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Top 10 Best Home Infrared Sauna Reviews in 2022

Nowadays, there are plenty of infrared sauna designs available in the market, and it can be a bit tricky to choose the one that best suits your needs.

When looking for the best home infrared sauna, having the right information on the product is essential. So, in this article, we’re going to recommend the top 10 best home infrared saunas on the market and guide you on how to choose them to fit your needs.

best home infrared sauna


Top 10 Best Home Infrared Sauna On The Market List


Top 10 Best Home Infrared Sauna Reviews

1. Dynamic 1-2-person Home Far Infrared Sauna

Home Far Infrared Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Six Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Heating Panels
  • Energy saving
  • Well distribution of heat
  • Proper visibility
  • Proper insulation
  • Has chromo therapy capabilities
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • No clear instructions provided

Why we choose it

Dynamic home sauna has been constructed with the environment in mind by the manufacturer using the Canadian hemlock wood. This type of wood doesn’t twist or warp on being exposed to water or scars. It is entirely eco-friendly as it has no additives such as chemicals or hypo allergens. The wood also insulates the sauna, thus entrapping the heat inside it.

By trapping the weather, the sauna can reach the desired levels of excitement of the user quite fast and also maintain high temperatures for a long time. The ability of the sauna to retain heat is also made possible by the walls being double paneled. By doing this minimum amount of heat is wasted. It has six energy-saving carbon heating panels that produce and distribute heat evenly. These heating panels include a foot heat, and they all produce soft heat, which can penetrate well inside the user’s body.

It can hold a maximum total of two people who can be chatting while listening to music provided by the music system, which comprises of two speakers and a preamplifier that have an MP3 auxiliary connection. You can secede to adjust the temperature and timing settings by touching the control panels whose settings are displayed via LED.

Both the door and its sides are made from clear tempered glass, which allows one to see through hence perfect for the claustrophobic users, and it also can withstand high temperatures, therefore proper insulation. It is quite easy to assemble through the snap method. It also has chromotherapy capabilities.

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2. SereneLife Portable Infrared Sauna for Home Use

Portable Infrared Sauna for Home Use

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Far infrared heating panels with low EMF emitting
  • Has heating foot pad
  • Portable and easy to store
  • A foldable chair included
  • Heats up very fast
  • Easy to install
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • Not really suitable for large people
  • The footpad can’t be moved

Why we choose it

This affordable personal infrared sauna is quite convenient as one can take it anywhere they like quickly as it also lights in weight. It comes along with a comfortable but foldable chair, which enables one to enjoy the heat produced in the sauna, and once you are done with it, you could easily fold and store it without any hassle.

It also has a remote control, which gives you the mandate to either program or pre-set your sauna sessions. One can also enjoy a more extensive sauna experience without the sauna using up too much energy and it being hazardous to your health as it contains heating panels that have a low EMF rating. It has a one-year rating.

The carbon heating footpad is included to promote proper relaxation of the feet and relieves aching muscles of the feet. It doesn’t overheat due to the automatic shut off system. One can easily opt to read a book as there are openings that allow you to do so.

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3. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2-person Home Far Infrared Sauna

2-person Home Far Infrared Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Seven strategically-placed carbon fiber far infrared heaters
  • Long-lasting
  • Energy-efficient carbon heaters
  • Premium quality sound system with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Proper visibility
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Has an oxygen ionizer for purifying the air
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • No backrests
  • The instruction manual isn’t detailed enough

Why we choose it

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2-person home infrared sauna is great on insulation as it is made from the eco-friendly, long-lasting Canadian hemlock wood. It is double paneled, offering protection to the sauna from the external hazards. The dual wall nature of this sauna allows for it to be kept in tight spaces as the heat could not possibly reach the surrounding area.

It has seven carbon heaters, which are known to be long-lasting as one rarely changes them within the sauna’s lifetime. They are strategically placed to distribute heat evenly. The carbon also saves on energy. There is maximum penetration of the heat waves due to their placement. It also has a glass door which is both transparent and tempered.

This glass door enables the sauna to retain its heat as it can withstand high temperatures and their changes. This clear glass door also allows one to see what’s happening on the outside. It is also effortless to assemble the sauna as it is made from the tongue and groove method of construction, which also offers a durable structure.

You can also decide to listen to some relaxing music as there is a sound system that comprises of two speakers which have a switch. These speakers come with a plug if you need it. It has an energy-saving, cost-efficient lighting system that complements the natural lights coming from the see-through glass door. The easy-to-operate digital control panel allows you to modify the temperature and timing settings.

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4. Maxxus 3-person Low EMF Home Infrared Corner Sauna

Low EMF Home Infrared Corner Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Has a vented roof
  • Easy to set up
  • Can alleviate anxiety due to the chromotherapy capabilities
  • Includes a foot heater
  • Has a soft-touch control panel
  • The heaters used are durable and energy-efficient
  • There is enough space for stretching
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • A bit expensive

Why we choose it

This 3-person is made from the durable, organic Canadian hemlock wood, which is resistant to both water and scars. The sauna can insulate its heat due to the dual-wall construction. This also shows why the sauna produces heat fast and efficiently.

The soft and full heat is due to the nine energy-efficient carbon heaters, which include the foot heater. These heating panels can produce heat that can penetrate the body of the user enabling proper therapy. The control panel can be operated via simple touch, and the LCD screen can display its settings. There is also fresh air coming from the outside due to the presence of an adjustable air vent system.

It has a music system that can either play the radio or a CD and has an MP3 auxiliary port and also a USB and SD port. There is proper visibility inside the sauna as it has a lighting system that has chromotherapy capabilities. You can also choose to read in there comfortably due to the internal reading lights. It takes a short time to assemble it as the wooden panels can clasp together easily.

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5. Medical Luxury 2-person Indoor Infrared Sauna

2 person Indoor Infrared Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • The music system has multiple connectivities
  • Has an oxygen ionizer
  • The bench can easily be removed
  • Has easy to operate control panel
  • Chromotherapy lighting system
  • There are a protective heat covers
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • A bit costly

Why we choose it

The air produced in this deluxe sauna is cleaned and purified using the oxygen ionizer. The is a maximum benefit sauna experience due to seven full spectrum heaters as they allow deep penetration of the heat waves. Your body is kept healthy as one to regulate the temperature of the cleaning system, which can either be hot or cold. The body is freed from all the body’s impurities due to the detox routine available. It has a tinted tempered glass door that can withstand high-temperature changes hence retain the heat inside the sauna.

It also provides privacy while in the sauna. Its stable structure is straightforward to assemble and dissemble through the clasp-together assembly.

The ultra-full spectrum heaters allow for maximum 3D heat therapy. It has been constructed using pure, natural, and organic Canadian hemlock wood, which has both excellent insulating properties and is a perfect look.

Its speakers’ system can be connected either through Bluetooth or USB hence allows you to enjoy music via a variety of inputs. One can assume various yoga poses as the chairs can be removed, creating sufficient space. One can easily the sauna’s settings as the control panel has an LCD. The maximum relaxation and therapy due to the chromotherapy lighting system. The user is also protected from high temperatures as the energy-efficient heaters have protective heat covers. There are usually no reports on back pains due to the presence of backrests.

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6. Dynamic 2-person Far Infrared Sauna for Home Use

2 person Far Infrared Sauna for Home Use

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • It is long-lasting
  • Good sound system
  • Maximum insulation
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low EMF radiation emission
  • Has a foot heater
  • It can be installed using the household wiring system
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • The temperature is difficult to get the max

Why we choose it

The dynamic 2-person sauna has been constructed using the pure Canadian hemlock wood, which doesn’t twist or warp on exposure to moisture. The walls have been doubled to offer protection from the external hazards, and its heat can spread externally. The heat produced in the sauna is entrapped inside the sauna due to these double paneled walls. It uses six carbon heating panels if you include the foot heater, and they produce the heat very fast and efficiently. They are both long-lasting and can save a lot of energy.

The user is protected from the harmful levels of EMF radiation as these carbon heaters produce low levels of EMF. Its control panel has an LED display, which usually shows the temperature and timing settings.

It is effortless to set up the sauna as one uses the clasp together with a method of assembly. The door is made from an apparent safety tempered glass that can tolerate high temperatures and enables one to see through the sauna hence assuring you of your safety. You can decide to play music of your own choice as it has an MP3 aux connection and premium quality speakers.

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7. Best 3-person Home Corner Infrared Sauna

Home Corner Infrared Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Made of durable materials
  • Proper visibility
  • Has the interior mood lighting system
  • Organic hemlock wood used
  • Has oxygen ionizer
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • Has no backrests

Why we choose it

There is proper relaxation in this sauna because it has an in-built sound system that is of premium quality. There is maximum fresh air in the sauna as the air is cleaned and purified by the oxygen ionizer.

This sauna is equipped with seven carbon heaters, which can deliver the heat of up to 140 degrees. The doors are made using a glass tempered, which in the long run, saves on the energy needed as it can withstand high temperatures required. These doors are quite durable as they can scratch proof.

One can breathe easier and deeper as the oxygen ionizer present has purified the air in the sauna. The mood is quite light due to the chromotherapy lighting system, which is known to put you in the right attitudes.

The control panel allows you to change the heat, time, and heat levels quite quickly. This sauna is made from the best wood that is hemlock wood that doesn’t twist easily. It also provides for a stable and durable structure. It can be placed at the corner and still be able to blend quite beautifully.

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8. Best Affordable Personal Far Infrared Home Sauna

Affordable Personal Far Infrared Home Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Comfortable far infrared heat
  • Heats up fast
  • Portable
  • Comfy soft collar
  • High-quality zippers
  • Durable and comfortable chairs
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • The space may be small for large people

Why we choose it

The radiant rejuvenator sauna takes a short time to both sets it up and dissembles as it can be folded. Its folding nature allows you to store it without taking too much space. It’s made of satin and polyester, which is very stable and water-proof. This because it is well stitched. Additionally, this sauna is very easy to transport from one place to another; hence, you can enjoy the sauna experience anywhere you, please.

It can run six different timer options, which enables you to select the timing option you want. This is allowed by the handheld control. The neck is quite comfortable in this sauna due to the soft padded collar present. This collar can be removed and washed easily. One can quickly zip the sauna either from inside or outside due to the well-functioning interior and exterior zipper.

There are chairs situated at the interior part of the sauna, and they are made from tubular steel, which is very long-lasting. The sauna can comfortably hold your belongings due to the sewn-in pockets. It has three carbon heating panels. Plus, it has a one year warranty.

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9. JNH Lifestyles 1-person Home Far Infrared Sauna

1 person Home Far Infrared Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Carbon fiber heater panels for even heat
  • Has a digital control panel
  • Durable wood structure
  • Maximum insulation
  • Proper visibility
  • The sound system can be controlled through Bluetooth
  • Safe waves emission
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • It is designed to accommodate only one person

Why we choose it

This one person sauna can only accommodate one person comfortably. This allows for a relaxation experience filled with solitude. It is easy to assemble as it has been constructed using the tongue and groove method of construction, which also provides for a durable and stable structure.

This sauna saves space as it can be placed anywhere. It uses the safest type of technology to provide for a worthwhile sauna experience. There is no occurrence of hot spots as the premium quality carbon heaters allow for even distribution of heat. There is full-body coverage of the waves as the heating panels have been strategically placed.

It is constructed using the Canadian hemlock wood, which is durable and can insulate the heat properly hence maintaining high temperatures for a long time. There is maximum insulation of the sauna as the walls are double-paneled.

It is tough for it to expand as the interior walls absorb all the heat preventing it from reaching the outside walls. This makes it easier to place them in tight corners. It is ideal for the claustrophobic people as the doors are transparent tempered glass, allowing you to see through them. It comes hand in hand with a sound system that comes with a controller that enables you to adjust the volume of your music or audiobook. Plus, a two-year warranty is included.

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10. Radiant 4-person Cedar Home Corner Infrared Sauna

4 person Cedar Hone Corner Infrared Sauna

<strong>Brilliant features</strong>
  • Has an oxygen ionizer
  • Can accommodate four people
  • Easy to adjust the temperature and timing settings
  • Durable
  • Very spacious
  • Aromatic in a way
  • Has a seven-year warranty
<strong>Watch out for</strong>
  • It is difficult to reach high temperatures

Why we choose it

This is one of the best 4-person saunas in the market. It is made from red cedar, which is quite aromatic and also long-lasting. The heat in the sauna is contained due to the dual-wall construction.

This translates to less energy being wasted, and the sauna can be placed without the fear of its heat damaging the surrounding environment. It can accommodate a maximum of 4 people and still allow the said people to relax and stretch comfortably. It has vents which will enable fresh air to pass through easily. The atmosphere is cleaned and purified by the oxygen ionizer.

One can easily adjust the temperature and duration of time through the digital LED control panel. Plus, it has a seven-year warranty indicating the manufacture’s belief in this sauna.

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How to Choose the Best Home Infrared Sauna?

It is always advisable to stay within your budget when purchasing an infrared sauna. However, having an infrared sauna that is durable and offers various health benefits is very critical. Therefore, in the following content, we shall discuss how to choose the best home infrared sauna.

sauna home use

  • Heating surface area

One of the essential aspects you should consider before purchasing an infrared sauna is its heating surface area. Unlike big surface areas, small surface areas tend to heat up faster. Having a sauna made from small plates will heat up more quickly.

Despite taking long to heat up, big surface areas offer ample space, and they provide plenty of heat in the sauna. Therefore, having a big surface area is much better; however, small surface areas are the best when it comes to saving money and time.

  • Heaters

Carbon fiber and ceramic are the two primary materials used in the construction of sauna heaters. Before purchasing a sauna made from a ceramic heater or carbon fiber heater, it is advisable to understand their differences.

Sauna made from ceramic heaters often heats up quickly within a period of 8 to 10 minutes. Whereas carbon fibers heaters feature large surface area and heat up at low temperature. When it comes to full body therapy, carbon fiber heaters are the best since they disperse heat evenly.

Ceramic heaters are pocket-friendly when compared to carbon fiber heaters. However, carbon fiber heaters are energy efficient when compared to ceramic heaters.

  • Safety

When purchasing an infrared sauna, safety has to be your number one priority. Before buying a sauna for home use, assessing the company’s reputation is essential. You should always ensure that the company is the company you are buying from is ISO or CE certified.

Going through the reviews of the infrared sauna you want to buy is essential. During this time, you will be able to know how durable and reliable is the product and the company.

  • Near-infrared sauna and far infrared sauna

A far infrared sauna is the most common design; however, the near-infrared is often considered superior by some manufacturers. Infrared features two wavelengths the short-wavelength light and the long-wavelength light. The short-wavelength light is referred to as near-infrared sauna, whereas far infrared sauna is the long-wavelength light.

Infrared light usually penetrates through our skin and provides us with the warmth, which is equivalent to the sun’s ultra-violet rays. The near-infrared light penetrates 5mm beneath our skin, which is essential in making vitamin D.

For overall health benefit, the near-infrared sauna is the best since it will help in improving your blood circulation as well as relieving pain. Far infrared lights are said to penetrate 0.1mm beneath our skin.

In connection to that, the far infrared sauna will alter with your body’s protein structure hence strengthening your immunity. Furthermore, this sauna is associated with detoxifying your body and burning calories.

home sauna



When it comes to improving our health, infrared saunas work perfectly. Having an infrared sauna at your home is an excellent investment since it will help in improving your health and the entire family.

We hope that this article will guide you and help you in choosing the best home infrared sauna, which will help in detoxifying your body and burn calories.