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7 Benefits of Using A Traditional Sauna

People have enjoyed the benefits of traditional saunas for more than 2000 years,  it gives you a sweat therapy that makes you feel relaxed after use. It is advisable that before using these heated rooms, first learn the precautions and safety tips.

Other benefits of traditional saunas are that they are known for maintaining their heat, and the air quality inside them is brilliant. Though conventional sauna comes with their experiences, we will discuss further the benefit of traditional sauna in this article.

What Is Traditional Sauna?

benefits steam sauna traditional

Traditional saunas, also called the Finnish sauna, are made from wooden-lined materials. This establishment was introduced first in Finland, where people could dig an underground pit in a sloppy ground in winter. Then they could use heated stones to steam the water and increase the temperature in these pits.

Today conventional saunas are made of wooden walls and use gas, electricity, or fire to heat the rocks. This traditional Finnish sauna uses dry heat and controlled humidity of 10 to 20 percent.

Inside a traditional sauna, you will find three essential items that are very useful. These items are a bucket with water, ladle, and heated rocks.

To control the humidity inside your sauna, all you need is to put or add water onto the heated stones. This activity increases the humidity in your sauna and lowers its temperature.

The benefits of the traditional sauna are many, and countries like Finland in every three persons one uses a sauna.  Many people believe that conventional saunas promote cardiovascular health, relations, and sweat therapy.

When using a traditional sauna, it is advisable to leave the sauna once you feel hot enough to avoid dehydration, and roughly this will take 15 to 20minutes.


7 Benefits of Using a Traditional Sauna

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Well, and traditional functional saunas are full of benefits to the user when guidelines and safety tips are adhered to strictly. Some of these benefits of a traditional sauna are;

  • Health Benefits

A traditional sauna makes your heart rate increase to 100 to 150 beats and blood vessels to widen despite using dry heat and controlled humidity. As a result of this, your blood circulation improves, and you enjoy other health benefits such as;

1. Reduce stress – Because of improving blood circulation, your body will relax naturally and improve your general well being.

2. Ease pain – When your blood is circulating well, it lowers muscle soreness and eases joint movement. As a result, these people who have arthritis enjoy a reduction in joint pain.

3. Improve cardiovascular health – Studies have shown that when you sit inside a sauna using it, your body stress level does go down. As a result of this, it lowers the risk associated with cardiovascular. A study done in Finland proved that regular users of traditional saunas lower the risk of dying and getting cardiovascular disease.

  • Better Exercise

Sports professionals, gym-goers, and exercise lovers benefit when they spend some time in a sauna. In 2018 a study done by systematic review stated that athletes could improve your exercise by spending some in a traditional sauna.

  • Improve Your Skins Conditions

A person who has psoriasis, a chronic condition that makes your skin to itch, burn and sting, giving it red patches. A study from Harvard health shows that when a person with psoriasis spends time in a traditional sauna, they enjoy relief from frequent itching.

Regular use of traditional sauna gives your skin a dry heat bath, one of the best conventional methods for cleansing your skin and giving it a natural young look. Continuous sweating also helps in the rinsing of bacteria from your epidermal layer.

  • Detoxification of Your Body

A regular user of traditional sauna benefits from a deep sweat daily. Multiple studies show that deep sweating is essential for the body and assists in losing toxins. This heath feature makes saunas accessible to a person who wants to detoxify.

  • Recreational and Other social Benefits

Many people use a traditional sauna for fun, and the experience is of significance to them. As a result, a traditional sauna is usable as a place where you can go for solitude and personal relaxation. Inside a sauna as a family can socialize well because of the conducive environment it offers.

  • Burn Calories

Several outlandish claims that are frequently used by a majority of people selling traditional sauna are that sauna does help lose weight. They justify this by illustrating the sweating process. When your body is sweating, it requires a certain amount of energy derived from burning carbohydrates and fat. Studies have shown that staying in a sauna for twenty minutes at a temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit helps your body burn calories.

  • Improves Your Hair Growth

Using traditional sauna not only makes your hair look great but also activates your sebaceous grand. When active, this grand releases vital compounds that assist in moisturizing and conditioning our hair. As a result of this, people who use saunas frequently have great looking hair.


Is Traditional Sauna Safe?

From the research done on traditional saunas, it can be said that it is safe to use the sauna. But it is also advisable for people who are suffering from heart diseases, women who are pregnant, and persons suffering from uncontrollable blood pressure to seek medical advice before they can use a sauna.

It is also good to ensure that your body is well hydrated before using a traditional sauna to avoid dehydration. Some of the precautions you should follow to ensure you are safe when using a traditional sauna are as follows.

1. The appropriate time is taken in a sauna – It is advisable that when using traditional saunas, adults should take 15 to 20 minutes. However, for beginners, they should take lesser time taking note of their comfort level.

2. Temperature – When using a traditional sauna, ensure that the temperature is within the ranges of 150 to 198 degrees F. also, humidity is also a key factor and should be within 10 to 20 percent.

3. Cooling down – People who use a traditional sauna on several sessions should ensure that their body cools down before undergoing another section. During this break, they should hydrate their body by drinking enough water while relaxing.



Studies have been done to show the health benefits of a traditional sauna.  It is recommendable to use a dry steam bath regularly.  When using a traditional sauna for some time, it comes with several health benefits like improved skin health, improved blood circulation, and other recreation benefits. Pregnant women and people ailing from cardiovascular diseases should seek their doctors’ advice before they start using this sauna.

To fully enjoy the benefits of a traditional sauna, ensure that your body is well hydrated and also do not exceed the recommended time in the sauna. Always exit your sauna when you feel hot enough and give your body ample time to cool down.