infrared Sauna

Best Personal Small Far Infrared Sauna

Brilliant features
  • Three low-EMF carbon heating panels
  • Durable and sturdy sauna
  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to set up
  • Takes less space in the home
Watch out for
  • Not suitable for large people

Why we choose it

Enjoy some quality spa moments at the comfort of your home regardless of the size of your home. This sauna is made of small size and can fold to a small size when storing. It offers excellent sauna treatment thanks to the six far infrared heaters fitted in different areas of the sauna. Note that the far infrared heater installation option makes this an ideal sauna for all, including those with respiratory conditions, because it offers light therapy.

The hands and the head area are entirely open, so you can do other things while enjoying the sauna time. It has varying heating levels to choose from with the hand controller, and this takes less time to heat up. It comes with a foldable chair for you to sit, and the floor of the sauna is well padded. For quality assurance, this sauna comes with a year warranty against any factory defaults.

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3. AW Best Affordable Small Steam Sauna

Best Affordable Small Steam Sauna

Brilliant features
  • One of the best affordable sauna on the market
  • It provides excellent health benefits
  • Offers feet treatment
  • Very portable for moving around
  • Comes with everything you need
Watch out for
  • Some heat may be lost through the head and hands areas

Why we choose it

This is a unique and reliable home sauna that you can use in any area around your home. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry the sauna to any area with ease. It is designed in small size for single person use, and this also prevents it from taking up too much space in your house. Note that you can opt to either fold the sauna when storing if you don’t have ample storage space in your home.

This sauna is recommended for various health benefits such as slimming, since it burns off fat, detoxifying, increasing the metabolism rate, and also improving the skin by cleaning it.

It allows you to do other small things like changing TV or reading a book since the hands and the head area have zippers for easy opening to access these things. The side has two holes where you can place your legs to receive reflexology treatments.

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4. Gizmo Supply Best Small Fir Infrared Sauna Blanket

Best Small Fir Infrared Sauna

Brilliant features
  • Covers different parts of the body for even heat
  • Made of waterproof material and soft material for different sleeping position
  • It folds easily for storage purposes
  • It is affordable
Watch out for
  • It does not suit people who are taller than 6’1 FT

Why we choose it

If you are looking for a sauna that you can use in other forms other than sitting then, Gizmo is the perfect sauna blanket option to make. Gizmo infrared sauna blanket is uniquely designed, and it is quite affordable as well. It features carbon fiber materials to ensure quality sauna treatment at home. It also features waterproof canvas material to seal in the heat and prevent leakage to the exterior of the sauna.

Additionally, this sauna features a bed design, and it is flexible to accommodate different sleeping positions so you can achieve the best sauna results.

Cleaning this sauna is smooth since it has waterproof material that does not absorb wetness. Three separate heating zones cover the upper, middle, and lower parts of the body. The heat level is adjustable depending on your body tolerance level, and it ranges from 77 to 185 degrees. Storing this sauna is quite easy as it can be folded to a small size. This sauna can comfortably cover people with a height of up to 6’1 ft.

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5. Himimi Best Foldable Small Steam Sauna

Best Foldable Small Steam Sauna

Brilliant features
  • The sauna folds easily to minimize the required storage space
  • Takes little time to fit it
  • It has different heating levels to choose from
  • Sold with a warranty for quality assurance
Watch out for
  • The chair cannot support people weighing more than 230 pounds

Why we choose it

This is a great and reliable sauna that can fit in most of the homes, including those with limited rooms. It folds easily when storing, so you don’t have to worry about your home space getting too limited. The sauna comes in different colors for the customers to choose their preferred color shade. It also comes with a seat where you can rest when getting the sauna treatment and a steam pot to ensure you get the right moist heat treatment.

It comes with a handheld remote for control purposes. So, you can easily change the time while still in the sauna. The head area is fully open to allow breathability while in the sauna.

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How to Choose the Right Small Sauna?

Getting the right sauna for your needs will optimize your purchase to give you the best experience. In the following content, we are going to look at the considerations you should keep in mind when purchasing a small sauna.

how to use a steam sauna

  • Where you plan to install it

One of the things you should consider when choosing a suitable sauna is where you will fix the amenity. In the recent past, saunas were usually tucked away in garages or basements. However, modern saunas are typically installed in a home gym or an en-suite bathroom. In spite of the place, you choose to install your amenity, remember you will need a source of power for the lights, the heater, and a sound system if you need one.

  • Layout and design

While small saunas look incredibly attractive, they have a pretty limited foot room, which makes it difficult for many people to utilize them. The floor heaters and floor room are some of the important things that you should carefully consider. Placing the sauna’s heating elements besides and behind the legs, as well as beside the upper section of the body and in front of the body, is strongly recommended. How much you’re flanked with infrared typically determines the penetration level you enjoy. Furthermore, it also reduces the time required to help you to get the same benefits.

  • Sauna wood

In most cases, the best small saunas are made of wood since it’s an attractive and durable material. Again, wood usually brings a sense of style to your home and also ensures that your amenity is not a scare. Nevertheless, there are various sauna woods, and some of the types used mostly for small sauna designs are Hemlock, Cedar, and Aspen.

  • Heating source

You should look at the heating panels before making your purchase. Carbon and ceramic are the two common types of heat emitters. Small saunas utilize either ceramic rods or coils in their panels. Nonetheless, you should look for carbon panels because they are more superior when compared to ceramic panels. That’s because they provide you with the best far-infrared heat possible.

  • EMF levels

EMF levels or electromagnetic field is another important factor you should consider before buying your small sauna. It usually features a gauge that ranges from the heat produced by the sun to other heat-producing methods like electricity. Lower levels of EMF are safe for human use. Microwaves, ultra-violet rays, and X-rays are in the higher range of the spectrum and can be dangerous for plants and humans as well.

  • Heater emissivity

Heater emissivity refers to the infrared amounts that the sauna’s heater put out as well as the amount that’ll penetrate your body tissues. Efficient heaters are better, especially when it comes to infrared therapy and healing. If the heaters of your sauna are emissive, then your amenity will serve the intended purpose.

  • Your personal preferences

Customization options are usually available when purchasing a sauna. Saunas come with many additional features such as ergonomic backrests, oxygenizes, reading lamps, and speakers, among others.

You can choose as many features as you would like in your sauna. Despite the many attractive features that exist in saunas, ensure that you review what’s included in your preferred sauna to avoid paying for unneeded or unwanted features.

  • Safety

Safety is essential, and all the doors of a sauna are designed to open outwards. That’s why you should ensure that you place your sauna at a spot where there’s enough room for the doors to open freely without being blocked. If your sauna is near a shower, you should consider having a non-slip floor covering right between the shower and the facility.

best portable sauna



If you are looking for the best saunas that do not require too large installation or storage space in your home, the above are the top five saunas to buy. They provide excellent heat treatment and can fold easily to save on storage space.