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Top 7 Best Portable Far Infrared Sauna Reviews 2022

Portable saunas are getting more popular as they’re easy to use and easy to move. Well, far infrared sauna heat is beneficial for human bodies for various reasons. So, what are the best portable far infrared sauna on the market? Let’s see!


7 Best Portable Far Infrared Sauna List 2021


Top 7 Best Portable Far Infrared Sauna Reviews

1. Radiant Portable Low EMF far Infrared Sauna

Portable Low EMF far Infrared Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Made of durable materials
  • Portable for moving around without difficulties
  • Moisture resistant
  • 1-year warranty
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • Consumes much power

Why we choose it

The radiant portable low EMF far infrared sauna has features suitable for evenly heat distribution within the user. The features include the panels for heating which coats one’s body uniformly with desired warmth.

It also has a foot warmer inbuilt on it to cater to the user’s feet. The features enhance relaxation and rejuvenation of the user, making him or her relaxes and refreshes, allowing the skin to spread and have the right touch. The seats are perfectly fitted hence easy to assemble and disassemble, making it durable and fit for transport due to its portability.

Its resistance to moisture ensures the protection of the sauna against humidity, ensuring excessive heat loss is avoided. The sauna also allows one to continue with his or her day to day work such as storybook reading, watching, writing, therefore, ensures proper time management.

This is also achieved by its features of sewn-in pocket which can hold one’s equipment that is used in daily activities. The sauna equipment is registered for a one-year warranty which allows repair of any damage making it reliable equipment for use.

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2. SereneLife Portable Far Infrared Sauna for Home Use

Portable Far Infrared Sauna for Home Use

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Comfortable far infrared sauna
  • Great for using in home
  • Affordable price
  • A collapsible design for easy transport and storage
  • Timer and auto-heat setting
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • The internal space is a bit smaller

Why we choose it

The Serena life portable far infrared sauna for home use is mostly preferred for homework. Nevertheless, it can be used at other places due to its portability which makes it easy to transport to any other destinations for its uses. It mainly improves one’s health through skin brightening done by warming. It has different features which adapt it to perfect working.

The features include a chair with the perfect size for home relaxation resulting in rejuvenation. The inbuilt chair is foldable for comfortability, and it also allows sufficient power for the desired energy supply. It also has a wired time controller, easy access zip to allow book or magazine reading. It also has a footpad to cater to the user’s feet.

This sauna allows controlled heat for up to 140 degrees by use of 1200 power supply. The approximate dimensions of the assembled tent are (L*W*H): 27.6*31.5*37.8. The Serena life portable infrared home spa mainly caters to stress and fatigue and also enhances one’s health care boosting the skin color complexion. It costs around $177, making it affordable for all users.

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3. Durasage Personal Far Infrared Portable Sauna

Personal Far Infrared Portable Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Portable
  • Easy to heat up in 5 mins
  • Affordable
  • Occupies less space
  • Light-weighted
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • Consumes lots of electricity

Why we choose it

The Durasage personal far infrared portable sauna can be used within one’s home, ensuring privacy and comfort at the same time. It is affordable, unlike other saunas which are very expensive and large. The Durasage infrared sauna provides features the same as other expensive saunas.

The top-ranked features include three heaters that use high technology note which is ultra-thin carbon filter element and is superconductive hence can reach a maximum of heat within 60 minutes, making it convenient for home purposes.

Ten minutes of the Durasage sauna bath is comparable to 30 minutes’ jog for sweat exhaustion. The sauna allows one to continue with his or her daily activities such as phone operation, book or magazine reading, watching television or listening to music since it has hand and head extension allowance.

The sauna is portable and easily transported due to its foldable and easy to set up feature hence easily stored or transported. It has an inbuilt chair and footpad to cater for feet. The dimension of the sauna is approximately 27.5”(W)*30”(D)*38”(H). This ranks it a high quality and beneficial to one’s consumption.

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4. Durherm Low EMF Far Infrared Portable Sauna

Low EMF Far Infrared Portable Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • 3 haters with ultra-thin carbon fiber heating technology
  • Heated footpad
  • Emit Low EMF rating
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable price
  • Low power consumption
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • The sauna chair included is not great

Why we choose it

The Durherm low EMF far infrared portable sauna is cheap compared to other saunas; therefore affordable by multiple users. The portability feature allows it to be transported or stored easily since it can be folded. It can also be used with homes with less space or apartments with a crowded multitude. The Durherm infrared sauna has a larger space for individuals who require a lot of space for their legs.

The infrared sauna has 3 haters with ultra-thin carbon fiber heating technology and high technology superconductive which allows maximum heating to be reached faster with the power of Ae 110-120v with a frequency of 60Hz.

It also has beneficial features such as heated footpad to cater for feet, wired time handheld controller, Dif-500-copper sauna used as a heat conductor, inbuilt sports chair and comfortable clock neck — the range of EMF levels approximately 2-10 mill gauss.

The sauna has an advantage of the convectional sauna, which allows uniform distribution of heat energy. The temperature on the sauna surface ranges from 104-140 degrees. Fahrenheit which increases with 9 degrees. This makes it suitable for a health boost for the users.

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5. Therasage Portable Far Infrared Sauna Full Spectrum

Portable Far Infrared Sauna Full


<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Uses advanced technology
  • Very comfortable far infrared sauna heat
  • Extra power cord
  • It is portable
  • One-year warranty
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • Power consuming is a bit high

Why we choose it

Therasage portable far infrared sauna full spectrum has health values. The sauna uses a beam of spectrum for the infrared panels for heating. It works by the use of ion values whereby it enhances healing by capturing the earth’s charge, therefore, experiencing a balance of body polarity and cell communication. The method used allows maximum healing effect for the thera360 infrared sauna.

The sauna can be folded and be placed either under the bed or anywhere else; therefore, it is portable and can be transported and stored with ease. The sauna has an approximate dimension of about 33” W * 37” L * 46” H and has an extra cord for the power of about 12”.

It uses a voltage of approximately standard of 120V. the sauna comes with a registered warranty of one year, which allows repair and other complications that the manufacturers deal with, making it convenient for the sauna users.

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6. Kuppet Portable Far Infrared Sauna Kit

Portable Far Infrared Sauna Kit

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for taking while traveling
  • Easy to heat up
  • Remote control
  • Heated foot mats and chairs
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • Not ideal for heavy weighted people

Why we choose it

The Kuppet portable far infrared sauna kit contains or featured far infrared technology used to get rid of toxins and ensure proper healthcare whereby the temperatures desired by the user are achieved through wired handset regulator. This feature allows one to sweat and burn out excessive calories, and it will enable the loss of excessive weight.

This is the best way recommended for body upkeep and fitness. The sauna has regulators that the user uses to regulate to meet the user’s desired needs. The sports chair is comfortably inbuilt within the sauna, which is foldable allows one to transport and store easily. The sauna also has hot footpads used to cater to feet of the sauna user to allow proper foot health. The heated mats ensure a reduction in fatigue and allow body relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Kuppet portable far infrared sauna kit has an insulation property and a waterproof fabric to avoid excessive heatless and allow heating of up to 5 minutes to allow maximum sauna effect. The sauna supports heats of up to 1050 waltz to allow the desired heat distribution by the sauna user. The sauna will enable one to carry on with daily activities since it has a free handset space.

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7. Giantem Portable Full Body Far Infrared Sauna

Portable Full Body Far Infrared Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Portable
  • Takes up less space
  • Easy to transport
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • Not fit for slowly built people

Why we choose it

The Giantem portable full-body far infrared sauna is the widely used kind type of sauna due to its affordability price and very benefitting value. It occupies minimal space; therefore, it can be suitable for personnel with limited space within one’s home.

The infrared sauna is portable due to its lightweight. It has three heater elements and tourmaline with a large sauna made from wood. Their sauna heating complexion is made up of footpad with 3 level heat, three mica elements for heating and a range of temperature of about 60 Fahrenheit-140 Fahrenheit.

It also has a time timer controller with a maximum of 60 minutes’ heat. It has a foldable inbuilt chair with a footpad which massages the feet to reduce fats and toxins which enhances the total relaxation of the sauna user. The approximate dimensions of the sauna range at about 36.6*27.6” *31.5” which is suited to body proper relaxation of one’s skin.

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Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Portable Far Infrared Sauna

What is Far Infrared Sauna?

1 person far infrared sauna

It is one of the types of sauna that utilize light to generate heat. It is also referred to as the as far sauna. The word far describes the infrared waves that are found in the light spectrum.

When compared to other traditional saunas that use heat to warm the body through heated air, these far infrared sauna heats the body directly without heating the air. heat is very safe to the human body as compared to that is produced by microwaves. An infrared sauna uses 20% of the heat energy to heat the air, and the rest is used to warm the body.

Infrared saunas are beneficial not only beneficial to health, but their consumption rate of electricity is relatively low as compared to the traditional sauna, which uses up to three times electricity. Thus infrared sauna is very efficient as warms the body faster than the other sauna. The heat can penetrate deep skin as it generates some warmth in the body.

Infrared heat can warm the body in the same way as the sunlight warms the body. Infrared can be used in this case for heat therapy. Due to its deep penetration, the body can receive several health benefits. The infrared sauna doesn’t allow any harmful ray to penetrate the body, and the temperature is not as extreme as that experienced in the traditional sauna.

As this wave penetrates the body, not only does it warm the body, but it provides relaxation of the muscles as well as having effects in the internal organs. The wave has an analgesic effect thus can be used in the relief of chronic pain such as the one experienced in arthritis.

It also relieves the stiffness of joints greatly as it makes these connective tissues more flexible, due to increased endorphin that acts as an analgesic.


Benefits of Portable far Infrared Saunas

best portable infrared sauna

Portable far Infrared Saunas are now becoming more and more popular. The primary reason behind this is the numerous health benefits of both the body and the mind that comes with this type of sauna. The portable far-infrared levels are mainly used for detoxification purposes, but they also come with many added benefits.

  • Detoxification

A portable far Infrared sauna helps to increase the circulation of blood as well as stimulating the sweat glands, and as a result, they release accumulated toxins in your body.

  • Stress and fatigue reduction

This sauna doesn’t function at extremely high temperatures, and as a result, they usually offer calming bursts of heat that reduce stress and fatigue. They have as well been known to facilitate sleep relaxation. The relaxation also helps to balance the levels of cortisol (the primary stress hormone in your body).

  • Muscle aches, arthritis, and joint pain

It is a beautiful pain relief because they help to relieve any inflammation by increasing the blood circulation and thus relaxing your muscles. This sauna also purifies the skin, and this makes it perfect for old people suffering from arthritis.

  • Weight loss

This type of sauna generates heat that helps to increase your core body temperature, which, as a result, aids your body in burning more calories, thus encouraging weight loss. This as well helps the body to have increased metabolism

  • Skin Purification

Portable far Infrared sauna purifies your skin through the elimination of toxins from your skin pores. This results in a softer, clearer, as well as healthier good looking skin.

  • Improved Circulation

When the heat from the far-infrared saunas increases the temperature of your body, the circulation of blood usually increases together with it. Regular far infrared sauna sessions, particularly in the far-infrared level, stimulates the flow of blood and thus improving the circulation of blood.


How does a portable sauna work?

Portable saunas usually use infrared technology, and they usually heat up differently to the traditional sauna. However, it still is equally effective thanks to the carbon fiber infrared heater panels which power it. Furthermore, it is more durable, efficient as well as convenient; therefore, you can easily transport it around. So how exactly does the portable sauna work? This is a question many people ask themselves, and in this article, we will take you through every detail step by step.

Operating portable saunas is easier as well as more convenient. Therefore, to make use of it, you need to sit inside your sauna chamber, zip it up then turn it on either by using a remote or manually. After turning it on, the interior of your portable sauna will start generating heat.

The portable far infrared sauna is usually ideal on most occasions as it provides heat inside your sauna and the infrared heat is dry heat similar to that found in the traditional saunas. Nevertheless, unlike the traditional sauna, the portable far infrared sauna does not incorporate a steam moisture room where you can ensure finer control over the moisture levels inside.


How to Choose the Best Portable Far Infrared Sauna?

Portable Low EMF far Infrared Sauna

To get to enjoy the benefits of the portable infrared sauna, here are the key elements that ensure it works effectively, thereby offering you ultimate relaxation.

  • Tent chamber – This is a vital part of the portable sauna, and it features panels inside where infrared heaters are positioned. Furthermore, this chamber has a zipper to ensure you can quickly get inside, sit down and finally zip up the chamber panels.
  • Chair – Some portable sauna models come with a sit-inside although you can decide to purchase your preferred set of chair you that you want to use. This is because many find chairs that come with sauna uncomfortable. If you intend to use your sauna more frequently, you should buy a chair that is comfortable to guarantee you ultimate relaxation.
  • Heating footpad – There are some portable saunas that have a heating footpad, located on the far end of the chamber and helps to heat the inside temperature using your feet. This heating pad is usually positioned at the bottom far from the reach of infrared heat.
  • Remote – The remote is usually located on the exterior of the portable sauna. This convenient feature enables you to time yourself for the session you possibly want to be in a sauna then you automatically switch off the sauna once you are done. Additionally, you can also work on your temperature and other settings using a remote controlling device.



As you relax inside the portable far infrared sauna as you enjoy how it works and all its benefits, you get to understand why owning this equipment is an ideal solution. Moreover, with saunas unsurprisingly inexpensive, they still offer you a remarkable experience similar to that you get in the portable far infrared sauna thus worth the investment.