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Best Health Mate Sauna Reviews 2021

health mate sauna

Health mate infrared saunas are perfect steaming saunas that help to improve your general health. The saunas are well fitted and equipped with reliable heating devices to ensure you get good circulation for heat for effective results. This, in return, helps to improve the body by increasing the excellent flow of blood and oxygen, detoxifying, increasing metabolism and even massaging the body to get rid of pain on the muscles and joints.

The health mate infrared saunas come in different sizes where some are crafted for a single person fit, while others can accommodate up to 3 people. The following reviews feature three best health mate infrared saunas for an individual to three-person fit.

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Best Health Mate Infrared Sauna on the Market


Why Choose Health Mate Sauna?

When you choose to detox, you need to engage a product that will guarantee you the service without many struggles. This is to mean that you ought to engage a company whose mission is geared towards satisfying its clients big time.

In the infrared sauna industry, Health Mate Sauna is one of the most reliable brands. Having started producing high-quality infrared sauna in 1979, it has gained the best reputation. Probably we can narrow down to exactly why it would be wise of you to choose Health Mate Sauna in the industry where you got several options. Have a look:

health mate sauna

  • They have a variety of sauna to choose from

With Health Mate Sauna, you are guaranteed a wide range of sauna to choose from. Once you visit the store, your responsibility is to choose what can fit you well. Even if you are not sure of what you need, the salesperson will always help you in coming up with the best choice. They offer saunas from a single-person sauna to multiple-person saunas. You will not be forced to picking what you don’t need.

  • Their website is knowledgeable

Before you get to narrow down to buying any infrared sauna, you need some basic knowledge on how you are to use it as well as the health issues that you are most likely to solve using the product in question. All this information is available on the website. You have a chance to learn all about the product even before you go for it. The website is as well interactive, meaning you can have an expert answer your live questions through the website.

  • Smooth delivery

Every individual would want their products delivered very smoothly once they have made their purchase. You would be amazed if you engaged in this company to deliver your sauna. The delivery team comes with the sauna and assembles it for you in your preferred sight. You are safe from having your luggage delivered and left to you to sort yourself with the installation.


Best Health Mate Infrared Sauna Reviews

1. Health Mate 2-person Cedar Infrared Sauna

Health Mate 2-person Cedar Infrared Sauna




Brilliant features

  • Putting together the sauna takes less time
  • It has heating parts for ample heating in all corners
  • Made of durable materials
  • Long-period warranty

Watch out for

  • This sauna can only fit two people when seated
  • The lifetime warranty does not apply when the device spoils

If you are looking for a home sauna that you can share with your spouse, then Health mate Infrared sauna is the perfect model to purchase. It features a reasonable size for easy fitting in the house. The bench is long for two people to sit comfortably, and a single person can lie on it.

Outstanding features:

  • Sturdy and strong built

The infrared sauna is made of durable and sturdy cedar wood that is well finished to give it a glow and furniture look.

  • Music station player

The sauna is designed to enable you to enjoy yourself and relax your mind while inside by playing your favorite music. It comes with a high-quality CD player where you can play your favorite music, FM radio to listen to your favorite station and even an AM.

  • Nine high-quality Ceramic heaters

The ceramic heater is coated with Incoloy that facilitates it to heat fast, and even disperse the heat inside the sauna. The ceramic heaters are equipped in different sections to ensure ample disperse of heat in all areas. There are five on the front part, two at the back and two under the bench

  • Ergonomic design and easy to fit

Although the sauna requires a professional plumber to fix it, it only takes a few minutes to do so. It features an ergonomic design which allows one to have an easy time when holding it to fit the parts.

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2. Health Mate 3-person Renew III Infrared Sauna

Health Mate 3-person Renew III Infrared Sauna




Brilliant features

  • The heater comes with a warranty
  • It is made of durable and sturdy wood material
  • Ideal for three people
  • It has good lighting
  • The radio and audio system is excellent

Watch out for

  • For ample comfort, this device should be recommended for two people
  • It is relatively expensive
  • It requires a large storage space

This is a perfect sauna for two to three persons. It has an extensive and long bench that is quite comfortable to sit on and receives good heat disperse to provide excellent results to the user.

Outstanding features:

  • Strong and durable western red cedar material

One of the highest quality of this infrared sauna is the built which is durable and sturdy to last you for a long time. It is made of red western cedar wood that is quite strong.

  • AUX and Bluetooth capacity

You can connect your favorite music or tune in to your favorite radio station to listen to music while you steam in the sauna. The AUX is compatible with the majority of devices for a secure connection.

  • LED color light panels

Whether you want to stream in the early mornings or at night, you can comfortably use this sauna since it has enough lighting. The LED light panels are well organized on the interior to allow enough illumination.

  • Large room

This sauna fits two or three people while seated, but if you are steaming alone, you can comfortably lie on the bench since it is long and wide.

  • 9 Heaters

The sauna has nine heaters strategically placed on the interior to ensure even a disperse of heat on the inside.

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3. Health Mate Personal Infrared Sauna Cabin

Health Mate Personal Infrared Sauna Cabin




Brilliant features

  • It is light in weight
  • The sauna does not require ample storage space hence making it ideal for people with small rooms
  • It is sold with a warranty for quality assurance
  • Very durable
  • It comes assembled for you hence no need to spend extra money in hiring a plumber to fit it

Watch out for

  • This sauna is only suitable for single person use
  • It cannot be transported in a small car since the parts are permanently fitted

Enjoy your steaming moments and boost your body with this great sauna. It is one person fit sauna that can fit in homes with small bathrooms. It is super light in weight; hence installing it in the room takes less time than other sizes.

Outstanding features:

  • Increased circulation

This sauna is fully enclosed to seal in the heat for ample circulation on the interior.

  • Health benefits

The sauna is used for various body treatments such as boosting the metabolism, burning off the fat and also rejuvenating the skin by improving the blood circulation. It is also ideal for relieving pains in the body.

  • Durable structure

The structure of the sauna is made of durable and sturdy wood material that guarantees durability and extended use. It is also tightly sealed to ensure enough heating.

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Health Mate Sauna Benefits?

The Health Mate Sauna is the top-selling infrared sauna in the world. The Health Mate Sauna Company has been manufacturing products like this for over forty years now. It is made of PEFC Cedar, and it comes with Technology Heaters.

Spending time in a Health Mate Sauna has lots of health benefits including;

  • Natural Pain Relief

Among the most credible reasons for buying this type of sauna is the natural pain relief that you obtain from the sauna’s original Tecoloy heating technology. This Technology helps to relieve arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, sports injuries as well as other persistent pain conditions.

  • Cardiovascular

The Health Mate Sauna directly heats your body, and the body absorbs the infrared heat raising your body temperature. This helps to improve the circulation of blood and enhances the function of the blood vessel by increasing the creation of nitric oxide, (a compound that aids in boosting blood flow as well as blood pressure control)

  • Detoxification

Sweat is detoxifying. The Health Mate Sauna helps you produce sweat, thus improving your body to remove toxins. The detoxification benefits of The Health Mate Sauna are excellent! This sauna eliminate toxins while at the same time revitalizing your body in a secure, calm way

  • Skin

Because of the nature of sweating, your skin pores will begin to detoxify and get back its natural glow again. You can dry brush in the sauna to blow off hardened, dead, diseased skin and then apply an excellent essential oil during the session

  • Weight loss

Sweating helps you to lose weight since the body burns calories, thus creating real weight loss. You can burn 125-250 calories in a 20-30-minute session, thou this depends on your size. This is the same as jogging, about 1.5 to 2.5 miles! Using the Health Mate Sauna 5 days a week for one year, can burn around 52,000 kcal and lose about 15 pounds for an average person. Isn’t that amazing?


How to Clean Health Mate Sauna?

how to clean sauna

For those who plan to buy a Health Mate sauna has one thing they should learn so that they will keep their sauna serve them efficiently. This is about how they should be cleaned. If this has been a stressful thing for you, this is the right place to learn more about it at large. Some individuals will first ask to know the reason behind cleaning a sauna before they get started.

Among the real reasons, those who own the health mate sauna should schedule a regular sauna cleaning habit is that there might be germs and also some form of created smell. Herein you will learn how you can adequately clean your health mate sauna at large:

These sauna models are great to detoxify and spend your time to relax in. Over the last decades, usage of these saunas has rapidly grown big. There is a need to periodically clean these saunas even if you find different saunas with different heat methods. These investments are easily cleaned, and they can serve you for an extended period if they are correctly looked after.

When you plan for the cleanup process, there is a need to employ only the environmentally friendly products for the job. These products also need to be non-toxic at large. Good cleaners, in our case, are like organic cider vinegar. To use this, you need to first mix a part of vinegar with three parts of water. This is what you will use to sponge down your entire sauna’s interior gently. After it’s complete, dry it up using a soft cloth.

There is a need you often to vacuum or sweep the sauna floor regularly. Cleaning can be done just like it is done on other floors using warm water mild detergent. Maintaining the freshness and tidiness of the floor is excellent since the majority of bacteria accumulate there.



If you need reliable and durable infrared saunas for your home use, these are top best for single to three-persons. They are made of high-quality red cedar wood to ensure durability and reliance.

These saunas are made to ensure your comfort while inside since they have wide benches and are compatible with audio devices to allow you to connect music. Other than these, these saunas help to improve your health by detoxifying, improving blood flow and burning off fat in the body. So, choose the most suitable sauna according to your uses and needs.


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