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Top 4 Best Sauna Rock Stone Reviews 2021

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Are sauna rocks remarkable? Sauna rocks date way back when the saunas were first discovered, and until today some people still prefer using saunas that have rocks, unlike the electric heated infrared models. The sauna rocks are unique accessories that facilitate the heating of the sauna bath.

They help to generate heat that is circulated in the sauna. So, in other words, the sauna rocks play a massive role in delivering heat and steam to the body. They come in different sizes, density, porosity, and even colors. These are some of the factors that determine the reliability of the rocks and how effective they will be.

Are you planning to get a sauna powered by stones? We are about to discuss all the essential information you need to know about sauna rocks.


What Are Sauna Rocks?

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Sauna rocks are essential accessories added to a sauna to generate and retain the heat in a sauna. The sauna rocks are heated up using wood or electric heater. Once the stones are entirely heated up, they absorb and keep the heat to slowly disperse it to the sauna unit.

One essential thing to note though is that the density of the sauna stones determines how long they can hold and retain the heat. These rocks are designed in different density sizes that range from around 29 to35 cm. Therefore, the more significant and thicker the stones are, the more heat they will absorb and retain in the sauna and vice versa.


Tips for Choosing Sauna Rocks

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  • Choose Igneous Stones

The type of stones you choose plays a huge role to determine the kind of heat your sauna will generate and how effective it will be depending on how long it lasts. The sauna rocks play a massive role in helping generate the heat that is dispersed in the sauna, and that is comfortable to the body.

The stones come in different types whereby some work very well, and others are termed to be dangerous. Igneous rocks are the best rocks since they are quite dense to absorb a lot of heat. They are rough which helps generate excellent heat that is even. These are some of the features to check out for when choosing your sauna rocks.

  • Choose the Rocks that Have A High Density

Why choose dense sauna rocks? The denser the sauna rocks are, the more heat they generate, and they can also hold the heat for much longer. This, in return, helps the saunas have even distribution of heat levels for better results.

How do you determine dense sauna rocks?

  1. The dense sauna rocks are quite hard such that they cannot easily break even if you hit them forcefully with a hummer.
  2. They don’t break even when you drop them in hard surfaces but instead chip.
  3. Put the stones in a fire burning at around 220 degrees F leave them until they burn entirely. Then remove from the fire, and dip in cold water to cool.
  4. If the stones come out broken or chip, then they are not right. Weak or the wrong sauna stones are quite fragile and cannot withstand high heat and water.


Top 4 Best Sauna Rocks Reviews

1. Midwest Hearth 100% Natural Lava Stones

midwest natural lava sauna stone




Considering these rocks are naturally harvested from the lava volcano, rest assured they will generate perfect heating in your sauna. These rocks are 100 percent natural, and thus they don’t emit any harmful gasses when you heat them up. The volcano is naturally known to resist higher heat which means that these rocks will last you for a long time.

They are quite sturdy and resistant to quick crumbling. These rocks are tumbled all round to eliminate any sharp edges and to shape them to even size.


  • Resistant to crumbling even after constant heating
  • Well tumbled to give them a shape
  • Do not require any maintenance
  • Quite light in weight


  • Not contain much of a box

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2. Sauna Heater Rocks 25lb

sauna heater stone




If you need sauna rocks that will last you for quite sometimes, then get these amazing rocks. They come in mixed sizes for convenience when fitting in different sizes and sauna models.

These stones are quite dense, and coarse which makes them the perfect for saunas since they can absorb and retain heat for long. They are highly resistant to heat damages and you can also use them for steam sauna services by drizzling water.


  • These rocks are dense and porous
  • Come in varying sizes to fit most saunas
  • Durable and resistant to cracking


  • For a new sauna, you may need more than one box

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3. Coasts Sauna Heater Rocks Stones

sauna heater rock stone




If you need quality and high dense sauna rocks for steam and dry sauna therapy sessions at home, get these rocks from Coasts. The rocks have been well selected and tested to verify their reliability in providing the right and even heat in saunas.

The stones are well shaped to fit in different sauna design and are extremely hard to resist quick cracking. They absorb high levels of heat to last you for long and you can pour water over them to generate steam.


  • Suitable for both wet and dry sauna treatments
  • Quite dense and porous to last you for long
  • High-quality stones for a lower price


  • Some customers have complained about the rocks being too massive than the standard size of sauna rocks

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4. Fino Sauna Stones

sauna stones




These sauna rocks are carefully selected and tested to make sure they will last longer and generate perfect sauna heat. They are quite dense and porous to absorb and even disperse high heat levels all around the sauna.

These rocks are suitable for commercial saunas since they are designed to withstand rapid or constant heating. They are quite large which may work for people who want to save expenses since one box is enough.


  • Excellent quality for efficient heating
  • These stones are quite dense
  • Reliable and durable to withstand rapid heating


  • These rocks are too big and may not work for small saunas

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How to Use Sauna Rocks?

Although the saunas powered by rocks are classified among the traditional models, you can still enjoy both dry and wet sauna services using the stones. The sauna rocks are heated up using an electric stove, firewood, or even gas. So, if you want to enjoy the wet steam massage effect, splash some water drops on the heating stones/rocks.

Drizzling a few drops of water on the heated rocks generate enough steam in the room to last for a while. The trick is adding little waters since this helps create strong steam that will not overwhelm in the sauna. This also helps to generate the strongest steam that will last longer, unlike when you add a lot of water.

So, here are some tips on how to use the sauna rocks

  1. Do not add too much water on the rocks to the extent of dampening them with wetness.
  2. Use a ladle to drizzle the water since you can get burnt by the steam for being too close
  3. You can add other therapeutical accessories such as eucalyptus to the rocks that help to open the pores through the absorbed steam


How Often Should I Replace Sauna Rocks?

This is hugely determined by the type or the style of stones you use. For example, if you equip the extremely dense rocks that are also large, they can run for more than a year before changing them.

The continued heating of the stones causes them to crack and become smaller as time goes by, especially those closest to the heating area. Also, you must keep on turning the rocks to prevent overheating others and to ensure they all burn evenly.



Sauna rocks are vital pieces that help to generate heating the sauna. They are multifunctional to suit people who may need both dry and wet sauna services. Choosing the right sauna rocks is crucial since they determine reliability and durability.

Make sure the stones that you want are dense and porous to absorb and keep high heat levels to last you for long. These are some of the best sauna rocks worth considering if you want to equip the unit in your home.