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7 Best Low EMF Sauna Reviews for 2022

Sauna is meant to help you relax and improve your overall health by flushing toxins, fighting the effects of some sicknesses, cleansing the skin, and promote recovery after an intense workout. Making constant trips to facilities that have saunas can be challenging for you especially if you have a busy schedule.

When using a sauna outside your home, you may not be able to determine the number of electromagnetic fields (EMF) energy the sauna emits. Finding the Best low EMF sauna for your home will ensure that you are not exposed to high levels of radiation and will offer you the sauna-relate benefits that you desire.

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Top 7 Best Low EMF Sauna List for 2021


Top 7 Best Low EMF Sauna Reviews

1. Best Overall -Dynamic 2-person Far Infrared Sauna

low emf sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna for health benefits
  • 6 Dynamic Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon heating panels
  • Chromo Therapy Lighting System
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be installed in any part of the house or office
  • Environmentally friendly because it uses reforested wood
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • The foot heater does not produce enough heat

Why we choose it

Dynamic 2 Person Sauna is our best pick of low EMF sauna. This sauna is easy to assemble and has a simple design. Its construction took into consideration the ability of this sauna to morph into its environment. Its construction has been done using reforested wood, which is 100% hemlock and promotes the durability of the sauna. This sauna has double paneled walls to promote the sauna’s ability to retain heat and does not waste any energy.

It has 6 carbon heaters, which promotes the distribution of heat. It produces low EMF enhancing a user’s ability to access maximum steam therapy without worrying about the radiation produced by the sauna. The sauna operates between 120 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which is relatively safe for people. Plus, it comes with a digital control device that you can use to regulate its temperature.

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2. Best Budget- Durherm Lowest EMF Negative Portable Sauna

best cheap low emf sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Takes a short time to unfold and set up
  • Wired handheld controller
  • Heated footpad included
  • Comes with a free sports chair
  • Can be stored away easily when not in use
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • The temperature control is not very flexible as you can only adjust the temperature by differences of 10 degrees

Why we choose it

This sauna has three heaters, which are of high quality and superconductive. The sauna will also offer you an opportunity to set the sauna time between 5 to 60 minutes, with an increment of up to five minutes. It has been made using high-quality material that will ensure you get value for your money.

The sauna has a temperature panel that ranges from 104-140 degrees Fahrenheit with an increment of nine degrees. The air inside the sauna can go beyond 110 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that you get the best experience while using the sauna. The simple design of this sauna makes it easy to unfold and set up when you want to use it. This sauna weighs 25 pounds making it easy to carry. It comes with a wired handheld controller that you can use to regulate the temperature and set the time.

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3. Best for Corner- Maxxus 3 Per Low EMF FAR Infrared Corner Sauna

corner sauna low

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Strategically-placed 9 Maxxus Low EMF fAR infrared carbon heating panels
  • Chromotherapy system for offering you additional health benefits
  • Great for putting at the corner for space-saving purposes
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Two in-built speakers that you can plug in you iPod or phone
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • It is not lightweight

Why we choose it

The Maxxus 3 person sauna is the best for putting at the corners. It can fit three people comfortably. It is built with reforested Canadian hemlock wood, which does not have any additional chemicals that could potentially affect the environment. The wooden material reinforces the durability of this sauna. It also has double paneled walls which enable it to heat up fast, retain heat, and preserve energy.

The 9 carbon heaters are placed strategically to ensure that they promote the proper distribution of heat and reduce cases of overheating of certain areas of the sauna. It comes with a digital remote to control the heat and temperature while you are inside the sauna. Some of the additional features that this sauna will offer you include an inbuilt MP3 and CD player, FM radio, or the option of plugging in your iPod on the two available speakers to ensure that you can enjoy music or podcasts of your choice.

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4. Best Portable-Durherm Indoor Low EMF Infrared Sauna

best low emf portable sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • EMF-free radiation with 3 carbon heating panels
  • Great for big guys
  • One of the most affordable saunas available
  • Lightweight and foldable making it easy to transport and store aside
  • Flexible for allowing you to participate in other activities while in the sauna
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • It does not come without numerous accessories

Why we choose it

This sauna is fairly affordable and is the most portable sauna within its price range. It uses 3 low EMF carbon heating panels, which are superconductive and ultrathin. Its panels are made using tourmaline, which is a semi-precious and semi-conductive mineral that promotes detoxification.

This sauna is almost EMF free because it emits infrared waves and negative ions. When you buy this sauna, it comes with a foot heat pad, two collars, and a chair to ensure that you enjoy maximum comfort. Its portability is based on the material it uses, which is far much lighter when compared to materials used to make wooden saunas. This sauna is a great option for someone who lives in a small apartment, minimalists, or someone who does not have not much space to place the sauna. Plus, it has two hand holes that allow you to use your phone or do other things while using the sauna.

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5. Best for 1 Person- JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna 

1 person sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • 6 Ultra-Low EMF Infrared carbon fiber panels
  • Dual-wall insulation for protection
  • Sound system with 2 speakers
  • Durable tempered glass
  • Bluetooth connectivity
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • Since it can only be used by one person, when more people need to use it, the overall energy use will increase the electric bill

Why we choose it

This sauna is suitable for one person. It is made with high-quality material and designed to reduce the amount of radiation released during use. Impressively, it has 6 ultra-low EMF carbon heaters, which are very safe for users. You can use it for between five to thirty minutes. It has an increment option of five minutes that you can use to adjust the time while using it.

Its surface temperature ranges between 104-140 degrees Fahrenheit. It offers you a temperature increment of 9 degrees. The level of the EMF emitted by the sauna is very low, and it’s lower compared to other sauna options. Plus, it is designed with quality construction to ensure that it retains heat while you are using it and promote its longevity.

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6. Best for 3 Person- Maxxus 3 Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

3 person sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • 7 Low EMF Far Infrared carbon heating panels
  • Enough space for 3 people
  • Reduced loss of energy due to the thick interior and exterior walls
  • Double-paneled walls
  • Floor and lower bench heater
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • The warranty only lasts for one year

Why we choose it

The Maxxus sauna is the best sauna for three people. It uses modern technology and promotes effective energy utilization. This sauna was constructed with the environment in mind as it uses Canadian Hemlock wood. Its design also enables it to blend in with the rest of your furniture.

The wall of this sauna has double panels to ensure that users can easily get in and out of the sauna.  It has a thick interior and exterior wood surface that promotes the retention of heat. Additionally, the sauna heats relatively faster than other saunas because of its thick walls. It comes with seven infrared carbon heating panels, which produce a wider and softer heat that is well-distributed in the sauna.

Some of the accessories that you will get when buying this sauna include a Maxxus sauna control panel and LED display, built-in FM radio, CD and MP3, speakers, and floor and lower bench heater, which ensures that each area of the sauna is well heated.

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7. Best for 4 Person- Sunray Sequioa Infrared Cedar Sauna

best low emf 4 person sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • 10 carbon-nano far infrared heaters, which are low EMF
  • Environment-friendly as it is built with Canadian red cedar wood
  • Easy to install
  • Seven-year warranty
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • A bit narrow for 4 person to stretch

Why we choose it

This relatively large sauna can fit four people and offer them adequate space to enjoy the benefits of the sauna. It uses 10 carbon-nano far infrared heaters to ensure that the temperature in the sauna is distributed well. It uses minimal energy and produces low EMF, which cannot have disruptive effects on a person’s body. This sauna has been constructed with all-natural Canadian Red cedar wood to ensure that it retains maximum heat and aligns with the décor of most homes.

Some of the additional features that the sauna offers include three ergonomic backrests that can easily be used by four people, an MP3/CD/radio player to ensure that you can enjoy your music or podcast while using the sauna. It also comes with speakers to enhance the sound quality of the MP3/CD/radio player.

This sauna offers both internal and external lighting fixtures, oxygen ionizer, and a seven-color chromotherapy. It has cup holders and comes with a digital controller to ensure that you enjoy your sauna experience. Plus, it takes a short amount of time to heat up and has a unique design.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Low EMF Sauna

best infrared sauna kit

1. What is EMF Radiation?

EMF or electromagnetic force are energy waves that have frequencies below 300 hertz per second. These electromagnetic waves are found in the natural environment and can be emitted by manufactured electric charged objects such as phones, televisions, and kitchen appliances like microwaves or thunderstorms.

While exposure to minimum electromagnetic force has not been associated with any health issue or abnormality, continuous exposures to these waves have been linked with diseases such as cancer and disabilities. The greater the electric current of a sauna, the stronger the electromagnetic forces produced and the higher the risks of radiation on your health.

When looking for a sauna, selecting a low EMF sauna is always the option. You can also reinforce your protection from radiation insulating the power codes used to install the sauna. Some infrared saunas in the market function at 13mGs. Low EMF saunas release low EMF infrared that ranges between 2 and 4mGs, which is a relatively low EMF for saunas. The lower the EMF the lower the chances of being affected by radiation. The safety of your sauna and the benefits you will reap from it relies heavily on the amount of radiation it releases when turned on and your utilization duration.


2. Benefits of Low EMF Sauna

a steam room vs sauna

  • Ensured that the body voltage strength of sauna users remained low

The effects of the electromagnetic field on a person is described as body voltage strength. This factor is commonly expressed in millivolts (mV). The human body’s natural voltage is very close to 0mV.

According to research rise in the human body’s voltage occurs when exposed to electromagnetic fields. Research has also shown that exposing the human body to these electromagnetic fields and increasing the body’s voltage strength causes irritation, messed up sleep patterns, and other diseases.

Using a sauna is supposed to help you improve your sleep patterns and manage conditions such as sleep apnea by helping you relax. Using a sauna that releases relatively high EMF is likely to have the opposite effect on your body and disrupt your sleep patterns even further. Aside from that, you might also develop other symptoms such as skin irritation.

  • Reduced risks of radiation

It related diseases like congenital abnormalities and cancer: Using low EMF saunas reduces your risks of being diagnosed with different cancers or giving birth to a child with congenital abnormalities that may be caused by abnormal cell mutation.

  • Reduced risks of congenital diseases

For pregnant women who may wish to use a sauna for relaxation, using a low EMF sauna ensures that they do not expose their unborn child to the risk of congenital malformations that could be caused by exposing to high EMF. Some of these congenital diseases might include abnormalities in the formation of different organs in the body, mental retardation, lack of proper development of cognitive skills after birth, among other issues.

  • Reduced risks of cancer

Exposure to high electromagnetic forces has been associated with increased risks of different types of cancers. Radiation causes mutation, which could lead to the development of abnormal cells in the body and eventually cause cancer. Using low EMF saunas reduces these risks.

  • Improved management of arthritic pain

In patients who have been diagnosed with arthritis, the use of a sauna can have a relaxing effect on their joints and muscles. If you suffer from arthritis pain and have access to a low EMF sauna, you can spend more time in the sauna for additional pain relief benefits as staying in a sauna with higher EMF levels for longer durations is not encouraged and might worsen your pain over time.


3. What to Look for When Choosing the Best Low EMF Sauna?

best 2 person infrared sauna

  • EMF radiation

When shopping for a low EMF sauna, you should check the level of EMF released by the sauna. Saunas that release high EMF are likely to increase your risks of radiation-related health problems such as different types of cancers.

  • Numbers of people

The different sauna offers different room spaces. Select your sauna based on the number of people you plan to have in the sauna at once. Saunas that are meant for two people can be used by either one person or two people but may not be suitable for three people.

  • Comfort

You will be sitting in the sauna for approximately thirty minutes. Sitting in an uncomfortable position will leave your body feeling cramped and tired, which is not the experience you would with to associated with your sauna especially if you plan to use it repeatedly.

Ensure that you buy a sauna that fits your needs. It should be comfortable depending on the type of seat it has, and back support mechanisms. A sauna that offers you back support will ensure that you do not strain or sit in uncomfortable positions while using the sauna.

  • Accessories

Most saunas come with different accessories that include a sport’s seat, remote controller, cup holders, music player, speakers, footpads, among other accessories. Inquire about the accessories that will come with the sauna you have selected before purchasing it.

  • Design

Saunas come in different designs and materials. Most wooden saunas use Canadian cedarwood, which is effective in reducing the amount of heat lost. Consider factors such as how the sauna will align with the design of other furniture or equipment in your space to ensure that you select the best design.

  • Portability

If you plan to use your sauna at home and you are concerned about it taking up a lot of space, select a sauna that is foldable and can be stored away after use. This will ensure that you enjoy the benefits of the sauna, while at the same time eliminating the need to reorganize your space to fit the sauna.


Final Words

Sauna is good especially during cold seasons or when you have finished an intense workout session and need to relax your muscles. Radiation produced from saunas that have not been assessed for their radiation effect might cause more harm than good.

It is essential for you to determine the radiation levels produced by a sauna you are interested in buying before considering other additional features or accessories. This will ensure that you reap all the health benefits that a sauna can provide.

It will also reduce your risks of radiation-related diseases and abnormalities. Just make sure you remember that a sauna is an investment and take your time to choose one that suits your needs.