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What Should You Know about the Best Finnish Sauna?

From improving circulation and flushing toxins to enhancing weight loss, you can barely overlook the urgency of using saunas. Thanks to their roles in reducing the risk of cardiovascular conditions and stress, saunas have become relatively popular in the recent past.

The use of Finnish saunas is become more and more apparent, thanks to their effectiveness. With enhanced reliability comes various benefits.

However, you must also be sure of what Finnish sauna is ideal for your situation. Here are a few invaluable insights to keep in mind during this time.


What Is a Finnish Sauna?

There is no denying that the Finnish sauna is the most popular, and it uses wood. Usually, the wood plays a significant role in heating the device by burning in the stove.

Ideally, their reliance on ambient air temperature and some moisture to increase the core temperature is almost impossible to overstate.

You can barely overlook how hot a Finnish sauna can be, as it is usually over 70 degrees Centigrade. Such is usually when the humidity is about 15%. This sauna requires no long soaks nor bath-and-scrub-like rituals, thanks to the high temperatures.


What Are the Different Types of Finnish Saunas?

best finnish sauna

Various types of Finnish saunas are at your disposal. Understanding what each of them brings to the table will come in handy in making logical decisions in the long run.

You will usually have to choose from three choices, including smoke, wood stove, and electric saunas. Did you know that there are mobile Finnish saunas too? The latter is the newest addition in the market.

  • Wood Stove Finnish Saunas

This option is relatively common for users outside the city. Ideally, it is a metal stove with stones on top, and it is heated by birch wood fire. This fire ensures that the sauna heats to the required temperature.

Mostly, people use birch wood because of its smell, quality, and the long-lasting burn. However, you will be free to use any other preferable wood.

  • Smoke Sauna

This product comes with no chimney, meaning that the burning wood will feel your room with smoke. Once the sauna gets to the right temperature, the wood is turned off, and the room is ventilated.

Well, even after extinguishing the fire, the sauna will sustain the temperature for a considerable duration. With this said, it is clear that operating this sauna could be the most tedious process.

  • Electric Sauna

These Finnish saunas rely on electricity to operate. Operating this option is relatively straightforward, as all you will have to do is press a button.

From their efficiency and reliability, these saunas have become relatively common in various homesteads across the cities.

  • Mobile Saunas

Are you looking for flexibility and portability? Well, this would be the ultimate choice for you.

Usually, these are the saunas built in your car, car trailer, boat, tractor-trailer, or bicycle, assuring you of access wherever you are. Besides, you will be free to rent them at any time.


Things to Consider Before Doing a Finnish Sauna

finnish sauna etiquette

You can barely overlook the fact that selecting a Finnish sauna can be a relatively challenging process. It takes lots of time and effort, but it is worth it. The following are some of the most critical aspects you should always consider.

  • Understand what type of Finnish sauna suits you

As mentioned, you will have to choose from electric, mobile, smoke, and wood stove saunas. If you are looking forward to portability and convenience, mobile saunas will be best for you.

On the other hand, Finnish electric saunas will come in handy for those with constant electricity access. This option assures you of unrivaled convenience too. However, they are not as energy-efficient as the other options.

You could also consider smoke saunas if you are willing to brave through the smoke. Woodstove saunas will be suitable for those with ready access to the birch wood.

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  • Consider something that meets your needs

Take the time to understand how many people will use this device. This way, it will be much easier for you to pick a sauna that will readily accommodate your needs.

For instance, it would be best for you to focus on a more oversized product if you have a bigger family. However, if you have a smaller family or limited space, a smaller version would suffice.

  • Check the privacy offered

While outdoor Finnish saunas seem to be more fun, indoor options assure you of unmatched comfort and privacy. If your preferred choice should be installed outside, ensure that it can readily withstand different elements.

Nothing could assure you of more value for money in the long run.

  • Pricing

There is no denying that the price of your Finnish sauna will determine whether you will take it or not. Take the time to understand how much it will cost you to acquire.



From their reliability to its excellent heat retention and distribution, Finnish sauna is a charm to behold.

Despite the selection process being a bit challenging, the insights provided above will help spot a suitable match for you. Now is the time to get the chic Finnish sauna!