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Top 10 Best 1 person Sauna Reviews 2021

The sauna will allow you to enjoy all the benefits associated with infrared therapy even if your budget will not accommodate the huge sums of money associated with big saunas.

You will find a 1-person Sauna very useful if you prefer privacy when enjoying your sauna experience. So, we’re going to talk about the top 8 best 1-person sauna in this article and gives you a buying guide on how to choose them.

best 1 person sauna


Top 8 Best 1-person Sauna On the Market List


Top 8 Best 1-person Sauna Reviewed 2019

1. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1-person Far Infrared Sauna

jnh lifestyles joyous 1 person far infrared sauna

JNH Lifestyles sauna is built to meet the highest standards. With hemlock wood body, it is a highly durable sauna you can count on to realize great performance.

This sauna is equipped with top-of-the-line carbon fiber heater panels that allow you to enjoy the heat evenly throughout your full body.

Apart from the high-quality heaters, it comes in an easy to assemble design. You will never waste time trying to put it together. Digital controls on the sauna make it easy to achieve the best performance out of the unit. You can easily control the temperature and the time you will spend in the sauna.

The sauna stands out due to the way you will control it. It features digital control systems which are very easy to sue. It will take you a matter of a few minutes to select the perfect air condition in the infrared heater. Remember you need to keep watch of the heat among other conditions while in the infrared sauna. The unit is built to allow you an easy time when it does to control the different parameters.

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2. Radiant Sauna Rejuvenator Portable Sauna

radiant sauna 1 person rejuvenator portable sauna

The 1-person Sauna comes with features such as the portable design which makes it stand out. The use of high-quality infrared carbon panels makes it highly effective in heating the pad. Canvas chairs sued makes it achieve even distribution of heat.

The soothing warmth is produced which makes it stand out. With durable construction, it is a sauna built to serve you perfectly. Handheld controls make it easy to achieve the perfect heating ever. You can count on the sauna to enjoy the best relaxation ever.

The carbon fiber panels used to produce infrared heat in the sauna are built to meet the highest quality. You will enjoy the perfect relaxation in the sauna without the worry about repairs. The infrared sauna comes in a high-quality construction backed by a warranty to guarantee you the best results.

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3. Better Life 1-2-person Carbon Infrared Sauna

Better Life 1-2-person Carbon Infrared Sauna

This Better Life sauna is a 1-person infrared sauna that is built to be highly versatile. Its large spaces can as well accommodate two people. The use of natural hemlock wood finish makes it stand out. The MP3 Auxiliary connection makes it easy to enjoy music as you relax. You need a sauna that can contribute towards improving your immunity. The sauna is built in such a way it will make you enjoy improved immunity as you detox in the sauna. Heating elements and the electronics are tested to ensure it meets the highest durability possible.

The infrared sauna comes with an inbuilt MP3 player. You will never feel bored as you relax in the infrared sauna. You will choose your preferred type of relaxing music and enjoy the therapy. The designers of the infrared sauna took time to incorporate the best units which aim at helping you realize the best performance. You will enjoy the several benefits associated with infrared sauna upon buying the unit.

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4. SereneLife One-person Portable Infrared Home Sauna

best 1 person home sauna

Are you looking for the best 1-person Sauna? The sauna is built to guarantee you the best performance. With the infrared home spa unit, you can enjoy a private relaxation. Portable design allows you to move to any location in your home where you can enjoy the relaxation.

The unit comes with a sauna chair to allow you to achieve full relaxation. You can buy it and it will transform your home into the best place where you can relax. It comes with a heating footpad to allow you to warm your legs as you relax in the sauna. The sauna comes in an easy to use design which you will find very reliable.

The infrared sauna is built to be highly portable. You will not get stressed about where you start enjoying the infrared sauna experience. You will easily carry it around to any location where you feel like. The infrared sauna has been built in such a way it makes it easy for you to enjoy the sauna experience from any location.

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5. Dynamic 1-2-person Fra Infrared Sauna

best 1 person far infrared sauna

It is a sauna which is built to accommodate a single person. You can as well use it to have two people at a time due to its special design. The use of six low EMF far infrared heating panels makes it very reliable. The carbon panels are tested to ensure the infrared heater is of the highest quality.

The wood used to make the infrared heater is obtained from Canada making it among the best natural wood saunas. With an inbuilt MP3 auxiliary connection, it allows for the best relaxation as you listen to soothing music. All electrical devices used are tested to ensure they meet the highest quality.

The different parts used to make the infrared saunas are of the highest quality. For example, it has durable heaters that can last you long before you can look for a replacement. With the use of natural wood, you will feel comfortable in a sauna which will not expose you to any side effects. There is no fear of side effects because the materials used are free from chemicals. With the MP3 system, you will never feel bored when in the sauna.

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6. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1-2-person Fra Infrared Sauna

best 1 to 2 person sauna

The JNH Lifestyles sauna is one of the best FAR infrared saunas that comes with seven carbon fiber heaters that are strategically placed to offer full coverage. The use of chemical-free hemlock wood makes the infrared heater a safe place where you can relax to enjoy several health benefits.

Premium inbuilt speakers allow you to enjoy full relaxation. Simple digital controls make it easy to realize the best performance at all times. It will take you a few minutes to get the unit together. The sauna is built to meet the highest standards. You can count on it to guarantee you the best performance. Careful selection of materials makes it stand out. Therapeutic effects are assured due to the way the sauna has been built.

The speakers used are of the highest quality. There is no worry about how you can get entertained. The infrared sauna is built in such a way it makes it easy for you to enjoy the best experience as you relax for the infrared rays to soak your body. Even if you will expose it to intense use, there is no worry about it getting damaged. The speakers are carefully installed to assure you of the best sound production.

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7. OppsDecor Personal Portable Steam Sauna Kit

best 1 person portable steam sauna

The portable steam sauna has been built to guarantee you the best performance. With the therapeutic sauna, you can count on realizing the best performance.

It is a one-person sauna that has been built to guarantee the best performance. Foldable chair, remote control, and the timer contribute towards making the sauna among the best you can have in the market. Rapid heating avoids unnecessary waits before you can start enjoying the health benefits of the sauna. Safety features are incorporated to allow you to enjoy weight loss, relaxation, and detoxification peacefully. The steam kit is built after taking into consideration different factors. You can count on the unit to enjoy the health benefits associated with the use of a sauna.

The infrared sauna is built to meet the highest quality. You are assured of the highest comfort level each time you enter the infrared sauna. Value for money is realized due to the careful construction of the infrared sauna. It is a unit built to allow you to realize value for money in the long run. You will always feel comfortable after you enter the infrared sauna.

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8. Gizmo Supply 3 Zone One-person Infrared FIR Sauna Blanket

best 1 person Infrared FIR Sauna Blanket

The sauna blanket has been built to offer you several health benefits. With three upgraded heating elements, it works very well in producing the infrared rays required fort eh perfect therapy session.

The outside unit comes from high-quality PU material while the leather and the polyurethane are made out of water repellent materials. You will find the sauna blanket very easy to use. When it comes to portability, you will never regret. It is easy to move the sauna around due to its simple design. It is very easy to operate and store.

The careful selection of the materials makes the sauna a unit you can buy to realize value for money. The manufacturers took time to ensure it meets the highest quality. The seating area is spacious enough to allow you to enjoy yourself with your loved ones. There are several benefits associated with infrared sauna; you will enjoy all the benefits associated with the infrared rays after you buy the sauna. It is built to serve you well.

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Buying Guides on Choosing the Best 1-person Sauna

Dry sauna

  • Benefits of the 1-person sauna?

Having your sauna means you can set the temperatures to whatever you’re comfortable with, add as little or as much water as you want, stay in as long as you see fit, and also enjoy its benefits and comfort whenever it suits you.

So, what health benefits you can get from the best 1 person sauna?

  • Improves the Health of Skin

The use of the sauna greatly improves the health of the skin. This it does chiefly by upping the ability of the skin to hold up moisture and maintain a healthy pH. Persons who bathe in the saunas regularly also tend to use less sebum later on.

  • Aids in Weight Loss and Metabolism

Saunas have the ability to improve the sensitivity of the body to insulin. In this way, it increases the lean muscles which in turn reduces the fat. The long term effect of this approach is to greatly reduce body weight and making you fitter. It also extends to robust cardiovascular health.

  • Relieves Pain and Aids in Muscle Recovery

These hot baths tend to increase the antioxidant enzymes, stimulate cellular cleanup (autophagy), and improves heat shock proteins. The sum total of all these leads to the relief of pain and the recovery of muscles. Unlike the medicinal approach, the sauna does not inflict any adverse side effects.

  • Regulates the Blood Pressure

Lastly, the sauna also regulates blood pressure. Consistent bathing in the sauna brings about normalized blood pressure which in turn facilitates the flow of blood. Your regular use of the saunas is hence a sure way to ward off blood circulation problems. It hence contributes to your sound health.


  • Is 1-person sauna safe?

how to use a sauna

Of course, YES! A sauna is fitted with numerous safety features that exist to uphold your own health. It does have a thermostat that regulates the temperature levels of the water. This prevents overheating and the likelihood of sustaining some scalds in the course of use. Then, they also possess some automated features.

These ones detect any abnormal surges in the temperature conditions. In the event that it detects the same, it automatically switches off to prevent any adverse accidents from arising thereafter. These safety features notwithstanding, you still have to exercise some caution while using the saunas.


What to look for when buying a 1-person sauna?

There’re too many 1-person sauna options on the market. You should keep in mind several factors when looking for a 1-person sauna.

best mini sauna

  • Carrying Capacity

Simply put: ‘How many people can the sauna accommodate at any given time?’ You have to consider this metric to be able to know the size that may be needful for your case. Needless to say, you have to choose that one which is large enough to be able to handle your occupants fully.

  • Size Restrictions vs. Building Codes

Could there be any restrictions in your area with regard to the installation and use of this equipment? If so, you have to adhere to them as nearly as can be. You do not want to ruffle feathers unnecessarily with the authorities that be. That is why you have to carry out some background checks before proceeding.

  • Features vs. Degree of Complexity

It is important to ascertain your own expertise before settling on the right sauna for your use. The best sauna has to be simple enough for you to handle. That can only happen if you assess your own expertise first and foremost. Go ahead thereafter to find that one that is easily comprehensible by you.

  • Control Panels

As part of the expertise, you have to yet again factor the controls of the sauna of your interest. A good sauna has to be easier to control and manage. Of particular concern should be the features and how each of them is engaged. Do not waste your time with too complex saunas as you might become too confused in the process.

  • Design and Layout

The manner in which the sauna is designed and laid out also matters a lot. A good sauna has to possess attractive features for the sake of adding some beauty and elegance to your rooms. If possible, it has to conform as nearly as possible to the room you have in mind. The purpose of this is to add some beauty.

  • Energy Efficiency

If left unchecked, the saunas may drain too much of your energy. In doing so, it might inflict higher utility bills on your part too. It is only necessary that you choose one that consumes the least levels of electrical energy possible. Check the energy ratings carefully before proceeding to make a purchase.

  • Space Availability

How much space do you have at your disposal? Remember, these appliances require some space to install. You have to see to it that the amount of space at your disposal is enough for the sauna you have in mind. This can only happen if you measure the two metrics and compare them before purchase.

  • Safety Features

Like any other electronic, the saunas too, are not without their share of potential hazards. That is why it is important to factor the safety features which the saunas have. Of importance are the thermostats, on/off switches, automated controls, and the sleep modes. These play a vital role in slowing down any disasters.

  • Construction and Makeup

Finally, a good sauna has to be strong and durable. These two traits are crucial as they determine just how long you may utilize the sauna in their entire lifetime. While ascertaining this, you have to pay some keen attention to the heating elements, the structure of the tub and the overall strength of the materials used.

what to wear in an infrared sauna



With the knowledge we have endowed to you, we are now truly confident that you have what it takes to make a good choice. Why don’t you now move with haste to make that very decision?

Take time to assess the features available on the sauna before you can proceed to order. A sauna made to meet the highest quality will guarantee you value for money in the long run.