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Top 8 Best Mini Sauna Reviews 2021

mini sauna 1 person

Mini saunas, also referred to as one person saunas are suitable for people with small spaces or for people who need a compact sauna to use in any area at home. We’ve selected the top 8 best mini sauna on the market that you can choose from.

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mini sauna 1 person


Top 8 Best Mini Sauna On The Market List


Top 8 Best Mini Sauna Reviews

The following reviews are the top 8 best mini saunas that you can use.

1. Aceshin Mini Portable Steam Sauna

best mini Portable Steam Sauna




Brilliant features

  • Comfortable heat
  • Heats up very fast
  • It is light in weight for portability purposes
  • The sauna automatically goes off when the heat exceeds
  • It provides excellent health benefits

Watch out for

  • The heat may be lost through the head and hand areas

Do you need a small and easy to use a sauna that does not take up substantial space in your bathroom? Well, this is a perfect wet sauna to consider in the market. It ensures the user is entirely comfortable, thanks to the available accessories and features. The sauna is portable and has a compact design that can be compressed when storing. It can be used in any area of the house thanks to the small size and lightweight craft.

Setting up the sauna is a walk in the park, and there is a user manual provided by manufacturers for guide purposes. The sauna has openings on the head and hands so you can enjoy some of the activities such as reading, browsing your phone and watching TV. It has other accessories such as a heater, a table, and a chair for the user to utilize while in the sauna. It has a remote for easy controlling and regulating the functioning of the sauna.

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2. SereneLife Portable Mini Infrared Sauna

best Portable Mini Infrared Sauna




Brilliant features

  • Very portable for easy carrying around
  • High-quality far infrared heat
  • A foot pad heating mat and sauna chair included
  • Foldable to fit in small storage spaces
  • Affordable price

Watch out for

  • A bit difficult to clean

SereneLife portable mini infrared sauna is one of the best one-person saunas you will find on the market. It is sold at a pocket-friendly price, and it is super convenient for people living in small apartments. The sauna is light in weight, so moving it from one section of the house to the other is smooth.

Is your storage space limited? Well, no need to worry since the SerenalLfe sauna can be compressed to a much smaller size for secure storage.

The sauna has other accessories ideal for the steaming process. It comes with a remote for setting up the sauna in terms of heat and time. It also has a comfortable chair to ensure the user is satisfied while seated.

The hands and the heated area are open so you can do other things. There is a footpad that provides the right flooring to support to the user. Impressively, the sauna is made of waterproof material to ensure no heat is lost.

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3. Giantex Mini 1-person Steam Sauna for Home Use

best Mini 1-person Steam Sauna for Home Use




Brilliant features

  • Comfortable steam heat that has many health benefits
  • Easy to operate a sauna, including for beginners
  • Very portable for easy moving around
  • It does not take up much space in your home
  • Provides full-body treatment, including the feet

Watch out for

  • The mist may be lost through the head and hands areas

If you need a device that can help you lose weight at the comfort of your house, then Giantex 1-person mini steam sauna is the best choice to make. It is recommended for various health benefits such as weight loss, detoxifying and even for improving one’s skin.

The sauna comes with a chair so you can get a real sauna treatment like in commercial spas. It is light for comfort when setting up and moving it for use.

Additionally, the temperature levels of this sauna are controllable, ranging from 1 to 9, so you can choose your preferred heat treatment. It has low power consumption, thus no need to worry about your electric bills going up. The sauna has an inbuilt foot massager to help your feet relax after a long tiring day. Note that this sauna comes packed with a remote for control purposes.

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4. SereneLife Mini Portable Infrared Sauna for Full Body

best Mini Portable Infrared Sauna




Brilliant features

  • Full-body treatment
  • Energy-efficient device
  • Comes with LED light for illumination
  • Light in weight for easy setup and does not require ample storage space

Watch out for

  • The heater takes a bit long time to heat up

SereneLife mini portable infrared sauna is a great and premium sauna model from Serenalife. It features a high height design such that you can enjoy the full-body sauna treatment while seated or standing.

The sauna is super light in weight for easy moving it to different areas in the house. It collapses to a small size so you can minimize the storage space required. Additionally, it also has an excellent design with a transparent front design so you can have a good view from the inside.

Some of the health benefits provided by this sauna include detoxification, fat burning, relieving pain and fatigue. The sauna has a remote for controlling the heat and timer. Note that it has an automatic shut off when the heat exceeds the required steaming time. It has a zipper where you can remove your hands in case you need to do other things while in the sauna.

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5. Best 1-person Indoor Mini Steam Sauna

best 1-person Indoor Mini Steam Sauna




Brilliant features

  • Great mini steam sauna for home use
  • Easy to control the sauna while enjoying the spa since it comes with a remote
  • Portable for easy setup and use
  • It has a spa time range from 7 to 10 minutes
  • Takes less time to heat up

Watch out for

  • A bit difficult to fold back

Save some bucks and enjoy some sauna sessions at the comfort of your home with this great sauna. It is ideal for one person to use and can fit even in small areas since it is small as compared to other models.

The head and hand parts are open so you can enjoy other things while in the sauna. There are chairs and footpads to ensure you are comfortable, and you access proper spa treatment.

The neck area has an opening that contours the neck to prevent heat loss. This home spa provides a variety of health benefits like the burning of fats, cleansing the skin, reducing stress and even improving good circulation in the entire body. There are a total of six different heat levels to choose from, depending on the level of treatment you need. It features waterproof material to seal in heat and prevent leakage.

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6. Radiant Saunas Outdoor Mini Far Infrared Sauna

best outdoor Mini Far Infrared Sauna




Brilliant features

  • Very portable and compact
  • Four heater panels to provide enough heat
  • Different operational time to choose from depending on your preferred treatment level
  • Pretty affordable price

Watch out for

  • The chair can only be used by a person weighing not more than 220 pounds

The designs and material of this sauna ensure all the heat is retained inside, thus resulting in excellent spa results. It is light for secure setup and carrying to move it to different locations. There is no limit to the number of activities you can do while in the sauna since the head and hands are opened.

The sauna has six different timer options to choose from, depending on your preferred steaming time. It does not provide lousy odor even after prolonged use because it features an air ionizer that self-cleans it after every use to provide fresh smell. It helps boost one’s sleeping patterns, relieves stress, pain, increasing circulation and even the metabolism in the body.

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7. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1-person Far Infrared Sauna

best 1 person Far Infrared Sauna




Brilliant features

  • High-end infrared carbon fiber heaters
  • Quite easy to set up
  • Canadian Hemlock wood for safety and durability
  • Made of durable and sturdy wood materials
  • Comes with a two-year warranty for quality assurance
  • The digital control mechanism makes it easy to control the sauna

Watch out for

  • A bit expensive compared with others on the list

You can never go along with this great sauna since it features a sturdy and robust design to ensure durability and convenience. It is made of sturdy Canadian Hemlock that is double sealed to ensure no heat escapes. The high-quality carbon fiber heaters ensure you get the most comfortable heat and enjoy multiple health benefits.

This far infrared sauna is ideal for all people, including those with chronic conditions, because the heaters are far equipped to prevent deep heat penetration. Fixing this sauna takes little time, considering all you need is a screw to join the pieces together.

There are no chemicals added to this sauna, and thus, it is certified to be safe for human use. The interior is fitted with LED panels that offer illumination so you can enjoy a spa at night or early in the morning. The sauna has a digital control for easy control of time and temperatures. You can enjoy your favorite and soothing music in the sauna thanks to the available AUX and CD music connections.

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8. Best Mini Steam Sauna Tent

best Mini Steam Sauna Tent




Brilliant features

  • Full-body personal steam sauna
  • Easy to store since it compresses to a smaller size to fit in small rooms
  • Comes with a bag for storing it in
  • Waterproof
  • Probably the most affordable sauna on the market

Watch out for

  • This tent sauna tent may not work for people taller than 5’8

Apart from the fair price that this sauna is sold at, it is super easy to use for everyone, including the first time user. It provides steam treatment that improves the general body’s healing by eliminating all toxins and fatigue. You can use the sauna at any area of the house since it is light in weight for easy transportation. Setting up the sauna takes little time, and one is provided with a user manual for guidance.

The sauna has a waterproof material cover that ensures to seal in all the heat and prevent sweat leakage to the exterior parts. There are two front zippers so you can take off your hands in case you need to do other activities such as reading or tuning on the TV. The head part is also equipped with a zipper. The sauna has two side holds that keep the legs intake so you can achieve reflexology treatment.

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Benefits of Using a Sauna

Did you know sitting in a sauna for 30 minutes can do wonders in transforming your body? Both wet and dry saunas are associated with significant health benefits, including for people ailing from chronic diseases like cancer. In the following content, we are going to discuss the top best benefits of using a sauna.

best mini sauna for home

  • Improves cardiovascular performance

The sauna heat helps to broaden and boost the functioning of the heart and blood vessels to prevent cardio diseases. The widening of the arteries creates enough space for the blood and oxygen to pass smoothly, hence preventing arteries from rapturing. Research also shows that sauna can help people suffering from hypertension control the ailment because the sweating process removes the excessive stored fluids in the body associated with this disease.

  • Improves recovery process

The perfect time to visit a sauna is after you are done with your workout. Although some exercises such as stretching help to fasten the muscle and joint recovery process, nothing can measure up to the excellent results achieved from a sauna. The sauna heat increases the production of the satellite cells responsible for fastening the muscle recovery process. Regular use of sauna by people involved in intensive sports like running or soccer increases their endurance, and improve performance since the heat helps the muscles to relax and heal fast.

  • Flushes off toxins from the body

Sweating is one of the most reliable ways to get rid of toxins, such as fluids and dirt stored on the skin. The sauna heat penetrates the skin by opening wide the skin pores, which in return paves the way for the stored dirt and fluids to leave the body. This also eliminates the dead cells stored on the skin to allow new and healthier cells to grow a process referred to as exfoliation. Make sure to take enough water after visiting the sauna to restore the lost water.

  • Reduces skin diseases

The accumulation of dead cells and dirt cause the skin pores to block, which results in the formation of acne and other skin issues. So, the sauna heat helps to open up the pores ad clean off the dirt and cells accumulated on the skin.

  • Relieves stress

Staying in the sauna for about 30 to 40 minutes can help relieve stress and other mental disorders. It provides therapeutical healing that allows the body and mind to calm down hence helping you adapt to stressful situations.

  • Improves sleep

In most cases, lack of sleep or having disrupted sleeping patterns is associated with stress and depressions. Sauna helps one to learn how to adapt to mental disorders, which results in improved and good sleep patterns.


Steam Sauna vs Infrared Sauna

When choosing a home sauna, the essential factor to consider is your needs as a user. With the wide range of saunas to choose from, it is crucial to outline what you want to achieve from the sauna to make your buying process easy. Some of the significant saunas used are the steam sauna and the infrared sauna.

best traditional steam sauna

What is a steam sauna?

The steam sauna also referred to as wet sauna, consists of nonporous materials such as tiles and plastics. The steam sauna comes with either a generator or a bucket used for pouring water over the heated elements to produce the most heat.

Steam sauna has a lower heating level than other saunas as its temperature levels range from 100-120 degrees F. It is ideal for all people, including those with asthma and other respiratory conditions, since the heat radiated is not high as compared to saunas. Other than having low heat levels, steam saunas heat up pretty fast because the water poured over the heated rocks fastens the process of evaporation.


What is an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit light, which is converted to heat absorbed by the body. The infrared heaters are fitted in different parts of the sauna, including the feet areas to provide excellent heating effect and reflexology treatment. The infrared sauna is categorized into two groups, which are the far-infrared sauna and the near-infrared sauna.

  • The far infrared saunas

They have the heating elements fitted far from where the user seats. This type of sauna is suitable for people with chronic ailments like cancer.

  • Near-Infrared saunas

The sauna has the heating elements fitted near the user’s bench. It is ideal for people who need deep heat treatment.


Difference between steam sauna and Infrared sauna

  • The design

The steam saunas are entirely sealed to ensure no air moist evaporates from inside so one can get great results. This is one of the reasons why steam saunas are made of tiles and plastic materials. On the other hand, the infrared saunas feature a vent on the floor to allow the flow of air inside the sauna.

  • The function

The steam saunas use heating elements and water to generate the moist heat. These types of saunas come with either the sauna stones or a generator for boiling the water. The infrared sauna is only fitted with the heating elements, which are set at high-temperature levels to provide ample dry heat inside the unit.

  • The heating level

Infrared saunas are set at high heating levels, which range from 160 to 200 degrees F. This is because the heating elements have to heat up and provide the required temperatures. The steam saunas have a low heat level of 100 to 120 degrees F because the addition of water to the heating elements fastens the production of the hot moist in the unit.


Similarities between infrared and steam saunas

  • Health benefits

The saunas are recommended due to the health benefits they possess, such as improving good circulation, detoxifying, cleansing the skin, and also for relieving stress.

Although saunas have a lot of health benefits to the body, they also differ in terms of functionality and use. Steam and Infrared saunas are some of the commonly used saunas today. If you have any respiratory condition, use the steam saunas as they produce balanced heat as opposed to the infrared saunas.



If you are looking for one person sauna that you can use at home, then consider the above-reviewed saunas. They provide excellent health treatments and come in various designs to suit the users. Most of these saunas are portable, so you can move and use them in your preferences area at home.