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What Are the Best Sauna Bucketd and How to Choose Them?

A sauna bath is a combination of different ingredients, which includes, best sauna buckets, sauna suits, sauna aromas and fragrances, water and essential oils, sauna pillows and towels, sauna honey and sauna hangers etc.

All these things combine to convey an incredible sauna experience. And even if one thing is missing it can affect your overall Sauna experience.

One of these items is a Sauna bucket. It may not sound as important to you but the fact is that a sauna bucket is of fundamental use in a sauna room to help you get the complete benefits of a Sauna Bath.


What Is The Use Of A Bucket In A Sauna?

Sauna Buckets are one of the important accessories of a Sauna room and a sauna bath without the use of a Sauna bucket is deemed incomplete.

Throughout the sauna session, you would need to pour water on the heated rocks to create vapor during bathing. That’s when a sauna bucket comes in handy as it holds the water to help you sprinkle on the rocks whenever need be.

Creating vapours during a sauna bath is pivotal because you need to let your pores open up to help clear your skin of toxins. This is only possible if you use water during your Sauna round.

Sauna buckets and pails are typically made of wood, spruce or cedar. By now you must be wondering, doesn’t water and the overheated temperature of the room affect the sauna buckets? Yes, they very much do.

For that purpose, we coat the inside of the bucket with a plastic liner to avoid any kind of nuisance in the form of leakages.


Why Do You Need To Buy A Bucket For The Sauna?

If you are visiting a public sauna, you won’t see one without a sauna bucket as this is the key accessory for a sauna bath. You need to make your body get rid of those toxins using excessive sweating and that’s where Sauna buckets come to your rescue.

Sauna Buckets hold the water that you would need to pour on the heated sauna rocks or stones. This in turn will create vapours in the room during sauna bathing. The formation of vapour is very important if you want to enhance your Sauna experience further.

But here is one important thing that you need to keep a close check on is not to sprinkle water with your hands as this may cause you any potential harm in the shape of burns etc.

For this purpose, we have Sauna ladles and dippers. Using a Sauna ladle won’t only minimise the chances of burns but will also help you pour water in a required amount as spilling excess water on the rocks isn’t suggestible either.

In addition to all that, if you’re planning to build a sauna in your home, make sure you get yourself equipped with all the key accessories we mentioned above, including Sauna buckets, to enjoy a complete sauna experience.


How To Choose The Best Sauna Buckets?

If you are about to buy a sauna bucket either for your home or a public sauna, dive deeper into this article to find out the points you need to get acquainted with.


Sauna Buckets can either be plastic or wooden. Though both offer the same functions, which is, holding the water but their materials entail different qualities.

If you want to choose a plastic bucket, you’re saving yourself from the hassle of changing it now and then because of leakage problems. As plastic buckets don’t leak at all given the material of the plastic is sturdy and well made. However, the extra heat of a sauna room may not be ideal for a plastic Sauna bucket.

On the flip side, if you are into wooden buckets, they don’t get affected by the temperature of the room, no matter how overheated it is and you can use it for longer periods. However, wood does absorb water which may destroy the quality of the bucket, which eventually leads to leakage.

So to be on the safer side, try using a two in one package. Speaking of which, try a wooden bucket with an inner plastic lining. This way your bucket won’t get damaged easily and would have a longer shelf life as well.


When it comes to choosing the handles of a sauna bucket, try using a wooden sauna handle as wood absorbs heat and offers a rather cool touch. Moreover, they are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high temperature resistant, respectively.

On the other hand, plastic tends to soften up when it comes in contact with heat and metal handles catch the warmth of the buckets pretty much easily.

So to avoid any slight burns, getting yourself a bucket with a wooden handle would be highly recommended.

Capacity and Size

When it comes to the capacity of Sauna buckets, the market is saturated with buckets having different ranges of sizes offering various capacities.

If you don’t want to buy a big bucket and are likely going to be happy with a small bucket then a sauna bucket with 5L capacity would be ideal for you.

If you are looking for a moderate bucket offering a bit higher size and capacity than the smaller one then owning a Sauna bucket with 6L capacity would suit you just fine.

Similarly, if you want to get a larger bucket to suit your needs best, then a bucket with 6L capacity would work well for you.

Water leak proof

Like we discussed earlier, wooden buckets are good but they aren’t as efficient when it comes to not absorbing water as a plastic bucket does.

Likewise, a plastic bucket can’t stand the heat of a Sauna room as greatly as a wooden bucket does. Hence getting your hands on a wooden bucket with plastic lining is all you can do to get saved from the inconvenience of water leakage.

Weight and Thickness

When it comes to the weight and thickness of a sauna bucket you don’t want to get a heavy one, because the bucket tends to get heavier with water in it. So the ideal thickness of a sauna bucket can be 1.3 cm, coupled with a weight of 1.5 kg to suit your needs perfectly.


In order to get the most out of a sauna bucket, try not to keep it too close to the heated rocks, especially if it’s a plastic bucket.

Moreover, don’t not empty your sauna bucket when you’re done with your Sauna session as the bucket tends to get dry over time which may result in cracking and damaging the bucket.

Keep it filled with water so avoid any such annoyance. This would help in leading you to use your Sauna bucket for a longer period.


The Proper Way to Use a Bucket for Sauna

Sauna Buckets caters to your needs in a Sauna room very efficiently. Here are some ways to use a Sauna bucket for:

  • You take the water from a sauna bucket with the help of a ladle and pour it on the heated rocks to produce humidity, which is a much-needed factor in a sauna room.
  • You can pour cold water on your body also to help in keeping your body temperature moderate.
  • You can keep your hair moist and damp by pouring water on your head to prevent your hair from forming split ends.
  • The water from the sauna buckets can be applied to the seats of a sauna room to cool them down before sitting on them.
  • You can pour down the whole water bucket on yourself to rinse off the sweat and cool down your body.


Best Sauna Buckets

1. NORTHWOOD Sauna Bucket and Ladle Set

(a complete package for Sauna enthusiasts)

If you are looking for a durable Sauna bucket that will likely stand the test of time and is made of top-notch quality materials, to help you strengthen your sauna experience, then this NORTHWOOD Sauna Bucket is the one for you as it comes with a handmade ladle and is what you might be looking for.

  • What you benefit from it

You’ll love this sauna bucket for the following 3 reasons

  1. It will stand the test of time

This NORTHWOOD Sauna Bucket is made of Finnish pine which is known for its superb quality and incredible performance. The knotless wood used in the making of this bucket will ensure you enjoy your Sauna experience.

  1. It is water-resistant

This sauna bucket won’t make you go through the nuisance and inconvenience of changing your bucket every other month as it has an inner plastic liner that will make sure your bucket doesn’t get damaged.

  1. It has a smooth and cool look

This bucket has a very smooth and fine finishing to it and doesn’t own any rough edges. Moreover, it can carry up to 4L of water, while its ladle can hold up to 100ml of water.

  • What people think about it

“My husband made a new sauna in our room and we have added this bucket in your sauna, only to find out that it performs perfectly well. We’re happy to have it bought.”

“Oh my God. This bucket is of fantastic quality and left good first impressions. The smooth finish of the wood makes it even more attractive.”


2. Novartis Wooden Sauna Bucket with Ladle

 (ideal for people with good aesthetic sense)

A sauna bucket that comes with a plethora of benefits and specifications is a dream of every sauna lover. And this Navaris Wooden Sauna Bucket is no different as it comes with a variety of special features to keep you happy in the sauna room.

  • What you benefit from it

You’re going to love this Navaris Wooden Sauna Bucket for the following reasons

  1. It comes with a complete package

The special features of this sauna bucket are hell-bent on making your Sauna experience awesome. The set of 3 sauna accessories makes it a must-have item for your little sauna.

  1. It comes with two buckets and an extra timer

This package entails a wooden bucket as well as a plastic bucket to serve as a liner which will avoid any leakage problem. The white sand hourglass will help you keep a check on the total time spent.

  1. It’s made of natural materials

The ladle and the bucket are made of pinewood, which is designed to work well in the overheated temperature of the sauna room. The extra spoon can be used to pour water on the heated rocks.

  • What people think about it

“It’s a perfect addition to my Sauna room and works as perfectly as described. The quality of the wood is also satisfactory. It is a great set given the price. Would buy it again.”

“I love the sand timer and the look of it. The design and quality of the wood are also appreciable. The plastic insert does exactly what it’s made for. I’m so happy with my purchase.”


3. Goodwood wooden bucket

 (perfect gift for Sauna zealots)

You can now enhance the beauty of your sauna room with this decorative sauna bucket that you can hang in the room and let it hold different items for you. It is not limited to indoors as it can be used outdoors as well to serve its services.

What you benefit from it

You’ll love this unique bucket for the following reasons

  1. It can be used for decorative purposes

The fact that this bucket has a hole in the middle makes it stand out among other buckets as it can be used only for decorative purposes and not for a sauna room to hold water.

  1. It is made of thick and solid wood

It’s made of 100 percent natural wood and is aimed to serve you for a longer period. It does have a longer shelf life since it can’t be used to carry or hold water.

  1. It can be used for a variety of purposes

You can use this bucket for storage, holding mail, magazines, sauna towels, trinkets, decorative display, plants, fruits and can be used as a perfect gift on any special occasion.

  • What people think about it

“I bought it for a wishing well in my garden and love it so far. The material is durable and sturdy. The finishing is perfect and sleek. I love it.”

“The bucket is well made and the same as was described. I highly recommend this wooden bucket.”


4. UWECAN Sauna Wooden Bucket and Ladle Kit

(a lovely gift for sauna lovers)

What’s more ideal than having a sauna bucket made of 100% natural material that also smells and feels good to touch.

Do not look any further as this UWECAN Sauna Wooden Bucket and Ladle Kit offers the best possible results of a sauna round.

  • What you benefit from it

This UWECAN Sauna Wooden Bucket and Ladle Kit will intensify your Sauna experience

  1. This Sauna kit is a complete package

The kit consists of a wooden sauna bucket with a plastic liner and a wooden sauna ladle with a wrist strap to let you enjoy your Sauna timing to the fullest.

  1. It’s ideal for your small rooms

Since the size of the bucket is small with 5.5 inches in length, it would make a perfect companion for your small sauna room.

  1. It’s made of all-natural materials

This bucket is made of premium Finland pine wood and will continue to serve you longer than your previous sauna buckets if it’s taken good care of.

  • What people think about it

“It’s a perfect bucket for my sauna room and is made of good quality. I loved it and am satisfied with it.”

“It works so well and I am satisfied with the quality too. My husband bought it for me as an anniversary present and I loved it instantly.”


How to Prevent Your Bucket from Cracking?

  • If you are using a wooden sauna bucket the chances of it getting cracked are always there as sauna buckets tend to crack when they dry up.
  • The perfect tip to keep them from cracking up is to never empty a sauna bucket and to ensure that they’re always filled with water.
  • This way, they can never get dry and thus, will not crack up, helping you use them for longer periods.
  • Apart from that, you can always use a plastic liner in a wooden bucket to prevent them from cracking as plastic doesn’t absorb water.



Sauna helps in offering you a great and relaxing experience coupled with other health benefits as well, only if your sauna room is equipped with essential accessories, which includes a sauna bucket as well.

Try keeping the above-mentioned points in your mind whenever you’re going to buy a sauna bucket to get the maximum benefits of a sauna session.