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Top 5 Best Sauna Backrest Reviews for 2021

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If you had a busy and hectic day, the sauna allows you to relax and rejuvenate yourself.  For an even better experience, you should have the right accessories in place.  There are countless options to choose from when it comes to enhancing your Sauna experience. However, the best way of improving your comfort is by purchasing a Sauna backrest. These Sauna backrests come in various styles to suit your specific needs. The best sauna backrest is the one that is durable and can endure sauna’s heat for a long time.

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Top 5 Best Sauna Backrests On the Market


Top 5 Best Sauna Backrest Reviews

Since the market has a variety of Sauna backrests, we will guide you on the top-rated Sauna backrests that will give you the ultimate comfort.


1. Top Pick -JNH Lifestyles 2SBR1 Ergonomic Backrest

jnh lifestyles sauna backrest




This Sauna backrest is 100% Oakwood made with a pair of S- Shape Ergonomic backrest. The JNH lifestyle is a top brand because of the stability and durability it offers to its users. Its design ensures maximum comfort and can accommodate two people in an infrared or steam Saunas.

Most people love the JNH lifestyle because it comes within various packaging such that you can get three, two, or more backrests in one purchase with some variance in price. The JNH lifestyle works by engaging the backrest flush nearer the heating unit after that, enjoy the sauna experience and comfort.


  • Very sturdy and durable.
  • It can utilize both stem sauna and infrared sauna
  • Made from 100% natural Oak material.
  • Features an S- shape backrest that fits two people giving you maximum comfort
  • Its robust structure enhances its durability
  • Oakwood’s dense constitution makes it fungal resistant


  • No clear instructions for how to install them

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2. Dynamic Canadian Hemlock 2-Pack Sauna Backrest

dynamic sauna backrest




For anyone desiring a natural finish, the Dynamic Hemlock backrest sauna got you covered. This backrest is characterized with no stains at the same time it highlights the Hemlock wood untouchable beauty. The Dynamic Sauna features an S- shape backrest making it extremely comfortable for any user. They are well constructed, easing its movements around the sauna. Also, it’s highly durable and multipurpose in that it can also be utilized on outdoor saunas.

With the undoubted long hours comfort the Dynamic Hemlock offers, you can’t afford to miss. This backrest stands out for its low maintenance and the natural finish that makes it stain resistant. Because of its S- Shape, you are guaranteed more extended support even if you decide to rest on the backrest for an extended time.


  • Constructed with 100% Hemlock wood, thus enhancing its durability
  • The Hemlock is famous for its natural finish, making backrest a strong
  • Very comfortable and affordable backrest
  • It is already assembled when purchased
  • Easy to maintain because of its stain-resistant nature


  • Hemlock wood may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with sensitive skin

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3. Radiant Saunas SA5059 Sauna Backrest

radiant sauna backrest




The Radiant sauna backrest is quite affordable with a high durability courtesy of its construction with the Canadian Hemlock wood. This backrest is characterized by an ergonomic design that ensures ultimate comfort. The radiant sauna backrest is strong enough to support you, regardless of your weight. The material used to craft this backrest is lightweight, making the backrest easy to be repositioned inside the sauna barrel.

Note that the Radiant sauna backrest is made explicitly for leisure enhancement during sauna sessions. It works in the manner that, once you lean back, the sauna bracing heat acts as a block for high-temperature exposure and ensures maximum comfort. However, if you are looking for a backrest to reposition at any angle, this specific one might not be suitable, but if you want to fix it in one particular place, this is the ideal one.


  • The ergonomic design enhances its comfortability
  • Wider design for more flexibility positioning
  • The package comes already assembled
  • It can be repositioned easily inside the sauna
  • Has a one -year manufacturer warranty


  • It could be slippery sometimes unless a towel is put beneath to enhance the grip

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4. Red Cedar Sauna Backrest

red cedar sauna backrest




This Red Cedar sauna backrest is another excellent product that anyone should consider purchasing.  The design, this sauna backrest, gives one an ultimate sauna home experience. This backrest is made from the softwood cedar material with a primary objective of extending and making comfortable your sauna secessions.

This sauna backrest is crafted with a vertical shape making it a perfect pillow substitute by placing it horizontally. Most people love this sauna backrest because, unlike other backrests, its heat absorption is zero because of its fibrous cedar structure.


  • A high degree of durability
  • It is mildew and sweat-resistant because of the cedar structures
  • Non-absorbent to sauna heat
  • Affordable price
  • It can be utilized for multiple purposes


  • Its straight backrest design lessens comfortability for some people

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5. Finnish Wooden Back Support and Head Back Rest

finnish sauna back support




The main objective of a head backrest is to give the user maximum comfort and support to you back and head while you are seated on the sauna. Comfort and support are achieved when one is no longer feeling the presence of any pressure points. There are various types of head and backrest in the market used in the sauna. For instance, Halu, a company in Finland, make two types of backrests for sauna usage.

These backrests are effective in Finish Sauna as well as an infrared sauna. These backrests have an S – Shape and explicitly crafted to fit your back. The Finish backrest is obtainable in small ones, particularly for your back and the more significant types that include head support. The wood used to design this backrest is either red cedar or aspen.


  • Provide ultimate support to the head while seated on the sauna
  • An ergonomic design
  • Made from renowned wood that is aspen or red cedar
  • Perfectly fits the body shape


  • More expensive than others

Check the Price on Amazon


How to Choose a Right Sauna Backrest?

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Before you decide on purchasing any type of sauna backrest, there are critical considerations one should know. Usually, it is difficult to choose something when you have a variety of options to choose from. Below are some of the features of a good backrest that will give you maximum comfort.

  • The Shape or Ergonomic Design

The paramount reason for buying a sauna backrest is comfortability while using it.  If a Sauna backrest has an ergonomic design is one advantage. In case you are purchasing the product online, take your back measurements, and make a comparison with the backrest dimensions. For someone procuring the backrest from a physical store, it would be prudent to test the product to be sure that it fits your back.

  • The Price

Everyone desires to get a perfect product at the most effective price. However, don’t put much emphasis on the price look at its features and value You should be very keen not to go for a backrest that is too expensive but an affordable one that meets your taste and preference.

  • The Wood Material

The majority of sauna backrests are crafted with wood materials. Note that some wood materials are suitable for a traditional steam sauna, while others are perfect for an infrared sauna. Check for backrests with made with 100% wood.  Some examples of the best hardwood materials include teak, oak, mahogany, and cedar.

  • Check on the Reputation of the Manufacturer

You can be able to know a manufacture’s reputation by checking on independent customer reviews who have previously purchase the product. Usually, big manufacturers are quite experienced in producing the most comfortable backrests as well as customer service compared to small manufacturers.


Final Verdicts

In conclusion, acquiring a sauna backrest is not as easy as one may think, due consideration needs to be in place. The most crucial thing in a backrest is comfort and other essential aspects such as durability, price, and design.

Depending on your taste and preference, ensure to go for an affordable backrest that is sturdy. Don’t source from a single manufacturer or reseller; instead, make comparisons so that you can acquire a backrest that is within your expectation range. The market has something for everyone. The ball is in your court to decide on what you feel works well for you.

Our top pick is JNH Lifestyles Sauna Backrest, check it out >>