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5 Best Infrared Heating Pads Reviews For 2022

Infrared heating pads are an excellent choice for the body as they offer a lot of these therapeutic effects. This is essential in relieving the body of any stress and hence, the complete relaxation process. Relaxation and stress relieving are vital for the body as it helps minimize fatigue. So, which one is the best infrared heating pad on the market?

best Infrared heating pad


Top 5 Best Infrared Heating Pads List


Top 5 Best Infrared Heating Pad Reviews

1. Best Overall  -UTK Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad

Best UTK Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Carbon Fiber Heating Element for penatrating throughout your body
  • 126 individual certificated natural jade stones
  • The memory function remembers the time and heat settings
  • Consists of a four-hour automatic shut off
  • The power connection cord is extended
  • Automatically adjust the time and heat settings
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • Needs a lot of power to operate

Why we choose it

UTK infrared heating pad is a 21 by 3-inch luxury size pad that has 126 natural jade stones. It also comes with adjustable temperature and a travel bag.

The heating pad is an all tourmaline and jade stone flexible soft wrap that is wrapped around a body part where the effect should be felt. It is used to relieve muscle tension.

One can also lie or sit on it and its design is more unique hence it stays intact during all the time of the treatment session. It increases blood flow hence significant pain reduction and muscle tension reduction.

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2. Best Affordable -Infrared Heating Pad for Back Pain

Best Affordable Infrared Heating Pad

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Super sturdy long lasting and heats
  • The superheat technology heats up quickly
  • Both dry heat and moist heat effects
  • The heat penetration effect is more in-depth and long-lasting
  • Takes a shorter time to stimulate the impact
  • Has a timer shuts it off after 2 hours
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • The high temperature heat setting can be too hot

Why we choose it

On top of this list lies the Mighty Bliss™ luxury infrared heating pad. With a market price, it is an affordable option for back pain therapy.

The pad is sold out complete with an auto shut off system to, of course, conserve energy and avoid overheating and related accidents. It consists of several heat settings that are personally tailored and customized to enhance the whole process.

This is a great deal as it comes with an entire lifetime replacement guarantee, so the customer does not have to worry about the functionality of this infrared pad.

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3. Best Large-size -Infrared Heating Pad with Hot Stone Therapy

Best Infrared Heating Pad with Hot Stone Therapy

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Full back far infrared heat therapy
  • Emits much more negative ions
  • Easy to use with auto shut off and timer setting
  • Very low EMF emission
  • Three-year warranty
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • Too heavy to move around

Why we choose it

The UTK Heating pad is an ideal stone therapy pad. It has more tourmaline stones that emit negative ion technology.

Stone therapy helps improve blood circulation and temporarily stops joint abrasion and joint pains; it also further brings an end to spasms, eases muscle stiffness, and detoxifies the body.

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4. Best Infrared Heating Pad for Muscle Cramps

Best Infrared Heating Pad for Muscle Cramps

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Consists of both moist heat and dry heat
  • Super-soft fur for the comfort experience
  • Easy to wash as it has a vinyl pad, hence it is hygienic
  • Constant temperature is maintained by special Thermofive
  • Boosted safety measures
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • A bit complex to use

Why we choose it

Muscle cramps are a real heal, especially for the ladies when it’s that time of the month when they have to suffer for not being pregnant. This is why the Sunbeam infrared heating pad with a digital LED controller comes in handy.

This is a different king-size four heat setting mat with auto-off technology. It is made with unique Thermofine technology, which helps maintain consistent heat.

The inbuilt 12 by 24-inch unique fur, which makes it super soft for enhanced comfort and a vinyl top that is easy to wash.

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5. Best Far Infrared Heating Pad with Jade Stones

Best Far Infrared Heating Pad with Jade Stones

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Deeper penatrating infrared heat
  • Consists of auto shut off technology hence power conserving
  • The control function sets temperature and time
  • Great for lower back pain
  • Easy to clean due to waterproof cleanable tops
  • Minimized overheating
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • The pad is heavy

Why we choose it

This formula of tourmaline and natural jade stones measures 23.5 by 16 inches and is fully equipped with a smart controller function with auto shut off to reduce injuries resulting from burns and also help conserve energy.

The unique timing settings are automatically remembered by the machine but can be adjusted in case the user wants another different experience. It is purchased in a unique bag that keeps the heating pad protected between uses.

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Infrared Heating Pad

infrared heating pad

1. What is an Infrared Heating Pad?

An infrared heating pad is a device that produces radiation in the form of heat that is soothing to the body, relieves pain, makes you feel relaxed and increases blood flow. It uses infrared rays which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Infrared is a form of radiant energy that cannot be seen by the human eye, but it can be felt as heat that penetrates deeper into the body, reaching the muscles, nerves, and bones. Objects that emit infrared rays include the sun and fire. Infrared can be categorized into three groups: far infrared, mid infrared and near infrared.

The one produced by the heating pad is the far-infrared. The study shows that it is safe for humans and does not cause burns (Vatansever and Hamblin, 2012). It has also been approved by the FDA (Brauser, 2019). The far infrared rays generate natural heat that is readily absorbed by the body and has many benefits, as discussed below.


2. The Benefits of Using Infrared Heating Pad?

infrared Heating pad benefit

  1. Pain relief

The heat produced by the infrared heating pad alleviates both acute and chronic pain (Chow RT, 2019). It acts quicker than other pain-relieving methods, and its effects last longer for up to 6 to 8 hours.

This is a natural way to manage chronic pain conditions without the side effects that comes with most analgesic drugs in the market.

  1. Reduces stress and improves sleep

Infrared heating pads have been shown to reduce stress levels. It also improves your sleep by removing the pain that was disturbing your sleep; hence, you get a good night’s pain-free sleep.

  1. Promotes healing and recovery

The heat emitted by the pads expands the blood vessels and increases the circulation of blood to the injured or inflamed region.

The increase in blood flow brings with it cells that cause healing in the tissues and speeds up the recovery of the region. It also promotes cell repair after the heat pad is removed.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

The infrared heating pad reduces inflammation of the area where it is in contact with. Since the rays of infrared penetrate deeper into the muscles, nerves, and bone, it is very helpful in managing joint inflammation, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, muscle tears, and cramps and many other conditions that present with swelling.

  1. Boosts the immune system

With the increase in blood flow brought about by the pads, the immune cells also increase. There will be a noted improvement in your immunity with continued use of the device.

  1. Detoxification

The infrared heating pad increases the circulation of blood; therefore, it increases the rate at which toxins are naturally removed from your body. It also causes deep sweating which acts at a cellular level and eliminates heavy metals like mercury, alcohol and other harmful toxins.

  1. Weight loss

This is a bonus of using this device. The infrared heating pad accelerates the breakdown of fats and cellulite at a molecular level. The result is a gradual loss of weight.


  1. How to Choose the Best Infrared Heating Pad?

best Infrared heating pad

When purchasing an infrared heating pad, there are features that you must consider so that you get a pad that suits your needs effectively. Here are some of them:

  1. Flexibility

This is an important feature of a pad. Our bodies are not straight; we have curves. This is because it can be used on various parts of the body and can be molded to fit well, for example, the neck, shoulder, elbow, knee and other painful areas.

  1. Portability

The best-infrared heating pads are the most portable. Hence, they can be carried around easily, and when traveling far from home, it can be brought. It should also be light-weight so that it does not wear you down when using it and you can multitask with it around your back, neck or shoulder. Some people also sleep with the pad on and therefore, it being heavy will be very uncomfortable.

  1. Cost

The price is an important aspect when it comes to buying an infrared heating pad. Shop around stores physically and online and find a device that suits you best at a price you can afford. Compare and contrast various devices and look out for discounts.

  1. Ease of use

Technology is evolving every day, and infrared devices are not left behind too. Find a user-friendly device, has easy instructions and straight forward settings.

  1. Temperature range

Look for a heating pad that has a wide temperature range for maximum health benefits. The temperature should not be too high that it causes burns. The optimum temperature should not go beyond 40 degrees Celsius.

  1. Time is taken to achieve maximum temperature

The device must heat up in the shortest time possible. This is to allow for optimum benefits when the time that the pad is strapped on your body and helps you save time.

  1. Size

The size of the pad is dependent on the intended function. If the heating pad is for your back, then a bigger infrared heating pad or a mat is needed. If it is just for the knee, elbow, neck or a smaller area of focus, then a lower pad is needed. This feature is totally up to the user to decide.

  1. The material of the heating pad

The infrared heating pad comes in 2 main forms. One is made up of semi-precious stones like tourmaline, jade or amethyst. This, according to my opinion, is better as it is made of naturally occurring stones through which the infrared rays pass through to reach the body.

The second form is made of carbon fiber through which rays pass through. Both forms work with the same efficacy.


Final Thoughts

In the article you’ve found the 5 best infrared heating pads on the market and the guide to help you to make a right decision. I hope you find this article helpful!

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