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What Are the Best Essential Oils for Sauna and How to Choose?

Essential oils, which are also known as volatile oils or ethereal oils, are extracted from plants and contain the essence and fragrance of the plant from which it has been extracted.

Essential oils are mostly derived by the plants through the process of steaming and are then used in soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, and other household cleaning products.

One major thing that you must know is that essential oils aren’t the perfumes you use, because perfumes usually entail chemical components whereas essential oils are completely pure essence as they’re extracted from plants.


What Are Essential Oils Used For?

Like we discussed earlier, essential oils are the essence extracted from flowers, leaves, and plants, and are used in perfumes, soaps, and cosmetic products, etc.

Apart from that, essential oils are used to treat anxiety and depression, headaches and migraines, and help in getting rid of insomnia by enhancing the quality of sleep thus resulting in boosting your mood and easing your stress.

Moreover, they are used in homes as air fresheners to improve the indoor quality of the air and are often used as a mosquito repellent, when combined with other oils.


What’s a Sauna?

Saunas are small, heated rooms that are dependent on drier heat, with a rate of 15-30% humidity. The heat is produced by the means of hot rocks or a stove.

The heat from the sauna not only soothes your sore muscles but also helps in relieving stress and depression. In addition to that, sauna rooms tend to lessen your joint pain, not to mention your headaches and migraines etc.


Benefits of Essential Oils for Sauna

Having to spend a couple of hours in a Sauna is a great experience in itself but if you want to escalate the joy of it, you must incorporate some essential oils to enhance your experience further.

Weight Loss

Frequent use of essential oils in your sauna sessions can help you get rid of those unwanted pounds by depriving you of those water weight.

Soothes Your Mind

Placing a few drops of essential oil in your Sauna is known to be ideal for its superior characteristics which include calming your mind down, helping you get rid of headaches and migraines and enhancing your sleep quality.

Enhances Your Blood Flow

If you want to enhance your blood flow and make it reach all parts of the body where it is needed most, add essential oils to your Sauna sessions and see how it not only regulates your blood circulation but also improves your metabolism.

Skin Infections

Essential oils are widely known to be ideal for treating skin infections and dandruff. Mix a couple of essential oils and place them in your sauna to help you give the desired outcome.



How to Choose the Best Essential Oils for Sauna Spa?

If you’re on the lookout for choosing the Best Essential Oils for Sauna Spa, you need to keep a check on the following things.

Is it natural or not?

Using natural essential oils is a must-have if you want to have a true experience of Sauna Aromatherapy. However, there might be some confusion when it comes to getting your hands on natural essential oils.

To keep a check on it, make sure that the brand you’re purchasing the essential oil from is of high reputation, only then you’d be able to get pure aromatic plant compounds without any synthetic oils, that haven’t been changed by the distillation process.


Is it safe to use?

Essential oils are safe to use because they’re extracted from natural plants and flowers. However, if not used properly they may cause more harm than good.

Make sure you use pure and diluted essential oils, with the right dosage as it is very important. If you don’t use the right quantity it may harm you.

Apart from that, sometimes you may experience some allergic reactions even after applying the right dosage, in the form of rash or itchy irritation. To avoid it, make sure you do a patch test by applying a small amount of essential oil to find out if you’re allergic to it or not.


Does it do skincare?

Applying essential oils in their concentrated form could be bad for your skin and might result in some skin infections.

However, if diluted with a carrier oil such as almond oil or coconut oil, a light massage of essential oil would bring you the best possible results and help in getting rid of oily skin which results in acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and other common skin problems.


Does it help to release muscle tension?

Yes, essential oils are supposed to be the best remedy for muscle pain and other body aches without any side effects.

Diluted essential oil with a combination of any other herbal oil tends to seep deep into your skin and provide relief from muscle pain and swelling. Not only it eases tension in your muscles but also lessens and soothes muscle spasms.


Do you prefer high/low fragrance density?

Choosing the right density of fragrance is a matter of one’s aesthetics. However, if you choose an extremely low fragrance density, chances are it would fade away too quickly without leaving any of its traces behind.

On the flip side, if you choose high fragrance density, it might irritate the people around you causing them a bad headache. Thus, choosing a scent with the right amount of fragrance density is much better and preferable.


What Essential Oils You Can Use for Sauna Aromatherapy?

Following essential oils can help you make your Sauna Aromatherapy sessions more fun.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is known best for its healing and soothing factors. This oil is considered to be the best remedy for mental relief after a hectic day. Moreover, if you have any wounds, this oil will not only escalate the healing process but will also help in soothing the pain.


Lavender oil tends to calm your mind down and provides relief from headache or migraine. In addition to that, if you use a few drops of lavender oil in your sauna, it will not only help you get sound sleep but will also improve the functioning of your brain.

Tea tree

If you want to improve your immune system and fight infections, adding the tree tea oil to your Sauna sessions is all that you need to do.

It does help you get rid of foot pain and is also recommended because of its healing traits. But make sure you dilute it thoroughly before using it since it is highly concentrated.


One of the other important essential oils on our list is Sandalwood. The characteristics that Sandalwood entails are boosting memory, calming down your mind, and is deemed best for anti-ageing purposes.

When it comes to its calming effects, it mostly resembles lavender, except that it does not leave you with a drowsy sensation.


Rosemary is considered to have a very strange and unique yet calming scent that helps you get rid of those throbbing headaches, ensures to give you mental clarity by improving your brain function.

It helps you fight depression and anxiety, resolves your skin issues, enhances your memory by providing mental clarity, and relieves your muscle pain.


The scent of cinnamon is considered to be very relaxing and soothing in Sauna Aromatherapy sessions. It not only boosts your mood by relieving stress but is also known widely for its metabolism-boosting characteristic.

Moreover, you can add a few drops of cinnamon oil to your air freshener, to increase the air quality of your room or home.


Because of its powerful smell, Lemongrass is often used in soaps, shampoos and other cosmetic products. Besides, it has other health benefits too.

Add Lemongrass oil to your Sauna and see how it improves your mental health by providing riddance from anxiety and depression.

Pine oil

If you want to experience some natural scent of forest and woods, try diffusing some Pine Oil in your sauna.

It boosts your focus and enhances your memory and also provides you with mental clarity.

Because of its anti-inflammatory nature, it is known to relieve headache, treat acne, and lose phlegm in your lungs.

Birch oil

Birch oil is supposed to have a minty scent and has enormous health benefits. It is antibacterial, anti-fungus, stimulates your blood circulation and tends to reduce body pain.

Moreover, it is also used for skin toning and detoxification purposes. A tender massage of Birch oil relieves the body cramps and muscle pains.

Citrus oil

Citrus Oil helps in keeping you energetic throughout the day by awakening your senses and is why not recommended before bed. It eases anxiety and lessens your depression and mood swings.

Use a few drops of Citrus oil in your air freshener bottle and see how it elevates the whole mood of your room and home.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is one of the essential oils for Sauna Aromatherapy and is used for a variety of purposes. It tends to provide relief from muscle pain and headaches.

Moreover, if you’re feeling nauseated, inhale some Peppermint Oil to help you feel at ease. It is also used in cosmetic products and has a good effect on skin and hair.


Best Essential Oils For Sauna 

1. Handcraft Eucalyptus Essential Oil (best for those who like the soft smell) 

  • 100% PURE & NATURAL EUCALYPTUS OIL - Handcraft Blends oils are exactly that! Many oils being sold make that claim but are in fact made of natural isolates and mixtures. Each essential oil is tested by an independent lab which is why every bottle comes with a Quality Guaranty.
  • PREMIUM GRADE & QUALITY – All Handcraft Blends Essential Oils are tested by an independent lab to test the efficacy of each oil. Each oil is tested for its constituents as well as to have no fillers, additives and to be undiluted.
  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS BOTTLE AND DROPPER – Our essential oil comes in an amber glass bottle to keep out UV rays and protect the oil against sunlight. We also provide a glass dropper, so you get the exact amount of oil without any waste.
  • EUCALYPTUS OIL BLENDS WELL WITH - Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Spearmint, Rosemary, and Tea Tree.
  • BOTTLED IN THE USA – Our oils are sourced from the best regions all over the world to bring you the best and finest.

If you’re looking for an essential oil that not only smells great but also helps in deterring pests and bugs from entering your house then this

Handcraft Eucalyptus Essential Oil is the one for you.

  • What you benefit from it:

Handcraft Eucalyptus Essential Oil is loved by people for the following 3 reasons

Helps you get rid of a stuffy nose.

Add some body lotion with this 100% pure and natural Eucalyptus Essential Oil, and apply it on the inside of your nose before bed. Not only will you enjoy its smell but you won’t have to wake up to a stuffy nose in the morning.

It has a strong and pleasing scent.

The mint scent is not only pleasing to the senses and helps improve the indoor quality of the air but also serves as a mosquito repellent and helps in killing bugs. Moreover, the oil has true healing power.

The oil does not leak at all.

Given the sturdy material of the glass bottle, the oil doesn’t leak. The size of the bottle is quite big which means it will last longer.

  • What Other Users Say:

“The size of the bottle is quite large and the quality of the oil is super cool, given the price of the bottle, which is not very expensive and is of great quality.”

“Enjoying on the balcony was made impossible because of the paper wasp nests. I put a few drops in a water bottle and sprayed it all over the area and the next day my balcony was clear of the wasps.”


2. Majestic Pure Sandalwood Oil (ideal for those who prefer a light smell)

  • 100% PURE & NATURAL SANDALWOOD OIL - Majestic Pure Blends oils are exactly that! Many oils being sold make that claim but are in fact made of natural isolates and mixtures. Each essential oil is tested by an independent lab which is why every bottle comes with a Quality Guaranty.
  • PREMIUM GRADE & QUALITY – All Majestic Pure Blends Essential Oils are tested by an independent lab to test the efficacy of each oil. Each oil is tested for its constituents as well as to have no fillers, additives and to be undiluted.
  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS BOTTLE – Our Essential Oil comes in an amber glass bottle to keep out UV rays and protect the oil against sunlight. It has a built-in dropper to control the flow and get the exact amount of oil without any waste.
  • SANDALWOOD OIL BLENDS WELL WITH – Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang.
  • BOTTLED – Our oils are sourced from the best regions all over the world to bring you the best and finest.

If you’re looking for an essential oil that not only gives you an experience of a heavenly smell but also helps you relieve tension, headaches, and congestion etc, then this Majestic Pure Sandalwood Oil is a must-have.

  • What you benefit from it:

Majestic Pure Sandalwood Oil has gained people’s admiration for the following 3 reasons

The scent is not overpowering

Just a couple of drops in your diffuser could make wonders. And if combined with other oils like lavender or rosemary, it could give you the best of experiences that you were looking for.

It can be used as a perfume

The smell of this Majestic Pure Sandalwood Oil is so mild and pleasing that you can use it as a perfume as well, that will last longer than a day, leaving you refreshed and energetic all day long.

Its Majestic smell helps you sleep better

Not only the aroma of Majestic Pure Sandalwood Oil is pleasing but it also has a calming effect and helps you sleep better at night and perform better in daily tasks.

  • What Other Users Say:

“It’s my first ever encounter with a Sandalwood essential oil and I must say the smell is heavenly. The price is also good for such a magnificent product”

“Just take a small amount of it and apply it on your skin and let it show you how wonderful it is. Mix it with a carrier oil to use as a moisturizer as well”


3. Handcraft Grapeseed Oil (perfect for people having oily skin)

  • 100% PURE & NATURAL GRAPESEED OIL is most commonly used for aromatherapy, massage and as a hair & skin moisturizer. Our premium quality oil Fragrance Free, Hexane Free, Preservative Free, Chemical Free, and 100% Vegan.
  • COLD PRESSED GRAPESEED OIL FOR SKIN has a light texture and easily absorbs into skin. It can be used to gently dislodge debris from deep within skin pores and follicles. It is also known for protecting skin against UV radiation damage and keeping skin soft and supple.
  • LOADED WITH VITAMINS grapeseed oil is packed with vitamins A, E , and K. It is no wonder that more than half of cosmetics products that you will find on store shelves contain this natural wonder. Most commonly, sunscreen, and moisturizers contain this oil because of the ability to help protect the skin.
  • DILUTING ESSENTIAL OILS requires a carrier oil such as Coconut Oil , Castor Oil , Sweet Almond Oil , Grapeseed Oil , etc.. Since essential oils are so potent, they must be diluted before being applied to the skin.
  • IMPORTED FROM Chile our Grapeseed Oil is bottled in our Approved Facility, is hexane free, does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is Cruelty Free.

If you’re on the lookout for a lightweight oil that’s not only perfect for your skin but treats your hair and nails good as well, then this Handcraft Grapeseed Oil is all that you need. Get it and let your skin love you.

  • What you benefit from it:

Handcraft Grapeseed Oil is getting people’s approval for the following reasons

It can be used as a sunscreen

Handcraft Grapeseed Oil not only breathable but also treats your skin well and provides protection against the sun, leaving your skin soft and supple.

You can apply it to your hair as well

Enjoy its moisturizing effect on your hair and let it grow like never before. And since it’s not scented, so it won’t leave your hair smelly and greasy.

It absorbs easily in the skin

It doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. Just apply a small amount of it and rub it thoroughly on your skin and see how it leaves your skin healthy, soft, and radiant.

  • What Other Users Say

“My skin feels softer than before. I also apply it to my hair and I feel like it has become thicker than before. Going to buy it again”

“It worked well for my acne-prone skin. I would just apply a small amount of it and it would absorb so well, making my skin glow like never before”


4. Pure Tea Tree Oil (ideal for those with dry hair and skin)

  • Tea Tree Oil for Skin Benefits - Tea tree oil essential oil is one of the most potent and powerful essential oils for skin care that offers a wide range of cleansing hydrating and purifying benefits
  • Tea Tree Oil for Hair Benefits - Always dilute 100% tea tree oil with a Maple Holistics carrier oil and reap the benefits of melaleuca essential oil that can transform dull dry and lackluster hair
  • Tea Tree Oil for Scalp Care - The same way Melaleuca alternifolia tea tree oil for face can help cleanse and hydrate dry and blemished skin so too it can help clarify a dirty dry and flaky scalp
  • Tea Tree Oil for Nails - Transform your nails with tea tree oil for toenail and fingernail purifying and cleansing as a great addition to a foot soak or nail rub to enhance the shine and strength
  • Maple Holistics Quality - We are proud to be a leading name in aromatherapy essential oils and diffuser oils because we believe in the potent power of plants to help enhance the way you look and feel

An affordable essential oil that can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from scalp care to skincare, foot care to DIY skin projects, is all you need to get your hands on. Moreover, it can be used in soap making and cosmetic products as well.

  • What you benefit from it:

You’re going to love this Pure Tea Tree Oil for the following reasons 

Its healing power is admirable

Unlike other famous essential oils, this Pure Tea Tree Oil has amazing healing powers. Use it on the wounded area for a couple of days and see how it heals the skin quickly, making it flawless.

 Perfect for eliminating the frizz

You can use it directly on your scalp and see how it does wonders. Not only will it give you soft and bouncy hair but will also thicken your hair making it shiny and velvety.

It’s a perfect cure for acne

Apart from being a great solution for frizzy hair and nail problems, this Pure Tea Tree Oil is considered to be the best antidote for acne-prone skin as well. Just mix it with your regular moisturizer and apply it to your skin and see how it does wonders.

  • What other users say

“The quality of the oil is super cool and incredible. The oil is lightweight when applied on your skin and you won’t feel it much, thus helps in making your skin breathe”

“This product does miracles on dry scalp, helping you get rid of frizzy hair from the hairline up to the roots. Moreover, it leaves your hair smell heavenly, giving you a more relaxed feel”


5. Lagunamoon Premium Essential Oils Set (a complete package for essential oils lovers)

  • Top selling essential oils set: We create our essential oils using rigorously tested ingredients. Make pampering a luxurious experience with our set of 20 10ml oils. Join 110,000+ customers who love our essential oils for massage, aromatherapy, and candle making!
  • Plant-powered ingredients from around the world: Our team brings you the purest tea tree essential oil from Australia, eucalyptus from China, lavender from France, orange oil from Brazil, and peppermint and lemongrass from India.
  • Extra Potent: Some essential oils can go rancid quickly once exposed to heat, light and oxygen. Our FrostProtect bottle keeps oil stable for 24+ months, so you can enjoy the benefits of your oils for longer.
  • Steam-distilled and cold pressed for longer lasting aroma: LagunaMoon never uses nasty solvents like hexane or other toxic chemicals. We carefully distill our potent oils to preserve their fragrance for longer.
  • 100% Pure: We never dilute our oils, which preserves their uplifting and invigorating properties. Escape the everyday—create a new self-care ritual with LagunaMoon!

It is a complete package of 20 bottles which includes lavender, lemon, vanilla, orange, cider, grapefruit and other essential oils. If you want to get your loved ones a perfect gift, this Lagunamoon Premium Essential Oils Set is the best choice.

  • What you benefit from it

Lagunamoon Premium Essential Oils Set is a must-have for several justified reasons

It relaxes your mind and soul

All you need is to put a few drops of your favourite essential oil in your aromatherapy diffuser and let it calm down your mind, leaving you relaxed and cheerful for the rest of your day.

It can improve your sleep quality

Not only it can help you fight your insomnia but will also improve your sleep quality. Put a couple of drops in your diffuser and inhale its therapeutic aroma for some time to help reduce tension and fatigue of any kind.

The smell of the oils is strong yet bearable

Only a couple of drops in your diffuser could do well to give you a heavenly experience making you feel better and more concentrated on your daily tasks.

  • What Other Users Say

“I ordered it for my wife who is an Aromatherapy fanatic and she loved all of them. Also for an insomniac like myself, it made my sleep quality much better, leaving my mind calm and at ease”

“The packaging is superb and all the oils have a superb aroma. The smell is strong yet it doesn’t get on your nerves, giving you a headache. Would buy again”


Best Way to Apply Essential Oils When Having Sauna

As the saying goes by that; “excess of everything is bad”. The same is the case when it comes to using these essential oils in your Sauna Aromatherapy sessions. As these are highly concentrated oils, you could just do well with a couple of drops.

All you need to do is dilute the oil and then put a few drops of your favorite and desired essential oil on a steamy rock or a container and heat it in your Sauna room.

  • As the water boils up and starts evaporating, the diluted oil will start spreading its enigmatic fragrance throughout the room and will thus enhance your Sauna Aromatherapy session.
  • You can also make a combination of your favorite oils to get better and desirable results.
  • Just mix 10-15 drops in a 1-litre spray bottle and spray it on the heated rocks.
  • Make sure you shake the spray bottle well before using it, to give you the best possible results.



How to Dilute Essential Oils in a Sauna?

It must however be noted and made sure that since these oils are highly concentrated, they can do more harm than good if used directly or without being diluted.

So before adding these essential oils, make certain that they are properly diluted. Here the question arises: how do you dilute essential oils for Sauna?

The method is very simple and can be performed easily.

1.  All you need to do is add your oil of choice in water, either in a bucket or a small spray bottle, and mix well.

2. After it is mixed thoroughly, spray the water on the heated rocks of Sauna and see how the water evaporates in the air.

3. After some time, the diluted oils spread their fragrance across the room helping you enhance your Sauna experience.


Tips to Improve Your Sauna Aromatherapy Experience

Down below we are going to provide you with a list of tips regarding Sauna Aromatherapy sessions that might help you in the long run.

  • You better focus on positive vibes and must not let negative thoughts come to your mind.
  • Having a Sauna session right after taking a heavy meal is not ideal.
  • Don’t get up directly after having done with your Sauna. Lie down for a few minutes after the session is finished.
  • Taking a shower afterward with warm water is supposed to be the ideal thing to do.
  • It is recommended to drink water before and during a sauna session.
  • Removing your jewelry and other fashion accessories is advisable.
  • Drink plenty of water after the session to make up for the loss of water during the sauna session.





Can you put essential oils in a sauna?

Yes, if you want to maximise or enhance your Sauna Aromatherapy experience, putting your favourite essential oil in a Sauna is definitely recommended.


How much essential oil should I put in a sauna?

To put it down easily, you need to dilute your essential oil before using it in a Sauna. After getting done with it, you can put 3 drops in the water, to enjoy its benefits.


What essential oil is good for steam saunas?

Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil, Tea Tree oil, Rosemary oil, Ylang-ylang oil, Lemon oil, Chamomile oil and Peppermint oil are deemed best for use in steam saunas.


Can You Mix Essential Oils in a Sauna?

Yes, you can definitely help with using a couple of essential oils in a Sauna. You’re going to love it as the oil droplets start spreading their enigmatic fragrance across the room to give you the best possible experiences.



So, if your hectic routine leaves you tired and bored, you know what to do to cheer yourself up and get in the highest of spirits.

Just get yourself your desired essential oil and put it in your Sauna after getting it diluted and see how it brightens up your mood, leaving you energetic, active and refreshed throughout the day.