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8 Benefits of Steam Room

A steam room helps to relax the body and the mind. The steam produced gives the body healthy benefits making a steam room a recommendable place to spend some of your minutes.

It is often confused with sauna; however, they are different. These two therapies have a lot in common, but they differ in the heat each provides.

A steam room not only keeps the room very humid, but it also offers a wet type of heat. In this article, you will find out what is a steam room, its benefits, sauna vs. steam benefits as well as the precautions to take when in a steam room.

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What is a Steam Room

A steam room is often found in spas and gyms. It is a room that is heated that people use to relax or relieve some medical illnesses. It is, at times, called a steam bath. A steam room has a generator that has boiling water, creating steam; hence the room is filled with hot humidity.

The room has to be enclosed so that people in the space enjoy the moisture in the air. The temperatures in the room range between 110- 117 degrees. Professionals indicate that it is advisable only to spend about 15 minutes in a steam room.

In a steam room, you will find water dripping down from the walls, coating the benches and on the floor. Hence a person is required to be careful to avoid slipping as you can easily break a leg.

These rooms are constructed using waterproof materials, and they are designer in a manner that water runs down a drain to avoid a pool of water everywhere. A steam room is good as it helps to relieve medical conditions as well as relax. They also help a person who is from work out to relax, among other benefits listed in this article.

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8 Benefits of Steam Room

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  • Minimizes Stress

The heat in a steam room enables the body to release endorphins, also known as the feel-good hormones, as they the feeling of stress in the body to reduce. These enable one to enjoy a relaxed feeling. This room can also reduce the level of cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone that is produced when a person is stressed. When the level of cortisol decreases, you end up feeling relaxed and in control.

A steam room enables the muscles to relax; the person feels like stress is melting off their body. Some steam rooms use eucalyptus, which increasing the relaxing experience, which eliminates stressful thoughts.


  • Circulation in body Improves

Relaxing in steam improves the circulation as it dilates the capillaries in the body. Notably, this causes blood to flow easily, especially among older people, as it causes oxygen to be transported around the body more easily. Also, the blood pressure of a person is reduced, and the heart maintain a healthy nature


  • Loosens Stiff Joints

Often a steam room increases the flexibility and loosens the joints. Hence it is advisable to use a steam room before a workout. Research indicates that the force used to move a joint can be decreased when the heat is applied by up to 25 percent. Besides, this also enables the person to relax and be free from pain.


  • Alleviate Congestion

The heat from the steam has opened up both dry and stuffy nose. It alleviates the congestion in the upper respiratory and the sinuses. Notably, this will enable someone to breathe easily and deeply.

Steam also breaks the congestion in the lungs and hence can be used to aid breathing and treat colds. However, one should ensure that the room does not have a lot of people who have a stuffy nose as one could easily increase their chance of picking a virus.


  • Promotes Skin Health

The steam from the room causes one to sweat due to the heat. The sweat enables the pores to open and ends up cleaning the outer skin. It helps to remove the toxins that are trapped below the skin. Also, the steam helps to get rid of dirt and dead skins. Hence it can be used to treat acne.


  • Boosts Immunity

A steam room can be compared to a hydrotherapy that improves the immunity. Research shows that once the body is exposed to warm water, it releases leukocytes that aid in fighting off infections. Constantly going to the steam room gives the bloodstream an enhancement in the immunity that prevents common cold and diseases.


  • Recovery After Workout

The heat from the steam room soothes the nerve endings hence relaxing the muscles. This greatly benefits a person from a workout as their muscles often feel sore.

It is crucial to relax the muscles as it enables one to be free from the painful experience caused by sore muscles. Research shows that to preserve the strength of muscles and reduce the pain, one needs to apply moist heat after working out.


  • Burns Calories

Research shows that using a steam room alongside a healthy workout program increases the wellness of a body. Notably, this is because the heat generated causes sweating that stimulates the body, causing wellness.

Besides, when someone is in this room, their heart rate increases, and if they get into one after working out, their increases heart rate can be prolonged.

However, there’s no evidence that a steam room causes weight loss as the weight loss is mostly water weight, which is replaced once a person drinks water. However, it helps to burn out calories, but a person also needs to have a healthy diet plan.


Sauna Vs. Steam Room Benefits

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  • Treating Cold and Sinusitis

If you have any respiratory issues, you can opt for a steam room. This is because it will enable you to keep your respiratory tract hydrated. A sauna uses dry heat, has low humidity, heated by electric, gas, wood, or infrared. Hence it might not provide the humidity moisture that you need to unblock your sinuses.

However, the lower you sit in a steam room or sauna, the less the intense the heat will be as heat rises. It is advisable to use a steam room or a sauna regularly for some minutes a week. You can use both to see how well you can handle them and make a decision from there.


  • Reduces Pain

When you are sitting in a sauna, there is increased circulation that decreases pain in your body. Using an infrared sauna leads to a significant reduction in muscle soreness. Also, they improve joint movement, therefore, relieving arthritis pain. Proper treatment with sauna for over four weeks shows that stiffness in your body will decrease, causing pain in the muscles to lessen.


  • Lessens Stress Levels

The heat produced in a sauna enhances circulation and also promotes relaxation. Note that it helps in improving the feeling of well-being since it gives your body ample time to go through a deep and detoxifying sweat. You can stay longer in a sauna compared to a steam room. Hence your muscles and joints will receive enough heat that is helpful in the reduction of stress to a lower level.


  • Heals Skin Problems

Unlike the steam room, a sauna provides a dry heat, which in turn dries your skin when you are using it. Therefore, if you have a skin disorder such as psoriasis, consider reducing its effects using a sauna. If the problem does not cease, visit a professional doctor for quality help.


Benefits of a Steam Room After a Workout

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  • Relax the Muscles

Steam rooms are useful for athletes because they help them to recover strength from endurance training. The training cause tiredness on the muscles and mostly result when one does excess workout. The humid air from the steam rooms helps relax the sore muscles and, in the process, also reduces the pain.


  • Improve Athletic Performance

When athletes visit the steam room after a workout, they have high chances of increasing their performance the next day. Research indicates that athletes increase their coverage by 32 percent when they visit the relaxation rooms after a workout. This is because their muscles, as well as the mind, relax when in the steam room.


  • Improves Breathing

The exposure to the hot, humid air helps in opening up sinuses. Opening the sinuses helps in breathing. The exercise is useful for individuals who have colds due to exercising during harsh weather and diseases such as asthma. The steam also helps in treating respiratory infections.


  • Glowing Skin

Steam rooms are beneficial for enhancing skin care. The hot steam opens up the skin pores, which improves breathing by the skin. The opening of the pores and the cleansing also helps in improving blood flow. The active flow gives the skin a youthful glow making it healthy.


Precautions Before Using Steam Rooms

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  • Avoid Food and Drinks

It is good to avoid eating or drinking except for water before entering a team room. The foods and drinks place strain on the circulatory system, which is not good. It is good to wait for one hour after a large meal before entering et steam room. It is also advisable t avoid alcohol and other medicine that is meant to avoid sweating. The prevention of sweating will cause overheating, which is not suitable for relaxation.


  • Avoid Accessories

Metallic objects heat up faster when exposed to hot steam. The heated jewelry will cause irritation or burns on the skin.  The skin also swells after exposure to the steam, and in the process, the tight jewelry will be uncomfortable. It is also good to avoid contact lenses because they can cause eye irritation when exposed to the heat.


  • Time Management

When at the hot steam room, it is advisable to keep time. Overstaying might have negative impacts. An average person only needs 15 to 20 minutes at the steam rooms. In case of any health issues such as dizziness and nausea, one should exit the room.


  • Consult the Doctor

Individuals who have some medical conditions should consult their doctors before visiting the hot steam rooms. The pregnant women, people with circulatory problems, and high blood pressure are likely to experience complications if they visit the steam room. The people with high blood pressure and heart diseases will usually be advised to stay cool at the steam rooms.


  • Hydrate

Steam rooms cause sweating, which dehydrates the body. It is essential to drink a lot of water before and after visiting the steam rooms. Water also helps the skin, which is good for the relaxation caused by the hot steam. Drinking two to four glasses after visiting the steam rooms provides the needed hydration.

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A steam room has a lot of advantages. A few minutes spent there helps the body to recover; it enables a person to more relaxed and happier.

However, it is important to observe hygiene in the steam room. This can be done by sitting on a towel, taking a shower afterward, and avoiding going bear feet.

It is a nice place to relax, especially after a stressful day. It is advisable to make use of the benefits of a steam room by creating time to be in one.